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Tila's Relationship with Casey

Publicity Stunt

1/13/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila's relationship with Casey Johnson was nothing more than a publicity stunt ... this, from Casey's own mouth in the weeks before her death.

We've learned two of Casey's friends have come forward and said they each received separate calls from the late Johnson & Johnson heiress saying her relationship with Tila was "all for show." The friends say Casey told them she had met Tila only 3 days before the infamous engagement video.

The friends say Casey made it very clear ... she and Tila were not together. And here's the thing ... a friend says Tila was in the room when Casey made the calls.

Tila is now saying she wants custody of Casey's daughter. FYI, she has no legal standing to even make a case.


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What a photo whore! She has absolutely no business in the movie or TV industry. She has no talent what so ever. She's just a short piece of a@@ to men.

1689 days ago


KOOKY, you make my day!!!

1689 days ago


My O My! What a SURPRISE, they are both sick pathetic individuals

1689 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Tila is a liar, a thief, a prostitute and a disease-infested hustler who should be turning tricks on TuDo street in saigon for 2 dollars like her mother. She had PLENTY of involvement in Casey's death, it will turn out.
The good news is that Tila will be dead soon.

1689 days ago


She is a total tnuk.

1689 days ago


Whoo! Whoo! All aboard the Syph train! Next stop, Z list, home of Angeline.

1689 days ago


ummmmm okay......

1689 days ago


is someone lookin for a pay off?

1689 days ago

dirty diana    

friggin twit never even met the little girl!!! she'll be on her blog in a few fake crying again.... so glad they shut her up from larry king live.

1689 days ago


Who gives a crap! TMZ honestly. With over 100,000 people dead in Haiti. What I want to know is: Are these celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Mad Donna, doing anything with their money to help the poor, sick and downtrodden? Honestly, with all that money that you guys have, can I hear a compassion story for a change????

1689 days ago


Tia is a skank and a troll. Why anyone cares about her is beyond me.

1689 days ago


According to the “Center on Hunger and Poverty*, over 5 million Californians are food insecure, with over 1.2 million of those individuals experiencing hunger.

In 2002, “California ranks as the 15th worst state for food insecurity with hunger by the USDA. California is above the national average in percentage of households living under these conditions.”

Interestingly, socialites and wealthy celebrities couldn't be bothered to give a Rat's Azz about donating to Food Banks to feed needy people, yet, the same greedy Rat's Azzez expect "fans" to follow their stupid Realty Show. According to Casey's hmmm-mmmm friends, Casey and Tila did their thing for show. Liars! Since when has the mentally ill like Casey and Tila become Entertainment?

1689 days ago


no surprise there. tila tequila's entire life is one giant publicity stunt. she's a disgusting little piece of trash using this girl's death for shameless self-promotion. glad the truth is out now about her and that this whole thing was nothing but BS. tila needs to shut her mouth and stop talking about casey and her friends and family. she's disgusting.

1689 days ago


Oh Yeah - she wants custody of an heir to billions! Disgusting!

1689 days ago


Tila is like a bad case of herpes. No matter what you do or how long it's been, she comes back to remind you she's still around.

1689 days ago
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