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Lohan Driver -- Zero to Dangerous in 2.5 Secs

1/10/2010 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan didn't even have a chance to buckle up before her driver gunned it down an alley last night -- allegedly tagging a photog so hard, he needed medical attention.

Lindsay Lohan

As we previously reported, Lindsay's driver is now a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.


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Normally, I would say the driver was at fault...
But the way the paps behave, they deserve to be run over if they can't figure out that the car is going to leave. AND, if you stand there and pop flashes from the camera in the drivers face you should consider yourself lucky that you didn't get runned all the way over.
And I mean the car should have passed completely over your fat ass.

1745 days ago


Why are we still taking pictures of this Lohan broad?
She's a troubled skank.
She's a lesbo.
She's a looser.

1745 days ago


He needs to keep his fat butt out of the way. If they really hit him hard there would be a BIG dent in the car. I do not feel sorry for the paps. How many celebs have to be injured, nearly injured or killed before there is a law to stop them. They don't care what happens to anyone as long as they get their pictures. How do they expect celebs to see with flashes going off all the time. The law should be that they have to stay a certain distance from the person they are photographing or recording.

1745 days ago


sosomadatpaps, crying laughing at your post , omg...tears.

1745 days ago

Grammar nazi    

He's in the wrong, too... but you don't gun your car in a damn alley! Who does that?! Not safe at all. What if someone was up ahead getting out of his/her car? The girl driving is a show-off idiot.

1745 days ago


OK here's the deal, the paps are out of control but they do not deserve to be hit by cars and then have the driver keep going on their merry way. Lilo is a media whore !
Where would she be without her face plastered all over the pages of the media?
Her film and TV days are all but gone, she looks years older than her actual age from all her partying and wild lifestyle so she should thank her lucky stars that anyone is still interested in her at all.

1745 days ago


She might have been driving recklessly but perhaps if Bubba weren't standing in front of a running car attempting to block it; AND if maybe just maybe he didn't weigh more than an elephant; he would have been out of the cars path. Morons. Have another pkg of Ho-Ho's or 10

1745 days ago


No doubt the frikkin' weasel got himself hit.
You damned paps(mears) think you can just suck off others lives forever?? No.
Of course he is suing...all you guys would love the opportunity, leaches.
One idiot puts his feet under the tires of a moving car and somehow, Brit Spears gets sued because she was the prey that day.
I think the people should start suing the paps for invasion of privacy, assault and other things.

1745 days ago


That fat ass should have gotten out of the way and if he was so hurt, how did he manage to click off another 3-4 shots afterward? They all deserved to be run over. How many f'ing pictures do we need of Linsay lohan walking to her car every week?

1745 days ago


That should be happening way more often. If you stand in front of a moving car, you will be hit. Only here do we need to see Blow-han getting into a car. THAT IS NOT NEWS. You follow these people around hoping that something like this happens. Good job, you got 1!

1745 days ago


Lol this lady is going down. You can't drive like that and not be charged or sued.. whoever's insurance is going to pay a big sum and i bet she looses her d/l

1745 days ago


To everyone who says he should have moved blah blah blah No one expected her to put the car in warp drive and by law they had more right to be there than she did in California.

If a car hits a person to bad so sad for the driver. She will be supporting his fat ass for a very long time. she might as well offer to screw him for a discount because god knows he isnt getting any

1745 days ago


"I almost died"! LMAO! What a dip s**t!! And "Lindsey's going to jail"?! Come on!! Why would Lindsey go to jail?! She wasn't driving moron!! Maybe he thought there was food on board and that's why he jumped infront of the vehicle?!

1745 days ago


really?? hes going to complain about that?? the way it was made to be he GOT HIT, not nudged by a car. that fat ass really needs to stop comlaining like a little bitch. i hope he doesnt get anything. thats NOT A HIT AND RUN.. hes a drama queen trying to get money and his 15 minutes since no one wants to be near his old fat smell ass

1745 days ago


Are you serious. I have smacked my hand harder on the door to the house harder than that. Not about the money my a$$. He is looking for a meal ticket and it looks like he needs a damn big one to fill his fat a$$ up. Give me a fricken break.

1745 days ago
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