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Ellen on Simon: Trying Not to Take it Personally

1/11/2010 8:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres has a dog in the whole Simon Cowell fight -- after all, she signed on just months before Simon's big announcement that he's leaving "American Idol."

Ellen just taped her show today, and cleverly explained a possible link between Simon, Conan and Jay.

As we previously reported, Simon's voting himself off the show so he can work on "The X Factor."


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I can't believe it, he is one of the only reasons I watch because he makes honest and valuable points of criticism. Now the question is will it go on without him and who will replace him?

Someone just created a topic on called American Idol: Possible replacements for Simon. You guys gotta check it out there are some really funny and interesting suggestions, I said that I think Kanye would make an awesome replacement because it would be drama all the time.

1744 days ago


who is she to judge????I don't understand she can't even sing and she just dances for fun.At least Simon has a purpose,good for him to leave it was getting boring anyway

1744 days ago

Jimmy Z    


They know she'll ruin it. Simon knows she'll ruin it.

This is the end of A.I. Big mistake letting Paula go.

1744 days ago


I like Ellen but she needs to realize not everything is about her.

1744 days ago


Would someone please get her a number 99 Jersey?...she has finally achieved reaching the look of a young Wayne Gretzky she has strived for so long for Portia.

The Wayne Gretzky look
The Groucho Marx duck walk and dance

This woman is nothing but an imitation of others---what a lost little soul she must be inside there...memba her first lover? She ditched Ellen so hard and fast, for a man no less, Ellen still is reeling. The Portia thing is a front...she never got over nor ever will the loss of that first public lesbian lover.

Please take up hockey Ellen since you have worked so hard to look Wayne Gretzky when he was 21.

1744 days ago


Ryan Seacrest was hired as a host when he was a nobody. They had two guys as hosts. The second guy was let go after the first season, or he quit, don't remember which.

This show made Seacrest who he is today, and made him a multi-millionaire. They didn't hire him because he was somebody already.

Now Simon has an especial fondness for Paula Abdul. He was the one who invited her to first help with his British talent show. During that show, he was not happy with the song choices by the contestants. One girl sang something he really liked, finally, and he said, we need more songs like that. What is it? It was a song that Paula Abdul had written, so he invited her over to work on the British show with him.

From that, she became a judge when the show came to America. She and Simon have always been close friends, and I believe he feels an especial loyalty to her. He also admires her talent.

Ellen has no business being a judge, because she has no credibility in the music business. In fact, she is not nor has ever been in the music business. As a viewer, I'm not going to feel especially encouraged when Ellen compliments a contestant or critiques them. And if she sits up there and makes everything a joke, I will think they are turning the show into Hollywood Squares.

I'm tired of this show, anyway. When Simon leaves, so will most of the audience.

1744 days ago

I kind of agree with "by a thang" up there. Idol seems like it's not heading in a great direction with so many changes so recently.

1744 days ago


I think the show is over anyways. When Paula left the show many including myself left too, it might have stood a chance but Paula and Simon and Randy made AI and its not going to work without all of them. Have these big wigs not learned that if its not broke dont try fixing it. They should of just gave Paula the salary increase as she was worth it. They would have continued having a hit show racking in the viewers. Now they have a chance of losing the viewers and trying to come up with a show that will pull them back in. When they announced Ellen becoming a judge thinking it would save the show, I think they got something they didnt think would happen and now with Simon leaving, the show is toasted, burnt toast at that. Dont get me wrong, I love Ellen and she is outstanding at talk show and comedy but this is a music show and one that requires one to have a background in that.

1744 days ago


#12 you're an imbecile... funny when you call me uneducated (I have a doctorate) yet you can't even spell "you're" and "your" right, good to see the inbreds coming out of the woodwork, stop clouding your brain with Tila and Harvey and Paris and get a life... there's a job waiting for you at the Village Voice as well. Moron.

1744 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

OH PLEASE! No where in negotiations with Ellen and her people was she told that one reason she was being asked to join was because Simon would be leaving at the end of his contract and they wanted her name attached to the show since she is so well known.

These thing don't happen overnight and Ellen has been in the business long enough to keep quiet.

1744 days ago


Why don't you hire Conan for the open slot FOX?! He's free for the next 4 years and everyone is already all moved to LA LOL!!!

1744 days ago


I wish Ellen would put up a lost sign on her show for Tiger. It would get a lot of publicity and maybe we could 'track' him. . . but cats are sometimes hard to track.


1744 days ago

hungry money human beings    

Way toooo bad Simon is leaving but will definitely watch Simon for the last year on American Idol, very down to earth guy...I will miss Simon for sure, I already miss Paula Abdul...very great seeing Simon and Paula's interaction together...uncertain if i'll keep watching American Idol tho...

1744 days ago

Bye-Bye Ellen....    

this will be AI's last and see.....

1744 days ago


Let me just say that American Idol has been crap for years. The show sucks. I wish they would take it off the air already. Please fill that time slot with something more interesting.

1743 days ago
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