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Lohan Driver -- Zero to Dangerous in 2.5 Secs

1/10/2010 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan didn't even have a chance to buckle up before her driver gunned it down an alley last night -- allegedly tagging a photog so hard, he needed medical attention.

Lindsay Lohan

As we previously reported, Lindsay's driver is now a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.


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The photog was definitely at fault. He was in the way of her car, and by the looks of the video, his hand was no where in the way of getting hurt. Move out of the way FATTY!

1749 days ago


1749 days ago


that fat photog is a freakin liar! i was there last nigh and talked to the so-called "first responder" girl who is in the video inspecting the fat saps hand. total bs...a staged injury to try to get a story out of it. unbelievable the lengths that people go to, bringing in the paramedics and cops too!

1749 days ago


This guy is clearly faking it. I watched this video a few times and no part of his body touched the car. His foot...maybe but I doubt it unless he stuck his foot out on purpose. Just another loser trying to get some attention and money. And his acting was absolutely terrible.

1749 days ago


how the bloody hell did he broke his wrist?
that's BS!

1749 days ago


The poor fat slob got the hand the he shovels food into his mouth with get hurt. Let him just waist away!

1749 days ago


Only in America.. for Christ sake how do they expect people being hunt like animals to act/react. Freedom of what? BS.. it's invasion of privacy, lowlife manners, everything from celebrity to the next unknown person is hunt on the news. That isn't a life, that's HELL. No wonder rich people go elsewhere for peace of mind, it's something you are not allowed to have in the states... none sense IS US. Oh I'm sure he's so hurt.. poor thing he's crying. Quick! A lawsuit! Lawyers and judges sure like those (useless). TMZ you don't know what dangerous is.. you sissy.

1749 days ago


Lovely that guy is going to kill somebody, probably Lindsay. Where do they find these creeps?

1749 days ago


Im an insurance agent and this is why females pay more for insurance they drive selfish and careless, why cant they find Lindsay dead on the floor too?

1749 days ago


If you look at the end of the video he still could keep his camera clicking away....he should have moved his butt out of the way....Its all for publicity... Not a fan of Lindsey but really feel bad for her...Now he probably wants to sue her,,,now he wont have to move his fat butt to take a picture he can sit on his butt and get paid...

1749 days ago


HA HA HAAA!! You people are too much! You are all complaining that paps are parasites and there should be a new law about them being too close.. etc etc. But why are they taking pictures in the first place?? BECAUSE OF YOU! You are visiting a celebrity gossip site that features candid pictures and videos of celebrities. If no one went to these sites or bought the gossip magazines or watched the TV shows, there would be no need for them to take pictures or video!

The paps are not taking pictures for a hobby, they do it because.. surprise.. THEY GET PAID! And they get paid by sites like this.. you know.. the one you are on RIGHT NOW. So since YOU are so nosey and YOU just have to watch celebrities going shopping, buying a coffee, or going to a club, YOU are supporting the paps and sending a message that YOU want more.

So stop your whining and complaining. If you didn't want to see pictures or videos of celebrities you wouldn't be here!

1749 days ago


The photog has no legal recourse here. If anything, the owner of the BMW can sue him for damage to the vehicle. He was being 100% careless making him negligible.

1749 days ago


I don't feel sorry for the pap at all!!! I love his comment about the driver wearing sunglasses in a dark alley...there were so many lights in her face she was being blinded. They had that car pinned down, she couldn't have even seen that photog.

1749 days ago


My 2 cents are the same as everyones! GET OUTTA THE WAY!!! You see them getting in the car and common sense tells you they are gonna drive off. Right? Move it or lose it! If you got hit it's your own damn fault. It's all part of the job. What an arse!

1749 days ago


MOVE YOUR FAT ASS.. The driver should sue him for damaging her car...!

1749 days ago
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