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Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job

1/12/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Puncher KO'd from His Job The guy who punched Snooki in the face on "Jersey Shore" won't even be punching the clock anymore -- TMZ has learned he's being fired from his job as a gym teacher at a high school in New York.

NY City Department of Education says they are drafting Brad Ferro's termination letter right now -- and once he gets it, he'll have 30 days to pack up his stuff and split from North Queens Community High School.

Dude had already been banished to a teacher reassignment center in the wake of the punch -- but now, because he was found guilty of simple assault for the Snooki attack -- school officials tell us, "the termination process is underway."

Talk about a black eye on your permanent record ...


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I hope Snooki learned how to duck, she caught a shot in the mouth not an episode later by the grenade Mike brought home. LOL

1752 days ago


"Larry, you're an effing idiot. It's illegal to hit anyone--man or woman."

Yes, Sh*t-for-brains, that is true, but it's also not what is at issue. People have claimed that it's worse to hit a woman than a man, and that it's worse to hit a woman precisely because she's a woman and not necessarily because she's weaker, smaller, etc. So, on this line of reasoning, it's worse for a man to hit a woman than it is for him to hit another man, even if the man in question is smaller and weaker than the woman. Maybe this is all true, but I would like someone to back this up with a convincing argument. It's funny how pissed off people get when you simply ask them to defend their prejudices.

1752 days ago


---Mrs. Pine
Really? Snooki--Americas "sweetheart"? Seriously?
AH...HELL NO!! You, dear lady, are delusional.
That HAS to be the funniest thing I have heard in DAYS! XD

1752 days ago


you don't hit women. ever.
you don't hit children. ever.
and any person who is that quick to punch another person in the face... in a public place for goodness sake... is a danger. something in his brain makes that an acceptable reaction.
join a boxing league... or an MMA training club...
he should fight other MEN... who want to fight.
but this was low. he is a dirtbag. he deserves to lose his job.

1752 days ago


Sorry ladies but I have to disagree with you. It's because women rely on the fact men shouldn't hit women that they act like total bitches to men. They know they can get away with it by hiding behind their gender. Men shouldn't beat ladies for the sake of beating them, but when they want to act like that, they deserve it. Look at it this way, if it was a man acting like that to the teacher and got punched everyone would have said he deserved to get hit. But because Snookie is a woman all of a sudden it's wrong. Sorry but if you want equal rights, it's equal rights in everything. Not equal rights when it's in your favor and then hide behind your gender when it's not. Snookie deserved to get hit. Period.

1752 days ago


So let me make sure I have this straight. It's okay for me to hit my neighbor, a thin, sickly man who could never fight his way out of wet paper bag, but it would not be okay for me to hit Laila Ali despite the fact that she'd probably put me in the hospital. Interesting.

1752 days ago


The real issue here and probably the reason he got fired is NOT because he hit a woman but because the dude CLEARLY has anger management problems. He snapped and popped her in the face. He didn't walk away, he reacted. I can see where this could cause a problem for a high school gym coach. Don't you?

1752 days ago


It's be funny to be one of this guy's new students in CT.

1752 days ago


Yeah, Snookie's an obnoxious, orange, loud-mouthed, misshapen troll, but NO woman deserves to have some random drunk guy punch her square the face, period. What if a student mouthed off to him and he decided to punch the student in the face? NYC public schools have enough problems--good riddance to bad rubbish.

1752 days ago


Oh and for those saying he was stealing their drinks...he wasn't. If you watched the whole episode you'll see another Jersey Shore dude (can't remember his nickname) stating that the Situation caused it by buying the guys drinks. It was actually Snookie who was wrong, she assumed those drinks were for her group. The Situation WAS buying the drinks for the teacher and his friends. You'll even see The Situation patting the teacher on the back and saying "it's ok", meaning take your drinks. So not only was Snookie wrong about the drinks for her, she was in his face, way out of control. Watch the whole show, not just the fight before you make comments like that.

1752 days ago


"Yeah, Snookie's an obnoxious, orange, loud-mouthed, misshapen troll, but NO woman deserves to have some random drunk guy punch her square the face, period."

Are you suggesting that some man does deserve this?

"What if a student mouthed off to him and he decided to punch the student in the face? NYC public schools have enough problems."

Actually, a lot of students in NYC public school would benefit mightily from a good, solid punch to the face.

1752 days ago

Zach Swan    

Universally, people agree that Snickers was being a snotty, little biotch and her behavior was atrocious immediately prior to getting smoked in the grill. Ask yourself why that is. It's because she was convinced that she could act this way with impunity. That's right: the attitude that "a man should NEVER hit a woman" created a monster. She believed she could behave any way she wanted without any consequences. Well folks, a world without consequences is a world without civility. Be careful what you ask for when you make blanket statements like the above. Fear of reprisal is what keeps the world in equilibrium and generates socially acceptable behavior. If Snooks maintained a healthy fear that she could lose some teeth if she pissed off the wrong person, she would have behaved.

1752 days ago


Gotta love KARMA!

1752 days ago


hit her again... annoying fat f***

1752 days ago


Punch the bitch again and again. She deserved that sh!t! The guy is my hero. Wish he would have beat the sh!t out of all of those nasty grease balls!

1752 days ago
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