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TMZ's Tongue Wrasslin' Contest -- Final 4!

1/11/2010 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The tongue tied pictures have been narrowed down to these final four photos in our Tongue Wrasslin' Contest and now their fate is in your hands!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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This is response to Tiger's girl #479. I never meant to accuse you of the conspiracy thing. I meant it for the website as they are trying to use the Tiger Woods thing. I would much rather see your photo than the other two people photos. It is very tasteful. I realize that in your photo that Tiger Woods in made out of wax and I know that you are not claiming to be a mistress. I was just stating that if Em is going to cry conspiracy, the pic of the baby is what this contest is all about. I am neither angry or jealous, and didnt mean to come across as such. Sorry if I offended you. I really believe that your pic is the second best pic here but I was just commmenting to Em's claim of conspiracy. Good luck

1690 days ago


That dog's tongue in a baby's mouth is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. What parent would let a dog do that after it has licked its own ass, much less take a pic of it to show other people?

1691 days ago

dr. fill    

OK Microbiologist Del. Give it a rest. I think the puppy photo is adorable. The other photos make me barf in my mouth.

1691 days ago


I'm with #1 - that's just gross. I SO don't get dog people.

1691 days ago


Geez, TMZ. Where's the photo of someone's tongue rimming a dirty as.s.hole? That'd be a solid gold winner in your eyes.

1691 days ago


The Tiger Woods one is creative, funny, and goes with this website perfectly. Using a baby and a dog should be considered cheating. Of course everyone will go crazy over a baby and a dog no matter what they are doing. The picture should include yourself in it.

1691 days ago


"Teelei"-I took that photo in Vegas weeks before this contest even started, or I would have used my tongue. I put it up because this is TMZ and Tiger Woods is in it. Just like the parents of the baby didn't make thier dog tongue kiss their baby. The dad said the dog did that right when he took the photo and the photo was taken before the contest. Calm down people. Thanks "tyrtujhtygjfgx" lol.

1691 days ago


with a picture like the one with the baby, the others don't stand a chance. It is so adorable!! The others disgust me to no end. GO REESE!!

1691 days ago


So, the dog kissing the baby picture grossed some people out. Her Dad said it was a spur of the moment picture, not staged. I wonder what some of the human's excuses are. IMO, they're much they are definitely staged (i.e. they knew their pictures were being took).

1691 days ago


Why don't they eliminate the middle man and just put the dog poop directly into the baby's mouth?

1691 days ago


urgh babies and dogs always win.. I feel a conspiracy is afoot since the mohawk pic is pretty damn awesome (or course tiger one is too ;) )

1691 days ago


Em, you say this is a conspiracy. I actually would much rather see the dog and the kid than the disgusting looks of someone having thei tongue in another person's mouth. As the father had stated earlier, the pic with the dog, just happened. the other pics are staged and knew they were posing for the pics. What is cuter than spontaneous pics...NOTHING! And as far as the tiger pic, this is called tongue wrasslin....not that I want to see it, but there is no tongue in this pic, so if you want to talk conspiracy, using Tiger Woods in where the conspiracy starts. That pic shouldnt even be in there. I agree with comment #9. Reese, you are a cutie and I hope you win sweetie,

1691 days ago


"whatever #12"-Before you go around dissing people's pics, where's yours? Did you make the cut? Didn't think so. And my pic wasn't staged. I took it two weeks before this contest or I would have used tongue. The only reason I posted it was because I thought it was a funny pic and would go great for this site. I wasn't expecting to get this far since I wasn't showing tongue but out of the fify pics I saw submitted for this contest, a good chunk of them weren't using tongue, so obviously mine was good enough to make the cut. Quit hatin'.

1691 days ago


And being second place to a cute baby and a dog is pretty good considering how cute it is so whatever, I'm not a sore loser. I was doing this for fun. Didn't expect to win anyway.

1691 days ago


You're more likely to get a serious illness from kissing a person than kissing a dog. Bacteria in the mouth of a dog are species specific, so it won't harm its a human. Example; a staph or a strep for a human is not transmissible to a dog, if you were to kiss it, and vice versa,"
Bottom line -- This picture with the baby is absolutely adorable, and will win hands down. Two of the others pics are disgusting.

1691 days ago
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