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The Conan O'Brien Contract Game!

1/11/2010 6:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, some real stakes in the Jay Leno - Conan O'Brien dispute -- and you can decide how it all shakes out.

It's the super-awesomely fun Conan O'Brien Contract Game.

All you gotta do is make Conan catch his ever-changing contract --without letting Jay's big head get in your way.

Good luck!


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I absolutley love Conan, but Andy gets on my last friggin' nerve!! He NEEDS to go!!

1683 days ago


I haven't cared for "The Tonight Show" since Johnny Carson retired. When Jay used to guest host for Johnny for a week or two, he was great. His material was fresh, and it was a nice change of pace from Johnny's style. Once Jay took over as permanent host, he left his best material in the night clubs. Leno became overly PC, something "The Tonight Show" never was under Johnny. I could never stomach the "Dancing Ito's" (did this really have to be a recurring bit?) or Jaywalking. Conan, like Jay, was forced to tow the "Tonight Show: Next Generation" PC party line. He never should have accepted the gig. Unfortunately, "The Tonight Show" is considered the crown jewel of late night. Conan belongs in New York, where he has a hip show and audience. There's too much pandering to celebrity culture in LA.

The memories of some posters here seem keenly selective. Recall that Jay Leno faced EXACTLY the same criticisms as Conan in his first year hosting the "Tonight Show", and was very nearly sacked. The difference is that Leno was given a chance -- and a slim one -- to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Thank your lucky stars that Hugh Grant had a thing for prostitutes, because this misstep was instrumental in changing Jay's fate for the better.

I didn't watch Conan on "The Tonight Show" for more than three episodes, because his move to L.A. felt like a huge step backwards. I'm fine with Conan leaving, because he has a better show to host elsewhere. I liked Jay as a stand-up comic and before he became a talk show host. "The Tonight Show" ended with Johnny Carson.

1683 days ago


Too Funny....but really on a serious note I feel bad for Conan I find him much more funny than Leno and Conan looks more normal too he may be tall but come on people have you seen Leno's face(chin) (hair). I think Leno needs to slip into obscurity. Retire and sit on your bed and count your money. Dude you ain't broke just call it quits let Conan have his rightful title!

1683 days ago


Whoever created the game needs to create more fun games like that and tmz will get a ton more hits than having a bunch of stale writing about celebrities that no one cares about. The possibility of games are endless with as many trainwrecks that we have out there in hollywood and its totally fun and different than other gossip websites...IM saying bring on the games.

1683 days ago


NBC is trying someway to get rid of that top heavy red headed not so funny guy and get back to where they were. It's never bad to admit you mad a mistake and that is exactly what NBC did. Conan is only funny in his own world, along with Letterman.

1683 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

leno is funnier than conan

1682 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

LOL TMX, this is THE greatest game e-v-e-r!! You could consider keeping this one on for a while, I JUST love it@!!!

I would LOVE to see you do this kind of game whenever there is a David and Goliath story that deals with the huge conglomerates attempting to take out the little man!

I'm pretty well shocked NBC is treating Jay this way considering how much money he's made for them over the years! What gives NBC, what gives?????

a Loyal Jay fan forever!

1682 days ago


this is hell funny!! i wish i could play it all the time but my sisters hog the computer all the time. now i am using a public computer!!

1615 days ago
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