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Lohan Driver -- Zero to Dangerous in 2.5 Secs

1/10/2010 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan didn't even have a chance to buckle up before her driver gunned it down an alley last night -- allegedly tagging a photog so hard, he needed medical attention.

Lindsay Lohan

As we previously reported, Lindsay's driver is now a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.


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What was he doing IN FRONT of the f. car??

1716 days ago


I dont think that gus got much of a case ,in that video there are cameras all over in front of the windsheild where the driver has too see to drive,the photogs are at fault for blinding the drivers vision that should be totally ileagal for them to flash cameras in the drivers windsheild when there trying to drive

1716 days ago


Here is another angle , it is all such BS , this humongous guy against that little car--

Just scroll down and you'll see he was barely tapped from a closer angle, it's all hype on his end. Douchebag.

1716 days ago


He's going to sue for a billion cheeseburgers
She broke his face stuffing hand

1716 days ago


he is going to get paid... i bet that driver loses her d/l too...

1716 days ago


I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for these a$$holio photogs... Yeah, she busted out of there like a bat out of Hades, but really, what do these f*cktards expect them to do? They aren't jumping in the car and gunning the engine because they want to hang out on the curb with your nosy a$$es. Get a clue and lay off the stalkerdom.

1716 days ago


Hi fat pap. If your feet can handle the crush of the entire weight of your body they can certainly survive a car running over your toes. FATTY, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!

1716 days ago


The dude wasn't even touched by the car. Typical slip and fall insurance fraud. Should put him in jail.

1716 days ago


Dear Pappers: please know that if you stand in front of a car to take a picture, you may get run over! Get your fat ass out of the way next time.

1716 days ago


I'm on the side of the photographer. Spoiled Lindsay Lohan and her stupid female driver need to realize that photographers and fans are going to follow Lindsay around. She makes all her money because people want to see her in person, as well as on the cover of their favorite magazine. That's what the job of the photographer is. And Lindsay and anyone who is driving her around should be well aware of that and be careful. If Lindsay doesn't like getting her picture taken, she could always hibernate in one of her big mansions or pay to be at a resort somewhere. Again, the price of fame which she obviously doesn't appreciate.

1716 days ago


His feet are supporting 4 or 5 hundred pounds on a daily basis & he is crying because a car ran over his toes. His body caused an eclipse & he was in her blind spot.

1716 days ago


@ James # 79. Exactly how fat is LL. She is crackhead skinny, which makes your question stupid.

1716 days ago


You "Photographers," including TMZ people, deserve what you get most of the time. You stand in their way all the time, flashing lights non stop in their face, blocking them. You deserve it.

1716 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

This is a slam dunk for ,in favor of Lohan and her asst.

Fatty Photobuckle does not have case.

Both girls were cooperative. Neither apppeard under the influence.

Both waved bye, smiled, etc.

The vid is the proof in favor, for Lohan and asst.

The photogs had plenty of time to take some worthless pics because their is no money shot.

Of course, thanks to Fatty Photobuckle, now for the other photogs, the have the money shot he made.

How long should a vechicle wait for photogs to stop taking pics/1/2 hoiur,1 day, what.

Do photogs have the right to get on the carby leaning over a car aboutto move,moving slowly? No.
Should n't photogs be self-responsible for getting in front of a moving car, wetc?

1716 days ago


the photog's are not at fault. you know there is people around your car you cant just go zero to sixty in 2 sec like that.

1716 days ago
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