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'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno ... The Sequel

1/12/2010 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay LenoJay Leno will get his one-hour show back, and it will be called "The Tonight Show".... sources tell TMZ.

We're told NBC honchos still have to sit down with Jay's rep and put the finishing touches on a new deal, but NBC has signed off on the plan if Conan O'Brien leaves ... and Conan has made it clear that he's leaving the network, and not on good terms.

O'Brien took several cheap shots at Leno in his blistering letter, denigrating Leno's show as a "comedy program."

Sources tell TMZ Jay and Conan have not spoken with each other since NBC announced the switch.

It's looking increasingly like Conan may be making a deal with Fox for a late night show from 11:00 PM to midnight.


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Jim H    

Next on Jaywalking: Jay Leno!

1745 days ago


Well, looks like Jay is getting what he wanted....and this was probably planned all along. Conan is the victim this time...just like Letterman was!

1745 days ago


Christy (post #69), that was the impression I got too--that Jay Leno said he was going to retire, and then NBC offered The Tonight Show to Conan. But then Jay changed his mind, and acted like he was being "fired," which is just stupid! Jay Leno is no victim in all this. He did a lot of underhanded things to get The Tonight Show from David Letterman. Now he's pulling more stunts to get it back from Conan. Leno is ruthless.

1745 days ago

the thing is    

@Jagged- You said you know factly, now please, SHOW ME WHERE YOU GOT THAT FACT FROM, or else you are just lying to save face.

1745 days ago

my opinion    

I am not really a Conan fan but considering Jay announced his retirement years ago stating he did not think it right to dominate the Tonight Show and that someone else should get a shot at it. Now with Jay being put in the time slot of The Tonight Show shows that he is not the stand up man I thought he was. I wish Conan the best and hope NBC and Jay realize they are so wrong.

1745 days ago


WOW, It's like the Bret Favre deal. But not as long. Leno should just go away. His fans are like 80

1745 days ago

Maui Girl    

While Conan claims to have plans and visions of a perfect Tonight Show, the ratings just were not there. That's cold hard facts, and has nothing to do with Jay. Jay had his own problems with his time slot, as well. Conan was handed this job on a silver platter. Regardless, the late night talk show ratings ended up in Letterman's corner, and fewer viewers tuned in to see Conan. Ratings are the bottom line. Ratings and sponsors. The star comedians come in 3rd, or last, behind those two things. The affiliates complained and complained, whined and whined, both men lost their shows. Jay hung in there because it was his Tonight Show that beat Letterman's ass, so he thinks he can again. There may be such a backlash of sympathy and support for Conan, that Jay's future Tonight Show ratings may be dismal for awhile, with viewers jumping ship over to Letterman to punish NBC. Who knows. Stay tuned, peeps. Support Jay. Support Conan if he goes to FOX, and don't watch Letterman no matter what. He's probably crying that Jay's coming back!!! That's the funniest thing out of this whole mess.

1745 days ago

Cindy C    

Jay Leno should be a man and bow out!! HE made his mind up yrs ago to retire..Then he comes back with a 10 oclock show and it flops so he wants his old show back?? Conan was given the tonight show to just have it take away...Soo wrong!! I won't watch Leno ever again...If Conan doesn't get his own show on another network..Letterman here I come!!

1745 days ago


Okay now to all the people complaining about ratings. Jay Leno is killing Conan's lead in ratings as well, so Conan isnt entirely at fauly, other late night shows have the benefit of having a 6mil+ show in front of them that Conan did not have. Also if Johnny Carson had a show running in front of Jay Leno when he took over the same damn crap would have happened. Its like Oprah running a show in front of someone who replaced her, who the hell are you going to watch? I am watching Oprah if she has a show. The fact is Conan never got a chance to build an audience, even Jay had 2 years to build before he dominated.

1745 days ago


If I were Conan-- I would take my 45 mil and run. Better yet--keep your old time slot and count your money for the rest of your life.

1745 days ago

Ross Bonaime    

I'm sorry, but from what source have you heard that he is talking with FOX? Conan made it clear in his statement that he has received offers from no one...

1745 days ago

the thing is    

@JAGGED- Way to back your argument there slappy. No facts whatsoever. Your credibility is questionable.

1745 days ago


"In 2009, I'll be 59 years-old and will have had this dream job for 17 years,'' Leno said in a statement. ''When I signed my new contract, I felt that the timing was right to plan for my successor, and there is no one more qualified than Conan. Plus, I promised [my wife] Mavis I would take her out for dinner before I turned 60.''--JAY LENO

Not much more to say than that, now is there, Jay? OH WAIT! I forgot!!!

You decided you WEREN'T finished after all... YOUR *new* show ratings sucked *SO BADLY*, that all the media were upset that they had so little lead-in for the news...
So... you pitched a HISSY FIT. I'm guessing that when you described Conan as "no one more qualified", you meant other than YOU?

You are PATHETIC. You knew that NBC was on your side at LEAST 8 months back, and you made sure that you stole Conan's guests, not to mention that some NBC writers and censors would cut him off at the ankles, so that he couldn't POSSIBLY be as funny as he once was. I hope that Conan will go to Fox, and that Fox will give him the same leeway they give Simpsons (which he wrote for), Family Guy, etc. Only THEN will he truly be in his true comedic genius element.

Jay, I thought you were funny--occasionally. Now that I know what a whiney, pathetic WOMAN you are, I would NEVER watch your show. NBC just made ANOTHER *huge* mistake.

1745 days ago


Stop trying to play innocent Leno! Like you had nothing to do with this behind the scenes. Shame on you and I hope Conan and Dave take you down. Go Conan! Whatever network you go to next, I will tune in, as well as your legions of fans.

1745 days ago


hey jay leno i hope you are reading this because: F*%K YOU @SSHOLE

1745 days ago
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