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Tiger Woods -- No More Free Rides

1/12/2010 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The days when Tiger Woods could crash a free Cadillac Escalade into his neighbor's yard are now a thing of the past.

GM announced its deal with Tiger -- in which the company handed him free sets of keys to number of automobiles -- ended on December 31.

Tiger had an endorsement contract with GM that ended in 2008 -- pre-crash -- but the deal allowed Woods to drive GM cars free of charge until Dec. 31, 2009. That day came and went -- and GM made no effort to extend the agreement.

GM has since taken back possession of the cars -- and plans to repair and sell them.


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Tiger can afford to drive a fleet of expensive cars so he doesn't care. He got free cars to drive his whores around to different cheap motels and strip bars. What a shame.

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My God, Man everyone is dropping Tiger because of his personal affairs. How can we allow one act of Indiscretion [that is known publicly] Destroy all that this man has accomplish. There is not a married man that can say he is never, cheated. He just 'hasn't been caught yet! You People are something else; as long as a person is doing well and bringing in the cash, you are Happy. However, Let that person Make one mistake and they treat him like a criminal as if he has went on a killing spree. These are only tactics of discouragement but I doubt Tiger is discourage. How LOW CAN YOU GO! By taking the car privilege away, the contract ended anyway! Nevertheless, I bet you need him before he needs you. He will make a come back. Clinton did it with Monica L. Michael Jackson did it before he died. In addition, Tiger woods will too. I felt it was all a set up from the beginning, every black man that marries a white woman will always fall. They will have your babies tell you they love you and all along setting you up too fail then his so cal friends which are now his enemies wants to break him financially, destroy his reputation, and put him in the box with washed up celebrities, after all he's done for them. However, that is just how, the devil works. WHAT A SHAME!

I'm not a racist I was Married to a white woman but now days all woman are Gold Diggers don't matter about color.

1713 days ago


Elin certainly makes alot of public appearances with the kids!! Get the impression that she's trying to make a statement carrying the kids and showing what a good person and mother she is..The kids are sure cute but can't help but believe theres another tactic here..Maybe legal manuevers?? She sure doesn't seem to mind being photographed with the kids....

1713 days ago


I read a story about how a GPS tracking system may have been what exposed Tiger as a Cheetah. ..I think the Cadillac he was driving the night of the accident had some on-star or tracking system on it....

1713 days ago


Hey Harvey, listen to Mike!!! The GM sponsorship ended in 2008 when, you know, GM was about to DIE!!! They went in and out of bankruptcy where all contracts are reviewed. They made the decision to leave Tiger BEFORE ANYTHING happened with Tiger. Now, others dropping their sponsorships AFTER the crash and using the "its run it course" line are indeed dropping because of the tarnished image and more importantly Woods stating that he's not going to be playing for a while. No golf for Woods => no exposure for sponsors! The Getorade line was doing poorly, so this was the final straw to pull the product. Gillete, Accenture, Tag are pretty much only because of the crisis. And Nike Golf will never leave Tiger Woods because Tiger Woods IS Nike Golf.

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