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Lisa Marie Presley

Nanny Suit Is History

1/12/2010 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley's former nanny has dropped her lawsuit against Elvis' daughter, but Lisa Marie is still really pissed at her.

The nanny, Christine White, sued Presley back in August, claiming she was forced to work ridiculous hours without breaks.

Lisa Marie countersued White, claiming the nanny broke her contract by taking numerous pictures of the twin babies.

The case was dismissed today ... we do not know if it settled, because the nanny's lawyer is mum. Lisa Marie tells TMZ White's lawsuit was bogus and filed "out of utter greed and revenge because we terminated her ..."

Lisa Marie tells us she discovered White took over 165 unauthorized photos and videos of the babies and thereby violated the confidentiality agreement.

Elvis Presley's daughter says she made "a huge mistake ever hiring Christine and in exposing our babies to her."

Lesson learned.


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I know how I could make that double chin shrink. Wink...

1708 days ago


Amazing huh that she has "fans". What exactly other then 2 cds has this loser done?
She's getting fat doing nothing but collecting the millions her father generates.
She claims she does charity but couldnt' fork over a million bucks while the whole time yapping she wanted to help people in New Orleans, instead she had the fans raise part of it, and nothing of it yet.
She has in the past couple months insulted an entire nation with her comments about Americans and music, too uneducated to realize SHE IS AMERICAN and HER FATHER started an AMERICAN/WORLDWIDE music revolution.
Out of curiousity I checked out her website and so called forum, neither has anything new, and by the comments of her "fans" she does nothing to keep them up to date other then pissing and moaning when she thinks she's been slighted.
And frankly the whole forum is an ebarrassment, full of uneducated people attempting to look like they have a grasp of something higher then barely a high school diploma.
I would be embarrassed to be associated with that place but then its probably quite an accurate portrayal of what she surrounds herself with fan base wise. LOL Check it out guys it's funny as all get out.

1708 days ago


BusterLhode no kidding she is huge and its not the clothing did you see her more then double chin? And her daughter looked like she would have rather been anywhere but there, bored to tears by the look of her.
They like the money just not the effort that sometimes goes into EARNING it.
And what was w/the sunglasses? The kids seemed to handle the cold just fine without them.
Her "fans" God that cracks me up find all sorts of pee poor excuses for this woman. Pathetic

1708 days ago


Axxu because people need jobs to survive and w/the economy why would you leave employment?
And no it does not sound to me like she was just after the money.
Sounds to me Lisa Marie Presley settled out of court so the public would not know what a crappy employer she is and potentially have to pay more per the court order then what was being asked.
And IF this nanny took pics and video how come nobody has seen them and how does Lisa Marie know how many photos were taken? Sounds like she was attempting scare tactics to get the nanny to drop the suit.

1707 days ago


As if LMP has any credibility...her fame came from being purely Elvis' daughter. She hasn't done anything on her own to achieve it. Sadly, she clearly lacks intelligence and self esteem, probably because deep down she knows she hasn't amounted to anything. She doesn't even have the confidence in being a mom and raising her own children. The time her babies were "exposed" to Christine was probably the only time they had any semblance of normalacy and love. I feel sorry for the whole family, especially the twins.

1704 days ago

lmp is a fat loser    

if the nanny was planning on selling or even posting pictures it would've happened before now.

in response to post #31:

firstly, like #34 said, in california you get 30 min break and 2 15 min breaks for 8 hours of work. the nanny watched the kids for well over 8 hours (or even 12 as you suggested).

secondly, "who takes care of the kids during her lunch hour?" HOW ABOUT THEIR MOTHER?

thirdly, the nanny was suing because she wasn't paid overtime. in CA that is a BIG DEAL. time and a half for anything over 8 hours, less than 8 hours between shifts, more than 40 hours a week, and more than 6 days in a row. lisa didn't pay the woman for her work. bottom line she just wants what she earned, i don't know how anyone can argue with that.

1703 days ago


First I wanna say that Lisa Marie ain´t fat at all!!!!
Leave her alone with ugly comments. Didn´t you folks know that when you give birth for a child and carry 9 months first,so you get upp in weight!!!! Thank Gud someones "normal" like Lisa who lives a normal life instead off many others do everything too loose weigh bso they look Sick" all the time!
Good for you Lisa!!! You´re a real good roll modell too young girls and others also!!!

Other thing! The "Nnny" was not forced too work as she says!
If she didn´t wanna work for Lisa so why didn´t she just quit!????????? This is a money business going on as usually it is.
No one is forced to work for anyone if they don´t want too.
As I said: Shes only after Lisas money !!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy
Lots of love too Lisa and her family

Tuija from Sweden

1585 days ago


Lisa is nothing but a silly BRAT..she's good at NOTHING..she's not good as a wife ,worse as a mother,and as a singer,she's better of closing her mouth..she's disgussting..i've never liked her and never will..what she did to Michael,cannot be FORGIVEN..with all the billions that she's got,why doesn't she HELP thoes that need help in the world,like Michael used to do...of cause not,because she has to spend every cent that her father left her liveing in LUXUARY and cannot give a DAM for thoes that need a helping hand..Lisa your not worth NOTHING....DAM you and your BILLIONS...

1584 days ago
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