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Jay Leno -- NBC Is a 'Complete Disaster'

1/12/2010 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His fate is yet to be determined, but that's not stopping Jay Leno from bashing NBC and its decision to cancel his prime time show.

Jay returned to the air tonight for his first show since the network confirmed that Jay would be moving -- where, among other things, Leno said "I leave NBC prime time the same way I found it ... a complete disaster."


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Jamaican Sam    

Speaking of ballsy. Why does Jay's voice sound like he doesn't have any?

1655 days ago


Having painfully watched the Leno show recently, it's no wonder NBC pulled the plug.
What channel does it matter to us where they are? I like Letterman better, but that's just me...I've never seen Conan, but have read some of his blistering lines and if he's on NBC I'll give him a shot.

1655 days ago

Missing Reagan    

Leno is a complete disaster. Both the show and the man. Let him sail off to oblivion

1655 days ago


"What I'm saying, I think, is it's a bunch of middle aged white guys arguing over who gets X million dollars. Who gives a (expletive)?" - Craig Ferguson - The Late Late Show - Jan 12, 2010.

1655 days ago


"What I'm saying, I think, is it's a bunch of middle aged white guys arguing over who gets X million dollars. Who gives a (expletive)?" - Craig Ferguson - from The Late Late Show - Jan 11, 2010.

1655 days ago


I love the way Leno is trying to put it in everyone's mind that it is NBC that caused the problem of no one watching his show.
Sorry Jay, but it is YOU that the public is bored with and no longer interested in.

1655 days ago


Some guy actually wrote hiro fist pump! :P Thats funny!!

1655 days ago


Jay Leno is boo hooing all the way to the bank. His 10pm show was horrible. NBC made Leno a multi millionaire many times over. He's not worth it. Neither is Conan.

1655 days ago


It is so obvious that Jay's comments are designed to make him look like the victim here. In fact, this whole fiasco is proof positive that Leno is a big phony. If he didn't want to leave the Tonight Show then he should have said that five years ago. He has been manipulating things behind the scenes to get back to 11:35 and NBC probably gave him the go-ahead to mock them for two reasons: a) ratings and b) to keep the public from turning against him and seeing what a snake he is (so again, ratings). Leno tries to seem like he's just an "everyman, blue collar kind of guy" but it is such an act.

As others have pointed out, Conan's ratings are down just like Jay's were down when he first took over The Tonight Show - the difference is that Jay had time and network support (not to mention the Hugh Grant/hooker scandal) on his side. Jay also didn't have Johnny Carson hosting a show 90 minutes before The Tonight Show. Jay is a HUGE part of why The Tonight Show is not doing so great just yet. Think about it: NBC canceled The Jay Leno Show b/c affilates were losing viewers of their news broadcasts. That means people were changing the channel before or during Jay Leno and not tuning back in for the news... or The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Any uptick in ratings when Jay is back at 11:30 will be due to dramas going back at 10 and people tuning in to those and then sticking around for the NBC affiliate news broadcasts and not changing the channel after that. Jay is a crappy lead-in for any show and Conan's ratings are proof.

I've never found Leno funny, but I would occasionally tune in when he hosted The Tonight Show simply for the guests. Never again. I will not watch any show he hosts. Dude is a first-class jerk.

I do watch Conan, although quite often I DVR his show b/c I have to get up early for work - do DVR'd programs count in the ratings? I really wonder what Conan will do. I think if he went to Fox - and took his built in audience with him - Conan could really launch the network into late night. I'd love to see him on Comedy Central; maybe they could move The Daily Show & Colbert to 10:30 & 11 and then have Conan at 11:30.

1655 days ago


Leno is no saint. He is screwing conan, just like he screwed Letterman to GET The Tonight Show in the first place even though Carson wanted to pass the reigns to Dave (and wussy Jay blamed the betrayal on his agent, who really was a bitch but got him mad-crazy money). He always tries to play "poor me, I'm the victim here" but Jay is a jackel.
Read the book Late Shift. It tells the story behind how Jay got the job in the first place. I thought it was all sour grapes and a skewed point of view when I read it but now, I'm looking at it again and Jay is doing everything to Conan that he did to others in the past. Oh, and BTW - if Jay's 10 pm show was in the least bit entertaining, this wouldn't be an issue.He needs to take responsibility for his own failings.

1655 days ago


Jeez... who cares about these 2 idiots? I mean, wasting time to watch Leno or O'Brian... what is it that you americans love those two douchebags... one crappier than the other!

1655 days ago

eddie s    

NBC, Nothng But Crud,
NBC, Never Been Creditable,

1655 days ago


LENO IS A GREAT MAN IN REAL LIFE AND ON TV .. Conon seems nice enough but his show is a yawn and awful. Too bad Conon has viewers and he's asked people to talk badly about Jay Leno when Leno is the classiest and the very kindest and best of all in the business. Course Johnny was the best but Leno is the best alive today. Conon isn't even a contender.

1655 days ago


Jay even on the old Tonite Show was getting stale. & I am a Jay Leno Fan. I wish they would just give his 10 o clock time slot a bit more time & let Conan continue with the Tonite Show he is great.

NBC is stupid for doing this. Most all my fave shows are on NBC so I really hope they can work it out.
Fox Blows.

1655 days ago


Why attack Jay or Conan? NBC management is at fault. Jay retired from Tonight (per his contract) and Conan took over. NBC offered Jay the 10PM slot to keep him off ABC or Fox. The show didn't work - like hundreds of other failed shows. The problem NBC faces is that they have two major talents and only one time slot. I think that in the long run NBC should keep Conan and let him build on his young demo. But TV execs are short sighted, and they are looking for a quick fix, and so they turn to Jay. When Leno and Letterman retire, someone will be broadcasting Conan. I'm old enough to remember when people went on Tonight because they had something interesting to say, now they are their to
plug something. All three hosts are good, sadly their guests are boring.

1654 days ago
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