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Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job

1/12/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job The guy who punched Snooki in the face on "Jersey Shore" won't even be punching the clock anymore -- TMZ has learned he's being fired from his job as a gym teacher at a high school in New York.

NY City Department of Education says they are drafting Brad Ferro's termination letter right now -- and once he gets it, he'll have 30 days to pack up his stuff and split from North Queens Community High School.

Dude had already been banished to a teacher reassignment center in the wake of the punch -- but now, because he was found guilty of simple assault for the Snooki attack -- school officials tell us, "the termination process is underway."

Talk about a black eye on your permanent record ...


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Shut up Larry, that's an asinine argument.

1709 days ago


Good to hear, you can hate the girl all you want but assault is assault. I certainly wouldn't want someone who gets $hitfaced at bars and punches women with closed fists teaching at my kids school.

1709 days ago


Everyone that is happy she got hit is sick. You would not say that crap if it was your mom,sister,cousin...etc. You may talk about the Jersey Shore crew being skanky, but your comments are sick and just mean. Shame on you!!!

1709 days ago


Dude lost a cushy job with NYC Dept of ED - decent pay and great benefits/pension. Have fun trying to get a job now a-wipe. I don't even think McD's would take him.

1709 days ago


He needs to find some way to profit from this financially. How about
taking life-size blow up dolls of Snooki around to county fairs
where patrons can punch the hell out of 'em and otherwise violate
them as they choose? $5 a pop...

1709 days ago


Burn MFer, BURN!!!!

1709 days ago


So now nobody can call Snooki good for nothing. She got this punk fired, and that was a good thing.

1709 days ago


Thank god he got fired. No man who punches a woman should be allowed to work with children.

1709 days ago


He didn't hit her enough in my book. She is still around! What a ugly big mouthed slut she is. She got just what she deserved and needed more obviously!

1709 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

if the dyde was a chick, he would have been promoted instead.

1709 days ago


To LTBK, I agree with you 100%!

1709 days ago


I love this argument: "You wouldn't applaud this guy if he'd hit your wife, mom, sister. Therefore it's wrong to hit a woman". What idiots you people are. I wouldn't applaud this guy if he'd hit my brother, son or father, so does that make it wrong to hit men? I wouldn't applaud him if he'd gone to church, so is it wrong to go to church, too?

1709 days ago


"Shut up Larry, that's an asinine argument."

Oh well, in that case I suppose you'll have no trouble spelling out its flaws...or should this perhaps wait until after you've graduate from fourth grade?

1709 days ago


Any man who hits a woman, deserves what he is getting. I mean Snooky, is not what I consider a beautiful, nice girl and so is the rest of the cast. All the drama, for people who are obnoxious and seem to be stupid. How can they think that they are beautiful people, they are all ugly and their behavior is sickening. Have not watched the shows, will never watch the show, but writing about the way they are in magazines makes me think, from what kind of family do they come from, they must be wanna be gangsters.

1709 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

I don't feel sorry for him at all.He is a teacher and a man; Snooki is a woman who is under five feet tall. Alcohol intake may've been a mitigating factor, but this was an assault.
I wonder what the United Federation of Teachers (U.F.T.) has to say about this situation. They're my old union.

1709 days ago
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