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Another Sign Leno's on the Move

1/13/2010 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes a story is just right in front of your face. "The Jay Leno Show" billboard on the Universal Studios lot was just removed.

The billboard reads, "COMEDY AT 10/9c" -- and therein lies the problem.

As we first reported, it's in with the old, because Jay is getting his coveted 11:35 PM time period back, and it's looking like his show will again be an hour long "Tonight Show."

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who dat    

NBC has screwed themselves either way. The tonight show is now a damaged franchise.

1690 days ago


I can remember the last time Jay was really funny, and he was substituting for Carson at the time.

1690 days ago


I can't stand Leno now. I would not watch the Tonight Show if you paid me. I like Conan. Leno is a big jerk. He needs to leave!

1690 days ago


I'd like to take a walk through the management offices of NBC, with a scorecard, and see if the "moron" count wasn't at least 20 to 1 over "authentic talent", because surely NBC=Nuclear Baffedegobbledegooky Crapola, and that's the way they like it.

1690 days ago


LETTERMAN AND O'BRIEN HAVE MADE FUN, on their shows, about Jay Leno's chin. Total ignorance!!! Of all people, Letterman has nothing to BRAG about. The entire world knows he has a problem keeping his pants ZIPPED!!! Did Jay Leno take a cheap shot at him??? Not that I know, of. Regardless of what the haters say, Jay Leno has "class" which is NOT what the other two have, far from it!!! There has never been even a hint of scandal about Leno's private life nor, his professional life. How many can top that, especially, Letterman who is a filthy, filthy nothing and not worth being on the air. From what I understand, he owns his show, so, no one can touch him. He can never escape being a PIECE OF GARBAGE!!! If some of you Leno haters disagree, TOO BAD!!!

1690 days ago


The time the show is on is not the issue Jay Leno just SUCKS period. Who ever really watched this long chin anyway? Please retire already you are old washed up has been or better yet never was your show is garbage.

1690 days ago


The billboard also reads: "It's about time" hahahahaha
yes, it is!

1690 days ago


Leno is truly a creep. He went along with NBC's dimwitted programming change and when it fails, he wants to take Conan down with him. I sincerely hope his return to the Tonight Show is a total flop just like his 10:00pm show. It's the Late Show with Letterman for me if this boob comes back to the 11:30pm.

1690 days ago


There are a lot of you out there who know more details than I do, so please help me to understand (I'm not being sarcastic; I truly want to know). If I understood correctly, NBC gave Leno his prime time show because they did not want him to go to another network and be competition for Conan. What does that say about their belief in Conan? I'm not putting down Conan because I respect him. I've seen his show a few times and his sense of humor doesn't work for me. However, he should have a show for his fans. NBC really blew it by trying to keep Leno. I like him and would like to see him in his own show, but NBC has an long contract with Conan. He should keep the Tonight Show and at its usual start time.

1690 days ago

Penis Hilton    

The chin was funny enough to inherit The Tonight Show while Conan O'Nerd is a reject from sicko Generation Psycho. His show sucked gay friendly TMZ penis. Some young ageist bad math bean counter suits at NBC didn't like Jay's success, and so they played musical talk show schedules with his time slot to unseat him. But now that Comcast is running & righting the ship, Leno will soon be back where he belongs.

1690 days ago


LETTERMAN HAS BUILT UP YEARS OF RESENTMENT AND JEALOUSY against Jay Leno because he did not land The Tonight Show! That is ONE decision NBC can be proud of!!!

1690 days ago

Elvis Twin    

The problem is not with the time, its with the comedy.

confucious say.

1690 days ago


MIKEY WROTE: Conan will wipe the floor with those two old farts when all is settled.
Posted at 12:55PM on Jan 13th 2010 by Mikey

Conan couldn't wipe the floor if his shoes were mops and Jimmy Fallon is about as funny as the disaster in Haiti.
That's not saying the other two are "all that" either........

1690 days ago


YAYAYAYA Jay we YOUR fans are awaiting your return on The Tonight Show!!

1690 days ago

Gerd Rein    

get rid of Conan,JAY,lETTERMAN and king!!!They are all dead as a door nail.Boring,boring.boring!!!I would not watch 10 sec of their shows before barrelling for som show with substance.
Find some new faces´that will do your shows some good.

1686 days ago
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