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Ellen on Simon: Trying Not to Take it Personally

1/11/2010 8:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres has a dog in the whole Simon Cowell fight -- after all, she signed on just months before Simon's big announcement that he's leaving "American Idol."

Ellen just taped her show today, and cleverly explained a possible link between Simon, Conan and Jay.

As we previously reported, Simon's voting himself off the show so he can work on "The X Factor."


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Chuck O'Connor    

I don't care about her sexual preferences but who wants to hear a judge on Idol try to make a joke out of every critique? I certainly don't and she is butt a** ugly to boot. Give Paula the money & bring her back......quick!

1709 days ago

a the fantastic    


Don't get mixed up with these losers.

WH?Y would she do the job for less money then the fellas anyway?! it's crazy! Stick up for yourself and your sista's

1709 days ago


Get back in the closet where you belong Ellen! NOBODY wants to hear her PATHETIC BABBLE.

1709 days ago


My theory is that American Idol and it's producers are quite the clever bunch. First of all, let's start with that Seacrest. Why hire Seacrest to host the show? Answer: Because Ryan has a radio show where he can always talk about Idol and advertise it like no other. Second question. So why get Ellen as a judge who has honestly really has no business being a judge. Answer: Because Ellen has a talk show where she can always talk about Idol and also advertise it like no other. You see folks, this is all engineered by some master mind advertising guru. It's not about talent, come on now, talent and experience have been kind of thrown out the window now a days. Ellen has an outlet and it's her show...therefore she gets a spot to be a judge!

1709 days ago


TMZ writer - u are lame. Stop using dog fighting as an analogy. Especially with dog rescuer Ellen. Words can hurt, words can influence. Man-up and take your job seriously.

1709 days ago


Simon is just the first to publicly leave after they named airhead ellen as a judge....

1709 days ago


I love Ellen! She is such a talent and she always know how to put a smile on your face. I wish there were more positive people like her, if there were... the world would be a much better place. :)

1709 days ago


We all know they would not have a fake fight to up ratings.

We all know they would never ever do that.

Can I sell you a really nice bridge? You can set up a toll booth and everything.

1709 days ago


I think having a comedian as a judge is stupid. What does she know about the music industry ? Nada. I'll be watching The X-Factor from now on.

1709 days ago


I won't even watch the Ellen show, she shouldn't even be on t.v.
Like they say,,, we are what we watch....
I never missed a American Idol show in all the years it has been on.
Simon is the best at being honest and truthful.
Now that Ellen will be on, I will never watch the show again.
She has no music background, she is not funny. If she was half as great as she thinks she is she might be on a radio station no one turns on, so no one has to know how fake she is.

1709 days ago


Not digging the butch haircut Ellen. And I don't think you have any credentials judging a singing contest. Can't wait to hear your stupid "silly" responses just to get laughs. Go get Rosie and munch some carpet.

1709 days ago


Simon misses Paula already, and I can't blame him.

Ellen is contracted to a show to which she's not qualified to participate in while one person was unfairly dismissed and the other is jumping ship.

Paula has a heart as well as knowledge of the music industry, while Ellen doesn't; so how can her comments to the contestants be constructive? "You were good", "you were bad", anyone can say that and not be paid millions for it.

Ellen didn't have to take the job, particular as she witnessed another woman (Paula) being financial shafted while the men made money hand-over-fist. Ellen tried to take advantage of the situation and now the situation will take advantage of her.

1709 days ago


Gawd, that woman is repulsive. She looks like a neutered Ken Doll.
She freaks me out.

1709 days ago


I will never watch American Idol again. No to Ellen. No to the other girl. Bring back Paula!

1709 days ago


Ellen's a scab. Any woman who would take the job of another woman who is trying to get equal pay to the men she works with is disgusting. I can't wait until Idol flops because of her!

1709 days ago
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