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Balloon Dad -- Don't Worry About Dropping Soap

1/11/2010 10:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Balloon Dad -- Don't Worry About Dropping SoapUPDATE: Heene checked in at 8:40 AM MST.

Richard Heene
won't have to worry about the "shower situation" in lockdown -- TMZ has learned dude will get to shower alone.

Heene has roughly an hour to check himself into Larimer County Detention Center -- where he will begin his 90-day sentence for being a hoax-running, resource-abusing d-bag.

We're told Balloon Dad has quite a schedule when he arrives at the jail -- starting with a 72 hour evaluation where authorities will decide where to put the guy.

Heene will also be issued his orange uniform.

As for the food -- Heene will eat breakfast at 6:15 AM every morning. Lights out is at 10:30 PM.

At least he'll be eating like true royalty -- his first meal is turkey a la king with rice.

Bon appetit.


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Inmate #1: Hey Heene, what are we going to do tonight?

Heene: Same thing we do every night...plot the domination of reality TV!

Inmate#1: Damn...I was hoping you'd shizzle my nizzle.

Heene: Oh, alright...there's always tomorrow!

1746 days ago


this is dissappointing. he shouldnt get special treatment in jail.

1746 days ago


Wow, they are probably planning to do a reality show about his life in jail.

1746 days ago


Ha! He deserves it! This guy has been a pain in the ass for years!

1746 days ago

Tom P    

If there's anything TMZ reporters should be able to report on, it's the routine within a jail or prison system.
Nothing but a bunch of uneducated, losers with cameras harassing people.
Can't wait for the new paparazzi laws to go into effect here...oh wait, they already have!
Has to hurt your "business plan".

1746 days ago


After watching this pinhead on Larry King, one gets the impression he does not understand he did anything wrong. The judge cleary needs to be jailed for an extended period of time. He should not be raising chickens, let alone children.
Al Sharpton is an idiot!

1746 days ago


Too bad about the shower. I'm sure the other inmates would have a ball with a p*ssy like him.

1746 days ago


What a wackjob!

1746 days ago


This guy should of gotten alot more then 30 days. I watched this guy on Larry King and i believe he thinks that what he did was not wrong in anyway.

The guy is a wanna be, and he's acting sucks, his demeanor stinks, and I would not belive a word that comes out of his mouth if his tounge was noterized.

How dare him have his kids lie and decieve.

I think this guy believes his own lies as fact.

1746 days ago

Truth hurts    

Come on!! Why is he getting special treatment? Freakin' punk. I was hoping they were really going to "stick it to him." LOL

1746 days ago


There is something so magnetic about this family that no matter how revolting their behavior is and was, I just can't look away. Give this family a reality show and let's see the disfunction fly!!

1746 days ago


This guy is one of the STUPIDEST guys alive!

Why would anyone with any common sense at all criticize and call the Sheriff of the county a liar JUST BEFORE GOING INTO CUSTODY?!

Now they can be free to make his stay even MORE unpleasant! Different branches of law enforcement stick together -- believe me, the guards in the detention center, if they are not under the control of the Sheriff's office, they definitely have solidarity with his office!

I hope he gets beaten up in there too!

Stupid fool!!!

1746 days ago


The guy should be in a mental institution, not jail. Anyone who watches more than five minutes of video of this guy can see that he has a few screws loose.

1746 days ago


Judge should have also ruled NO appearances on tv shows. He was on Larry King over the weekend.
Sick man still pimping his kids.

1746 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Is there any way we can pay the jail to keep the douchebag for the rest of his life?

1746 days ago
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