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Leno and NBC Strike 1 Hour 'Tonight' Deal

1/14/2010 10:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno has made a new deal with NBC, which gives him "The Tonight Show" from 11:35 - 12:35 ... sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, under the contract Jay had been working under, he was guaranteed the 10 PM hour. By moving him to 11:35, NBC was in breach of his contract and needed to negotiate a new deal. That is now done, sources tell TMZ.

So Conan O'Brien is out, and Jay is restored.

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Roger C    

Conan and his 5 viewers will fight to the bitter end to sink Jay Leno and NBC!

Face it dudes, people didn't like your show. Ratings matter, and he didn't have them. Get real you spoiled brats!

1720 days ago

get a job - get off TMZ    

#66. Learn how to spell you dumbass. Forrest Gump can spell better than you. Retard is as retard dose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1720 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

Congratulations Ja!!!

I loved your book especially the part where as a torrential rain storm swept through your school yard where your convertible was parked, with its top down. Your parents showed up out of nowhere & covered it up then left. You watched this whole episode sitting in your chair in the classroom and you weren't able to contain your emotions.

You talked about your great parents and a funny aunt! Loved the book, love you even more!

1720 days ago

uncle charlie weaver    

This story cannot be true, since NBC can't offer Leno a show called "The Tonight Show" while Conan is still under contract. If this were true, it would mean that NBC had settled with Conan too, which hasn't come close to happening.

TMZ seems to be in the tank for Leno, which is disappointing. You guys starting getting some real cred after the MJ tragedy. Too bad you're watching it slip again during this story...

1720 days ago

Getover Yerself    

A Pyrrhic victory for Leno. He will be permanently damaged goods and on the wrong side of the demographic line. Zucker fails upward like every evil Wall Street criminal.

1720 days ago


All this crying and whining by both parties can go away any time now, please. Neither man is funny or entertaining in the slightest and the real king of late night, David Letterman, will continue to dominate both these sorry hacks.

1720 days ago


The TV business is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs, for no good reason.

1720 days ago


Attaboy, Leno! Good job stepping on people to get ahead!

Leno hasn't take'n any shots at Conan cuz he knows he's WRONG! It's all good Leno... We'll juss watch Letterman and Jimmy Fallon until Conan comes up with another show.


1720 days ago


This is so sad for Conan. Conan didn't do anything and he gets the boot, what crap. Leno needs to just be a man and say oh well I tried, I failed and go home and be with his cars. I will follow Conan wherever he goes.

1720 days ago


I feel so bad for Conan! I'm not watching, you can guarantee that!

1720 days ago

Triple Play    

Leno is an A$$ Hole. Obviously he still thinks that people willl watch him on his "new" show. Bottom line he is so Done and no one cares about his lame humor and monstrous chin

1720 days ago

Michelle Dugger    

To the idiot who accused CONAN of stealing JAY'S show from him and said that NBC "demoted" Jay....dude, check your facts! 5 YEARS AGO JAY CHOSE TO RETIRE IN 2009, and CHOSE CONAN as his successor!!! Conan didn't do this! He was hand picked. For 5 years this has been in the works. I think it's dirty as hell that Jay would pull this crap. He retires- then changes his mind and forces his way back in?? That's like giving someone a new car and then deciding you wish it were you driving it and take it back. DIRTY!!! NBC, I've lost all respect for you- you should hold up to the contract you made 5 years ago, and stick with the funny guy, not the corny, outdated old dude! That's the end of NBC late night for me. DIRTY!!!

1720 days ago


Where were all of you Conan supporters when his ratings were tanking?
Leno's ratings did well because those of us who like Jay actually
"watched" his show. Now I watch Letterman...but I will be so glad
to welcome back Jay. Conan is not going out with a bang..but a Whine! Leave with some dignity Conan!

1720 days ago


I AM SURE MY QUESTION WILL SOUND DUMB BUT, who in the world is, COCO? I had never heard the name until all this NBC mess occurred. Someone, please tell me. Thanks!

1720 days ago


I think Leno is funnier than Conan but this time Leno has gone too far. He left the Tonight Show and should stay out and let others take over. The 10pm slot isn't bad either.

Conan really got screwed this time. I think in the end NBC will really regret this.

1720 days ago
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