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Another Sign Leno's on the Move

1/13/2010 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes a story is just right in front of your face. "The Jay Leno Show" billboard on the Universal Studios lot was just removed.

The billboard reads, "COMEDY AT 10/9c" -- and therein lies the problem.

As we first reported, it's in with the old, because Jay is getting his coveted 11:35 PM time period back, and it's looking like his show will again be an hour long "Tonight Show."

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Mikey ... switch to decaf and relax. I guess you're saying that all of Conan's rabid fans didn't tune in and watch him at 11:30 (because he got beat in the ratings by everyone else) because you had to be happy with the show on at 10:00 pm. That's your excuse? So, because Leno's ratings were low at 10 pm ..... all Conan's fans switched over to Letterman, Kimmel and Nightline! You sure you want to stick with that theory?

1741 days ago

J C    

Gotta love Harry Reid's cynical assessment of candidate Obama's appeal to the democrat electorate Which essentially says He's not too black.
The hypocrisy from the Dems is amazing.

1741 days ago


It's amazing to me that no one has mentioned that this is all because of poor ratings for the Leno show and that maybe Leno's 10 o’clock ratings suck because he’s actually no good and can not gather an audience at that time. 11:35pm is a different world, there’s not much to choose from at that time, if you want light/ brainless entertainment before you hit the hay and you don’t like Letterman, then who else do you watch. They could put a no name comic on at that time slot with guests you “want” to see and they would do just fine. Put me in a suite, I can read a teleprompter, written by a team of talented writers. Leno is not funny, not spontaneous, looks like he just woke up with his dark sunken eyes, they brush his hair and wheel him out to do his prewritten monologue, he repeats every punch line two or three times, while the audience fake claps, he can’t focus on the audience without having to look over at the band to get validation from the guy on guitar. (well who else can you get for 40 million a year) Why doesn’t he take a hint and just bow out. Leno is like the last guest at your house party who can’t get the hint that it’s time to leave, “parties over” buddy. Go play with your cars, you overpaid hack. Obrien is not funny either, same thing every night, jumping to the bands last note, tugging at his hips with invisible strings and playing with his hair, for god sake man, get a life. We just want to see "good guests" be interviewed in a "good" way, who cares who the guy in the suite is…The right thing to do here is Leno to take a hint, O’brien should be left with the Tonight Show as he was promised, isn’t 17years enough for one man, come on buddy isn’t it time you took one on the "chin". Johnny Carson is turning in his grave right now...

1741 days ago


Leno is a whiny a** b**ch!!! He should be removed just like the sign!

1741 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Jay AND Conan had their shot -- neither one could pull in the ratings. Time for something new. Do you remember the old "Playboy After Dark" show back in the '70-s I think? Bring that concept up to current day. Feature great musicians who come in and do two songs, go to commercial break and come back for an interview about their music and life. Go to commercial, come back with a lifestyle fashion feature, back for a couple more songs, and your done. Next night a famous comic in place of the musician. To pull it off you need a great host. Instead of going for the low brow stuff (Jimmy K has that locked up), this would be total class and "up scale." The problem with the original show was Hef didn't have the "TV" personality to pull it off. Maybe a slightly urbane metro-sexual type. . . not Vince from the Sham WOW! spots.

1741 days ago


Leno = Bad Karma.
He should have never stolen "Stuttering John" behind Howard's back.
Payback is a b**ch

1741 days ago

Jonhy T    

I never liked Conan. What a waste of skin. Leno and Letterman are much better. Good for NBC to put Leno back into the "Tonight Show" Conan was a mistake and NBC is fixing that right now.

Good bye Conan.

1741 days ago


It was a really stupid move on NBCs part to even try putting Leno on during prime time television. I never wanted to watch him while my other shows were on. After 11, that's another story. Oh well, live and learn. Conan, I won't miss him. I found him rather annoying and not funny at all. Sorry that he's being booted out, but Hollywood cares about those ratings! Now, NBC, don't fix something that is not broken!

1741 days ago


Jay and Conan should both get out, and NBC should give the 11:35 slot to Jimmy Fallon - with his own show, not another version of The Tonight Show. They've manged to destroy that legacy all by themselves.

1741 days ago


If Leno were a gentleman, he would accept that he failed at the 10:00 slot and quit! But no, this is the same Leno who hid in a closet to eavesdrop on the network's negotiations when Johnny Carson was leaving and Letterman was being considered as his replacement. Leno's return to the 11:30 show is outrageously selfish, greedy, and shabby on his part. May he fail, again!

1741 days ago


Conan still beats Letterman in the rating. Leno couldn't bring enough of his old 11:00 Tonight show audience to 10:00 and his rating sucked. This in turn hurt local news and Conan. Those who watched the 10:00 Leno show didn't want to watch another Tonight show at 11:30.

1741 days ago


Letterman watches Leno masturbate to old photos of Johnny Carson.

1741 days ago


Jay Lenos show will fail...there are too many people upset with this idiot who retired and failed in primetime...jay take your losses like a man move on.....NBC will regret thier idiotic decisions when the ratings for Jay Leno sink as low as his chin...Jay go the pluck are not that funny anyway...dumb azz

1741 days ago


Yea to bring Leno back to 11:35 for one hour. Dump boring Conan and replace him with Arsenio. The two best late night TV hosts Jay Leno and Arsenio Hall! Late night with Conan didn't have low ratings because of Leno, people could watch the news earlier in the evening so they did other things after Leno because Conan is that bad. Watch what you want in the evening including Leno or DVR Leno and 11:00 do other things because there's nothing worth watching after 11:00. I only watch Jay Leno and the Apprentice on NBC. I don't have to watch NBC news because I like CBC, NBC and ABC news. Get rid of Leno and the only thing left watching on NBC is the Apprentice.

1741 days ago


Get real, Conan never deserved that show. Leno was passed the torch and deserved to pass it on to whom he selected when he chose to retire, just like Johnny did. He was forced out first, and if anything he should've told NBC where to go then. The fact that he's willing to come back and save their ass just shows what a class act he is.

1741 days ago
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