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Leno and NBC Strike 1 Hour 'Tonight' Deal

1/14/2010 10:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno has made a new deal with NBC, which gives him "The Tonight Show" from 11:35 - 12:35 ... sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, under the contract Jay had been working under, he was guaranteed the 10 PM hour. By moving him to 11:35, NBC was in breach of his contract and needed to negotiate a new deal. That is now done, sources tell TMZ.

So Conan O'Brien is out, and Jay is restored.

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1740 days ago

Greg from TX    

Jeff Zucker is lettiing his ego make this decision and not the long term profitability of NBC-U. Conan has been busting the ratings the last few weeks and this is in-spite of NBC placing Jay in the prime-time time slot. Conan is the future, and apparently not on this network. Conan, sue em for breach and subpoena the new Leno contract and emails. You'll be able to cash-out and walk on the covenant not to compete while taking your talent where its more appreciated. I bet NBC pays...I hope dearly for this bad-faith act.

1740 days ago


I find it funny that people are blaming Conan for the bad ratings. Leno retired, wanted his prime-time show, it tanked, and it dragged the Local News and Conan down with it. That caused all this BS at NBC to begin with.

I hope Leno tanks after this whole debacle. He deserves it, should of stayed retired.

1740 days ago


Jay Leno...A.K.A. Brett Favre, in the immortal words of C&C Music Factory or Arsenio Hall.... "Things that make you go hmmmmmm"

1740 days ago

sammy nj.    

who said leno didnt leave his show in 1st place he destroyed letterman forever? when he stepped down remember he was still # 1 conan destroyed the show . dont think conan had what it took at 11;35 iam a fan of conan wish him well but i think his ratings where so poor that they brought jay back to fix conan"s mess if he would have respected the protocol of the time slot w/out being silly like at 12;35 and let the guest TALK AND NOT INTERUPT THEM . i think it may have been diffrent and i think andy didnt help as a ed mc'mahon side kick wannabe! he stunk .the only thing missing on conan was the masturbating bear which iam sure if he had his way he wouldnt have changed a thing ,meaning he didnt want to adapt to the pace of the tonight show manors and still wt the silly face"s he just didnt have what it took i think DAVID LETTERMEN IS STILL BEING A CRY BABY AND IS useIng this for his ratings its so not funny anymore iam shocked that LENO didnt attack him on air FOR ALL THOSE ZINGERS I GUARANTEE LETTERMAN WOULD JUMP TILL THIS DAY 4 that show 18 yrs and he still crying over it wt his pot shots and at nbc well DAVE IT'S TIME FOR THE RATINGS GAME PART 2 AGAIN THATS WHY YOUR SO ANGRY. LENO"S COMING TO SHOW YOU WHO"S WHOM? LMAO THATS ALL .WELCOME HOME JAY BEST OF LUCK! TO YOU ALSO CONAN SINCERLY SAMMY NJ.......

1740 days ago

Ryan in CA    

The backlash will ruin Leno's ratings at 11:30, thereby completing the most colossal failure in the history of programming.

NBC and Leno have screwed over so many people. Conan, who's been loyal to the network for over 20 years. Conan's staff. Conan's staff's families who relocated for the new job. The people who built/work at Conan's new theater at Universal. Jimmy Fallon. Carson Daly. The actors & staff of shows like "Southland" -- cancelled to accommodate Leno's move to 10 PM. The affiliates, whose 11 PM news programs lost half of their audiences.

NBC has bet the farm on Leno, a has-been comic from the early-80s who was looking to retire anyway. If ratings and advertising dollars are the network's only concern? Then Conan is still your man... he can build an audience over the course of many years, just like he did at 12:30 and just like Letterman did at 11:30.

Leno is bad for comedy. Now we know he's a bad guy. And in spite of what myopic network execs say, he's bad for ratings!

1740 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel has got balls. Way to go, Jimmy. haha

Boycott Comcast/NBC

1740 days ago


Not surprised. NBC is so desperate for ratings these days anyway. Though I'm surprised at how many people are actually defending Leno. I mean a contract isnt JUST one persons signature on it. He had to have signed it himself accepting the fact hes taking someone elses job that he agreed to before give than agree with NBC giving it back to him. NBC and Jay are both ass clowns and hurt BOTH Conan and Fallon. It's no wonder why NBC is tanking. Conan did the right thing refusing the NBC changes. I 100% fully support Conan on this one.

1740 days ago


I think someone needs to remind NBC of the old axiom, Two wrongs don't make a right. If our A-list celebrities have any class, they will refuse to be booked on the new Jay Leno Show.

1740 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

OF ALL the networks, NBC is simply the MOST STUPID. Instead of Jay's show FIVE TIMES A WEEK at 10pm ... WHY didn't the IDIOTS give him a ONE HOUR WEEKLY SHOW -- earlier in the evening ... Like the Old Ed Sullivan Show? Jay WOULDN'T HAVE DEPOSED ANYBODY. The network would have saved A BUNDLE. & NBC wouldn't have a HORRIBLE PR DEBACLE that will HAUNT THEM, affiliates & stock prices TILL HELL FREEZES OVER. NOBODY will watch Leno any longer -- maybe 3-three million seniors (as if) BUT HE WILL NEVER have the standing/appeal he USED TO (barely) have. JOHNNY CARSON he is NOT -- never was; NEVER could be. Johnny TOTALLY DISAPPEARED after Tonight Show = due to HIS DISGUST at how NBC treated Letterman -and insulted JOHNNY giving a no-Good (eaves-dropping sneak) like Leno his treasured seat. Steve Allen, Jack Paar -Johnny ALL roll in their graves over NBC tarnishing forever THE TONIGHT SHOW.

1740 days ago


TBH, when NBC announced that Conan was going to take over The Tonight Show 6 years ago, I thought it was a terrible move. Conan's style of humor doesn't cut it at that hour.

I watched him over the years to grow in his previous show. He is funny in his quirky way at that time slot. Interviewer? He stinks.

When he took over The Tonight Show, I found him like a duck out of water. Apparently many of us did because we turned him off.

Jay Leno's new show also stunk.

What I would like to know was why Leno announced he was leaving The Tonight Show 6 years in advance? Someone answer that question?

1740 days ago


NBC is trying to target a younger audience I've noticed with shows like Community and Chuck well they just ruined their relationship with young Conan fans. I loved triumph, pimpbot, and Conans great humor NBC can suck it. I refuse to watch any of their shows ever again. Fox is now my go to network I love Glee. Who the heck is going to replace Jay when he retires? Fallon? Sincerely doubt that. Conan was NBC's future and now they have no prospects now and no future. Zucker can take his pride and eat it because hes not getting one single rating point from me.

1740 days ago


They should just do a weekend edition of The Tonight Show and keep both hosts....just saying

1740 days ago





JAY is an untalented hack who doesn't care how he ruins Conan's life. Conan and his entire crew uprooted their families and moved out to L.A. NBC gives them a whole ... 6 or 7 months? with a CRAPPY LEAD-IN BY THE CHIN and they think this is fair?

By the way, Jay, as for your stupid "you're welcome," comment, WE WATCH BECAUSE WE LOVE CONAN and want to support him. BUT WE WILL NOT WATCH YOU. So F--- off.

1740 days ago


Leno wanted to leave and have his own show, he wasn't demoted. whoever said that is an idiot. Leno said that he was going to retire 6 years ago, this year he changes his mind but he signed a contract to leave the tonight show and conan signed a contract to come to the tonight show.

1740 days ago
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