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Conan O'Brien -- Guitar Hero

1/14/2010 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With his days hosting the "Tonight Show" looking numbered, a somber Conan O'Brien made his way into Universal Studios holding a guitar on Thursday.


Perhaps Coco and NBC can still make beautiful music together. Or not.


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PolarBear, you've GOT to be kidding. Conan is NOTHING like Carson AT ALL. Carson was at funny at least but Conan is NOT.

The masses have spoken and they don't like Conan. Leno's Tonight beat Conan in EVERY demographic, even the YOUNGEST age group.

Leno's tonight pulled in 5 million viewers a night while Conan couldn't even pull in 3 million viewers a night!!

Conan was never fit for Tonight and Leno never should've left Tonight like Dennis Miller said last night and many other Hollywood insiders have said like reps from the Hollywood Reporter, TV insider, USC journalism professor, etc.

1712 days ago


Conan just AIN'T funny!!

1712 days ago


the best lawyers in all America work for NBC, lmao. great legal department u have there NBC, lmao.

1712 days ago


Poor Conan.... I can't believe this is all happening, this was his dream and it got crushed but that ass hole jay just cause he didn't wanna retire after all... >_

1712 days ago


As much as we love Conan, perhaps his strengths would be better used in a secondary role - a "second banana" if you will - instead of as the main host.

1712 days ago


I will never watch anything on NBC again.. especially since the only show that's any good on that network now is The Office which I can watch on at least a couple of other channels, SNL sucks all of the sitcoms are unwatchable there is no reason to watch anything on NBC

1712 days ago



1712 days ago


I'm done with Leno... I'm juss gonna flip to Letterman when Leno receives his stolen property.


1712 days ago


It is amazing the stupidity of some of you people commenting on here. I like Conan and I like Jay equally and in a different way for both. I have a friend who has worked exclusively on the Tonight Show for almost 26 years. Many of you have it all wrong. Conan was not performing up to the standard that NBC expected. Jay in the 11:35 time slot had excellent ratings for 14 years. In fact after several years of NBC tanking, Jay's show had been one of the very shows keeping NBC going. Jay was " classy " in 2004 by giving up the show without any resistance and announcing that he would turn it over to Conan in 2009. He did not have to be so nice at that time, he could of fought for it, but instead he wanted Conan to stay with the network. Yes Jay's recent show was not doing well and neither was Conan's. This is because the network took a good former Tonight Show that was doing well and trashed the whole franchise. The majority of the public was not ready for Conan in that time slot. I like him, but he is for a younger crowd and there are even many younger people who don't care for Conan for their own reasons. He is a little crazy in his comedy which is funny to me, but may not be to others. He is not for everyone. NBC screwed up big time because they took surveys before hand and knew that the general public was not up for that change. The executives are the ones that have done the damage. Jay and Conan do not make these decisions. They NEVER decide what time slots they get or anything else, despite your moronic comments to the contrary. Jay has always been ultra supportive of Conan. You don't have to like Jay or his comedy, but lying about him and the situation will not change the facts. The network has screwed both of them and now they want Jay back in the Tonight Show because they lost their ratings with Conan. All NBC cares about is ratings like all networks. There is no Jay camp or Conan camp. These two are ONLY doing what they are told. They make jokes about it because they are comedians, but they are not enemies and have never been so.

1712 days ago


EXCELLENT points, GetTheFactsRight.

It's clear COnan should've NEVER got the Tonight Show because the surveys showed the public didn't even want him so WHY did he get it at all??

1712 days ago


Conan should have taken the high road instead of making it a personal attack against Leno. Would have garnered more support. If he goes on Letterman I will be really disappointed. Letterman is a bitter, bitter small man who is clearly using this situation to make people dislike Leno. All because HE didn't get The Tonight Show. Get over it already! GROW UP!!!!

1712 days ago


BettyB you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I cannot stand David Letterman. He is a disgusting person. I am not saying this because of his
" affairs " either, that's his problem. I never liked him since I was a kid. I thought he was completely unfunny, ignorant and often entirely condescending to his guests. I have no idea how he has kept a job in comedy for so long, he is not talented in any way in my opinion. And yes he has a grudge jealousy trip regarding Jay getting the Tonight Show in 1992 and he is using that as you say to try and fuel the fire with Conan. He is a complete a-hole. If Conan was up for his job tomorrow all of a sudden all his faux Conan loyalty would be gone in a second.

1712 days ago


#50 ~ So no one has any class in L.A.? Really? Are you aware that almost all the people in Los Angeles are from some other state or country? That there are more dialects spoken in L.A. than anywhere else in the world,that there are over 12 million people just in the greater L.A. area alone, that there are many, many transplanted New Yorkers here, that the Hollywood " community " gets all the attention in Los Angeles, but that they are a very, very minor part of California and it's population. Are you aware of any of this? Or are you just another ignorant little pion sitting in their basement making comments on topics you know nothing of? By the way, Jay Leno is from Brookline, Mass.

1712 days ago


Let's boycott all the NBC news programs to show our support to Conan. Some of you can't boycott Law & Order. Some of you can't boycott football games. But we can boycott news. We could watch news on CBS or ABC. Starting from the Today show, all the local news and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. If you are with me, copy this and post this anywhere and everywhere you can think of, where Conan's fans come to.

1712 days ago


A Red Sox fan? No wonder I couldn't stand this low-rent carnival clown.

1712 days ago
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