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Jay Leno -- NBC Is a 'Complete Disaster'

1/12/2010 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His fate is yet to be determined, but that's not stopping Jay Leno from bashing NBC and its decision to cancel his prime time show.

Jay returned to the air tonight for his first show since the network confirmed that Jay would be moving -- where, among other things, Leno said "I leave NBC prime time the same way I found it ... a complete disaster."


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Please visit in support of Jay Leno being put back on The Tonight Show. NBC just created the biggest unnecssary mess. Let Conan go and keep Jay Leno!

1716 days ago


@TV Gord:

feeble idiots are people who can't explain how they've formed their opinions. so--why the hate, Gord?

1716 days ago


Jay Leno is enjoying this a little too much for me to think he's a "good guy" in all this.

I'm still trying to work out who has who(m) by the short and curlies. Seems Leno is going to get what he wants no matter how much trash he talks or how bad his show really is.

1716 days ago


It's what happens when a network keeps peddling something NO ONE wants.

1716 days ago


Letterman insulted CBS execs for years, calling them drunks. Go Jay, to Fox.

1716 days ago


He is sooo history. All of his shows just friggin blow.

1716 days ago


Why does Jay keep saying he got "canceled" at the 11:30PM time slot? He didn't get canceled; he said he was going to retire in 2009 and so they didn't renew his contract. NBC then promised The Tonight Show to Conan. But when 2009 came around, Jay changed his mind and wanted to keep the Tonight Show, but it was too late because NBC had already made a deal with Conan. Jay is a liar and he is causing a lot of trouble for everyone, and then pretending he is the victim in all this. He is the one who instigated the whole thing!

1716 days ago


jay is a weasel and he is not even funny. letterman rules

1716 days ago


"Jay Leno is the phoniest man in all of show business"

- George Lopez

1716 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Conan bashed NBC even more on his show tonight. As I suspected most of the anti-Jay comments here come from people who don't really watch Conan.

1716 days ago

He Hate Me    

A few points-

*When Jay took over "Tonight" from Johnny, he bombed for 3 years.

*Johnny was gracious enough to actually, ummm... Retire

*If Johnny had taken the 10p spot, Jay would have never taken off

*Of course its goin to take Conan more than 4 months to find his own audience

*It would help Conan find an audience if Jay wasnt still hanging out at 10pm

*Final Point: Jay screwed Letterman the same way he's screwing Conan- with a big "good guy" smile on his face. Rat.

1716 days ago


Dear Smooth Criminals,

Unlike Two Face, Conan has a valid reason to bash NBC all he wants.

Even the mighty Harvey Levin of The People's Court fame can't blame him for being pissed. After all, he has every right to be.

Not to mention, this isn't Leno's first "fiasco" in late night. People are now seeing through his "good guy" facade.

His "jabs at NBC" tonight were correctly pointed out by another poster and that is gain sympathy.

Actually, TMZ needs to post the audio of Patton Oswalt ripping into Leno before he apparently appeared on his show tonight.

1716 days ago


Phew... I'm glad people here and around America are seeing Jay's NBC "bashing" for what it really is. He has no reason to bash anything except to make it look like he isn't the bad guy. Firstly, he never wanted to leave the Tonight Show, even though he agreed to (if the weasel really felt that way he should have stood his ground back then instead of turning people's lives upside down--Conan could have been sitting comfortably at Fox for 5 years now). Secondly, Jay said in an interview recently that he wanted 11:30 back, so his little indignant act now is just pathetic. He got what he wanted. It's Conan that has the right to be pissed, not this two-faced fat-chinned Rocky Dennis idiot.

1716 days ago


Hmmmm, Leno looks happy, I think he love to see poor Conan go to Fox. He is not a good guy.

1716 days ago


Leno used to sh*t on Michael Jackson all the time. Could this be karma?

1716 days ago
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