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Conan Supporters Slap NBC in the Facebook

1/13/2010 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien's most loyal employees are refusing to abandon their leader -- and have taken to Facebook to rally support for the guy NBC is treating like a redheaded stepchild.

Several people who work for "The Tonight Show" and NBC have united on the social networking site and changed their picture to an Obama-esque image of O'Brien that features the words, "I'm With COCO."

The COCO craze is already spreading like wildfire on FB -- and according to the guy who created the artwork, Mike Mitchell, the image has already been seen by Conan himself.

So far ... no sighting of any "I'm with Chin" or "I Heart Peacock" artwork floating around.


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Politico Pablo    

Where have I seen that face before? Why it's on a TWENTY DOLLAR BILL. A striking simularity.

1681 days ago


save coanan facebook group is in full support of our Coanan he is a class act........

1681 days ago


I am so sick of hearing how poor little creepy boy is being wronged by NBC and Jay. I didn't hear all this commotion when NBC signed
Conan and promised him Leno's spot on a certain date, then pushed Leno out. Conan has done absolutely nothing to earn such a spot as The Tonight Show.

1681 days ago



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1681 days ago


Jay leno Vs conan o'brien

1681 days ago

moe g    

just go back where you came from Conan...........Jay was number one until NBC had this bright idea now its all a mess.......I WANT LENO BACK AT 11:35

1681 days ago


Glad Conan told NBC to suck it. NBC sucks. Jay sucks.

1681 days ago

Roger C    

What do these geeks not understand? If you don't have ratings, and you don't make ad money, YOUR SHOW GETS CANCELED.

Gotta love today's generation of brats who think that because THEY like a TV show, it must stay on the air!

So take your Wonderfalls, Firefly and Arrested Development and stick it up your...

1681 days ago


F*** Conan O'Brien. This overhyped hack was never all that funny or entertaining.

1681 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Buh-bye, "Coco". Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Nobody I know will miss you.

1681 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Somebody made a typo. That should be "Caca".
(All of you Conan fans should be yukking it up now, since this is your type of humor....)

1681 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Do I have this correct? They want to bring Jay back at 11:30 PM and THEN Conan would come on at 12:05? So Jay's show is half an hour and Conan still hosts "The Tonight Show?" What a bunch of FUBAR on the part of NBC! What stupid ass show is it that Jay hosts for half an hour? Why bother? Listen, I hate to say it but Jay's obviously run his course. You can't judge Conan on 7 months of effort. A hugely separate issue is the Jay fiasco! What a putz. Retire already or go to another network. It's like the square peg in a the round hole scenario. It doesn't work.

1681 days ago


LENO IS BEST OF ALL .. READ #12 WHERE THAT POSTER IS RIGHT. CONAN'S RATINGS ARE THE LOWEST OF ALL, WHERE ARE THEY WHEN HIS SHOW IS ON? JAY LENO GOT CHEATED AND NOW CONAN'S BACKERS BLAME LENO RATHER THAN TAKE NOTE THAT CONAN ISN'T FUNNY. I don't like or respect Letterman and I tried to watch Conan and everyone including Kimmel and Ferguson and all were funnier and less boring than Conan. I live a half mile from NBC when it used to be creative and good. Today their choices suck. Conan is impressed with himself but he's lousy in his business. May be a good writer but he's not good on the air. The worst of all. Conan has lost the top of late night on his own and only Leno can recover it. Sad that Conan blames Leno and not himself.

1681 days ago


Conan sucks! Love Leno!

1681 days ago
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