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Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job

1/12/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job The guy who punched Snooki in the face on "Jersey Shore" won't even be punching the clock anymore -- TMZ has learned he's being fired from his job as a gym teacher at a high school in New York.

NY City Department of Education says they are drafting Brad Ferro's termination letter right now -- and once he gets it, he'll have 30 days to pack up his stuff and split from North Queens Community High School.

Dude had already been banished to a teacher reassignment center in the wake of the punch -- but now, because he was found guilty of simple assault for the Snooki attack -- school officials tell us, "the termination process is underway."

Talk about a black eye on your permanent record ...


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"Those women sign up with the knowledge that they may be placing themselves in a combat situation by joining the military. It's their decision."

And women (and men) walk into bars knowing that people will be drunk and rowdy. It's their decision to walk in anyway.

1691 days ago


Snooki wants to be like Kim Kardashian now...

1691 days ago


"Women in combat isn't a valid argument. Those women sign up with the knowledge that they may be placing themselves in a combat situation by joining the military. It's their decision."

Oh, Okay. So if a woman "decides" to square off with me, it's okay for me to beat the crap out of her? But it's okay for me to beat the crap out of a man regardless of what he "decides"? Man, the logic one encounters on these boards is hilarious.

1691 days ago


He stole their drinks, and then when she got pissed, he smacked her. HELL NO he shouldn't be teaching impressionable teens.

1691 days ago


@Budd-yeah, because that's the same. Give me a break.

1691 days ago


Larry, you're here trying to pick fights and make yourself feel better about yourself by spouting off and trying to prove you have a superior intellect. Why is that? Get over yourself. You're ridiculous.

1691 days ago


I'm not claiming to have a superior anything, but if people are going to come on here making all sorts of claims about what's right and what's wrong based on people's sex, I'm gonna call 'em on it. If you can't handle that, tough.

1691 days ago


He's a teacher!?!?!? I thought he was mentally retarded or something!?!?!? I mean seriously, look at him!!!

1691 days ago


TMZ didn't do it's homework very well. True, this guy is leaving his teaching job in NY, but he has accepted a teaching job in Connecticut and is moving up there.

1691 days ago


Liberal PC is killing this country. Just like how evil terrorists use our liberal PC laws against us, having women serving in combat in the military is a horrible decision. They cannot fight the same as a man, and not only that, they put the men in jeopardy since it's their male instinct to look after and take care of the females. Bad news all around

1691 days ago


Don't knock Jersey Shore until you've tried it. They're no different than kids on Spring Break in Florida.

1691 days ago


Larry, you're an effing idiot. It's illegal to hit anyone--man or woman. That's why he was charged with assault. It has nothing to do with the sexes. But for arguments sake, you're only allowed (legally) to hit if it's in self defense.

You just want to argue but perhaps you should familiarize yourself with common decency and the law. You're only coming off as an angry bitter animal who wants a woman to hit him so he can hit back and feel good.

1691 days ago


good, any man that is capable of hitting a woman should be SHOT!

1691 days ago


The whole Jersey Shore cast should be punched! They are all just a bunch of obnoxious loud mouth NO-Class punks.

1691 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

Thank you, God! I was watching the Steve Wilkos Show and he said to a guy on his show that his ex-fiancee has a right to be scared for her and their son because if a guy can beat women, then he probably would beat children as well. He probably wouldn't last 24 hours in a maximum security jail because the other men would beat the crap out of him.

1691 days ago
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