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Jayson Williams Cops Plea in Shooting

1/11/2010 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA star Jayson Williams -- who is being retried for allegedly killing his limo driver -- dodged a bullet himself by copping a plea.

Jayson Williams

Williams, who was being retried for reckless manslaughter in the death of Costas Christofi at his New Jersey estate in 2002, has plead guilty to the lesser count of aggravated assault.

Williams (seen above leaving court today) had been tried previously, but the case had ended up with a hung jury. The retrial was pending.

UPDATE: Williams has agreed to serve at least 18 months in prison.


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Jayson Williams got away with murder.

1715 days ago


#5,nicole ritchie might be surprised to discover she is black, as she is the adopted talentless white daughter of Lionel Ritchie, the former singer.

1715 days ago


Why Black people keep doing the same thing White people do and think that they too, can get away with it is beyond me. And they should know that if they are famous they are REALLY REALLY going to get it. There's never going to be a jail sentence like the one lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton got. If you are Black, you're in for the long haul. Just ask Michael Vick. They ruined his life over a dog fight while other's get away with a fine and probation.

1753 days ago


justsaying, are you out of your mind?

It sounds like Williams KILLED a guy, and he's only getting 18 months? And you think this is a harsh sentence?

Maybe you'd like to explain that to the victim's family!!!!!

1753 days ago

Lenn K.    

#5 justsaying, after I got off the floor from laughing I thought I'd help you with some facts you left out. Michael Vick tortured and murdered dogs for sport. Nicole Richie didn't get any jail time and she's black. This isn't about racism,. it's about killing a man with shotgun and then trying to cover it up. Thank God the murdered man wasn't your dad or brother. He had a family that loved him.

1753 days ago


I agree, but only if the crimes were same.

Michael Vick didn't just fight dogs; he was the head of an organized crime syndicate that bred, raised, trained, fought, and then killed dogs for the purpose of gambling. Vick should STILL be in jail.

And this douche Williams? He's just a reckless ass who discharged a gun in his house KILLING his driver and then trying to cover it up. He should be in jail for LIFE not 18 months.

Go back and watch Williams on MTV Cribs. He's outside his home firing his shotgun in a DANGEROUS and clearly UNTRAINED manner. It is NOT surprising he killed someone.

Color isn't the issue.

1753 days ago


18 Months for cold blooded MURDER??

Its Nice to be rich eh?

1753 days ago



1753 days ago


we need a new crime category: killing whites while black

that means you get automatic leniency

1753 days ago


Maybe Williams will get a job as a bullet ducking limo driver when he gets out, and if we are lucky, he will dive when he should have ducked. This guy deserves so much more than 18 months in jail.

1753 days ago

Leigh Ann    

Not only did this guy kill his driver but he also shot and killed his dog for spot. How many other animals and people has he killed? Anyone that thinks this guy should be walking among us needs to be a crime victim and find out what it's like. If you think it's fine to kill pet animals then you're a cruel, dark, evil and twisted excuse for a human being.

1753 days ago

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