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Octomom Not Fit For Fitness

1/12/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Octomom Nadya Suleman works out in the middle of the night ... it's easier to get into the gym when you're persona non grata.

Octomom Not Fit For Fitness

We found out Octomom fell behind on her membership fees at least three times at 24 Hour Fitness. Looks like the gym has a 3 strikes rule, because our sources say Octomom's membership was yanked January 4.

As for what led up to the termination ... Octo apparently used at least two credit or debit cards that were declined.

Suggestion -- if Octo needs a workout, she can lift her 14 kids.



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Not news. Give me a break - this is all you have to report on? How much digging and time did this take to uncover? Lame.

1710 days ago


With All The Advertizing There Getting Of Off Her They Should Have Waved Her Fee In The First Place. Then Releasing Personal Information! I Hope She Sues!

1710 days ago


Come on guys you guys are boring me! TMZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Snoozing..

1710 days ago


You people are idiots. Anyone could have seen her cards get declined and leaked the story.
And for all of those who think financial debts are part of public record- see how easy it is to find out how much of a mortgage people are carrying on their homes. I suppose all you brain-iacs know more then the lawyers TMZ has on retainer.

THIS pig is STILL on PA yet has the balls to talk about having more kids.

1710 days ago


I will never got to that Gym, they should compensate her with a free membership then they can go tell everyone that piece of info too. How Unprofessional, but who said Fitness instructors had much of a brain to use in the first place. LOL I wonder if they were paid for the info????

1710 days ago


Kelly K - Why does being behind on your bills, especially something as trivial as a gym membership constitute being an unfit mother? yeah, she had lots of kids and is no doubt got some serious psychological trouble, but it was HER body in the end.

That aside, WHY is TMZ posting information about her personal bill paying ability? Not only is it trivial, it's skeevy and sketchy. You DO realize that about 70% of the U.S. population is feeling the effects of a recession, right? Imagine how many other people out there are behind on their bills.

TMZ, you're losing fans on this one.

1710 days ago


maybe she should just pimp herself out like she does the kids & get a work out at the same time...oh wait, she probly CAN'T GIVE IT AWAY

1710 days ago


RabbleROuser sounds like a TMZ employee - Things like mortgages are indeed public record, Captain Obvious.. Things like being behind on your utility or credit card or GYM bills is not. Someone at the club at to go to the trouble of telling TMZ and of course TMZ ran to the computers to post it. It isn't about her being a pig or not being a pig; it's about the motive and moral behind reporting such a non-remarkable, personal and bland detail of a person who isn't a celebrity, just another Z-list tabloid topic.

Now, shouldn't you be cleaning Harvey's sippy cup or something?

1710 days ago

rachael weiss    

Oh god.....Dont we have enough to think about? California's in serious debt...The two wars....Economic meltdown..........Real issues..And fyi? If I have to see that horrible womans body again prego? Im not having sex again..Really disgusting..............ECK.......................Used to love it tooo....Sad.........

1710 days ago


Who cares! people that talk about her need to shut up. She is not a bad mother, I would like to see them deal with 14 kids plus media drama and critasiziam

1710 days ago


This is fairly simple. Nadya Suleman liked being in the public eye and is trying to stay relevant.

But she has already stated that she doesn't like screwing and hasn't been laid in ten years. The only thing she likes is being pregnant.

Lady is seriously twisted, and a sad commentary on how perverted the public's taste for sexual oddities has become.

As Dr. Temperance Brennen says, signs of a declining and collapsing society.

1710 days ago


LOL @ #22

For $9.99 anyone can get a copy of your credit report. Don't you think that reports debts? Idiots.

Shouldn't you be making someones McBreakfast right now?

1710 days ago



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1710 days ago


Thats so wrong for putting her out lk that. If I had 14 kids I would be struggling financially also.

1710 days ago


After dropping those litters of twits, and from the looks of that huge black thing (I'm assuming that might just be her azz), she's going to need alot more of our tax money to burn off that lard; and PLEASE keep it up during the wee hours, because if I had to work out and see that, I'd turn bulemic....and!

1710 days ago
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