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Pinkberry Co-Founders' Marriage Loses Flavor

1/10/2010 2:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The frozen yogurt ain't the only thing served cold by the people who created Pinkberry -- they also specialize in icy divorce papers.

The two co-founders of the legendarily successful dessert shop are calling off their marriage -- and judging by the court docs, they've got millions of dollars of assets to unswirl ... including 14,000,000 shares of the company's stock.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Hyekyung "Shelly" Hwang claims she has rightful claims to several tasty items including an L.A. Pinkberry location, a 2008 Bentley, a $30,000 bank account, $300,000 in treasury bills, furniture, artwork, and jewelry.

It's unclear how much the couple is worth -- but judging by the 73 locations that sprang up in 5 years, we're guessing there's a ton of yogurt money up for grabs.


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They have millions and only have a $30,000 bank account? That's a little strange.

1750 days ago


Yikes!! those are two ugly people.

1750 days ago


I didn't know that Jackie Chan was her husband!

1750 days ago


Posted at 2:29AM on Jan 10th 2010 by Ana
I didn't know that Jackie Chan was her husband!
I was *just* about to say that. Damn! :)

1750 days ago


I just spoke to Mr. Hwang and he gave me this exclusive statement:

"Stoopee bitchie! Me ruv her rong time! If weh hom nah, meh keek her goo, then tek her to feesh market an swell her to Yakuza! She spen west of rife doin suckee-suckee on wahrt coverd ding-dongs...whale me goh home wit two or thwee new geisha girls. Dis Amelica all ful of stoopee bitchie. Meh all upset now, hav Beeg mac attck now...wehr mah dliver?! Ahhh...der yu are...tek meh to golden alches now...stoopee bitchiee!"

I dare say, this closes any door for a reconciliation.

Reporting from an undisclosed opium parlor, this has been "The Almighty Wombat" with your evening news.

1750 days ago


More exclusive pix on their infamous Xmas party...

1750 days ago


Just goes to show that ugly people who add next to nothing to society can make money too, just like Megan Fox.

1749 days ago


Did anyone notice how this couple looks exactly like the Asian couple from Lost?

1749 days ago

Sick of Idiots lke Wombat    

Wombat, there is absolutely nothing funny about your post. Obviously, you are jealous because you are struggling with a minimum wage job while the Hwangs have made millions.

1749 days ago


Just got a major Pinkberry craving.

1749 days ago

Voodoo Witch    

I think he's good-looking. I'd date him w/o the $30,000 bank account.

1749 days ago


They are probably doing very well, but don't assume they are swimming in money. Rapid expansions like they've done are usually done by borrowing a ton of money. And just because they open a location doesn't mean it will be highly profitable. I think Krispy Kremes is a good example of rapid expansion hurting a company. I suspect Pinkberry will be just a fad. Remember that frozen yogurt was also a fad back in the 1980s.

As for "only" $30,000 in a bank account. Most wealthy people invest their money rather than having it stagnate in a bank account earning no or next to no interest.

1749 days ago


Pinkberry is the most bitter, disgusting food ever invented. A dozen packs of Splenda could not rid it of its vile, nasty aftertaste. If I wanted to eat a yeasty, tart pile of goo, I would buy a cup of Dannon, put it in the freezer, take it out after a few hours, and attempt to swallow it without vomiting. But I don't want that. So I won't eat Dannon and I won't eat Pinkberry.

1749 days ago


pinkberry is the most amazing thing in the world, and its healthy. cant get better than that.
and those people are super nice and superr successful. everyone go to pinkberry! try passion fruit and coconut swirl, it so good! like a tropical heaven hahah :)

1749 days ago


Here we go again...If you're not white in America you get called all sorts of wicked names and are taunted because of your race.
America is so sickeningly racist. Every single story on this site about someone who is not white takes about 6 - 7 comments before someone makes some sort of derogatory statement.

1749 days ago
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