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Thief Stole $1 Mil in Jewelry

From My Car

1/12/2010 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Usher claims he was the victim of a serious Christmastime jewel heist -- when someone jacked $1,000,000 in jewelry from the back of his car!

Usher police report: Click to launch
It all went down in Atlanta on December 14th -- Usher and a friend were in an AT&T store when someone broke into his GMC Yukon and took whatever they could get.

According to the police report, Usher claims the bandit made off with all sorts of Xmas gifts and personal belongings including $50,000 in furs, a computer and more than a million bucks in jewelry that he happened to have in the car at the time.

Usher told police he's worried about some never-before heard voice tracks that were on the computer.

An AT&T employee claims she saw the whole thing go down, but when contacted by MyFOXAtlanta -- she claims she's too afraid to talk about it for fear of retaliation.


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I am not going to comment on the other merchandise but what in the world would Usher have $1 million dollars worth of jewelry IN HIS CAR.

Is this dude crazy. He was asking to get jacked. I bet it was one of his "friends".

1712 days ago


This is complete crap! He must need the press for something going on in his life.

1712 days ago


Everyone's pretty much covered how dumb it would be to drive around with that much valuable stuff in your car.

I just want to thank the thieves for taking the computer with the "never-before heard voice tracks". If the tracks were anything like the garbage he's been putting out recently, the they did us all a huge favor.

1712 days ago


@ Wacki Weasel & scarey. You could have made your point without the racism. You are smarter than that.

1712 days ago


Furs? Peta? :)

1712 days ago

bah bah blacksheep    

I don't know which is funnier- what happened to the dumba$$ for doing something so stupid, or the comments the WAHMBULANCE....LMAO!!!! 'Purple dyed furs'.....I'm sure the jewelry was a bunch of pimpin' bling.....

I'm laughing so hard I'm could anyone be so damn dumb?

1712 days ago


WOW just wow

1712 days ago


Yeah right! Dat stuff was costume jewelry and a opossum fur hat and a muskrat coat. Get real bro

1712 days ago


Awwwww, Poor idiot lost furs and jewelry...I mean seriously he travels with his bodyguards and " posse "... I call bullcrap on the whole thing, he is attention seeking.... Loser.

1712 days ago

Consuela bananahammock    

I don't care if you leave a purse or wallet in the car, or a million dollars in jewels. Leaving anything in your car is pure stupidity!

Its called accountability! Its about being responsible for your own actions. It sucks that he was ripped off but, this was a totally preventable crime. And he only has himself to blame for leaving anything of value in the vehicle.

1712 days ago


LOL! It probably was his ex! Celebrities do the dumbest things...


1712 days ago


Can we say S-T-U-P-I-D! He probably wanted someone to steal it b/c you don't have to have a degree to know that you just don't leave things in plain view, especially around the holidays. You idiot!!!! He was more worried about his music tracks rather than serious, confidential information like a social security number or bank accounts regarding identity theft. Maybe rich, arrogant people like him don't worry about stuff like that because they have accountants, who can easily steal their identity since they have easy access to that information. Or maybe Tameka did it!

1712 days ago

Arethusa Cyberia    

Usher, why are you carrying $1 mil worth of jewelry in your car? Grow a brain, dude, and stow it in the trunk next time!

1712 days ago

King of TMZ    

He is a Has-Been so he must do some attention-whoring here and there to feel some glamor of the lost glory.

But kudos for his MJ performance on the memorial!

What's worse is not the million dollars even surely it's at max 500 or maybe 550k$ so he round it up for attention... What's worse is that even the so called new music he is worried about is stolen and will come to youtube soon! it's just that no one will care about your new crap mr Has-Been. If Withney Houston didn't have a come-back you won't either. Call Dr. Murray :P maybe he can figure out some inventive comeback schemes for ya :P

Bah Bye!

I know I am being mean! I just kid! trying to be as mean as those anti-MJ scammers! Well for my cents on this story! well Usher you're a grown up man! So...

1712 days ago


Uh, right... and don't forget the Piccaso that they stole from the glove box and the Stradivarius that was stashed in the wheel well of the trunk.

1711 days ago
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