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Susan Boyle's O Face

1/14/2010 2:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a fabulous and stylish 60-year-old, 48-year-old Internet sensation turned pop nana Susan Boyle changed out of her usual Paul McCartney drag and glammed up to tape an episode of Oprah in Chicago on Wednesday.


Can you believe Susan is just three years younger than Madonna?!


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You TMZ folks must be blind!You put up a great picture of the beautiful happy Susan Boyle, a lady with a magnificent singing voice as well as being a really nice person and compare her looks to Madonna.Susan Boyle is REAL! A NATURAL BEAUTY,Madonna most likely cannot even remember what she really looked like before all the plastic surgery. TMZ just seems to have a problem with REAL PEOPLE like this BEAUTIFUL LADY.

1722 days ago

Murray's lips    

Looking like a fabulous and stylish 60-year-old, 48-year-old Internet sensation turned pop nana Susan Boyle....

Ok, that was really really funny. I couldn't stop laughing when I read that. I had to re-read it in my mid-afternoon at work daze.

1722 days ago


I see you are trying to insult both Boyle and McCartney in one non-article, thus revealing yourselves as equal opportunity snark artists, and people who don't like music. McCartney is currently rocking performers half his age under the table, using classic songs almost all of which he wrote. Boyle has a glorious voice and a spirit to match. Her fans *don't care what she looks like*. I am rarely tempted to advise people to get a life, but I would strongly advise your Staff to engage in a little research into musicians who can change people's lives. You might learn something?

1722 days ago


And your dinky paragraph has what to do with music, fashion, reality, or even Susan Boyle? Nothing, as far as I can see.

1722 days ago


49. make the lardass get into a gym ... shes had long enough to get herself into shape already lol ...

and for the record i only live one hundred miles from her hometown

Posted at 12:12PM on Jan 14th 2010 by john

yeah and which sewer is that in which you live by us all a favor......go drown yourself in that sewer you call a home...dont see susan living in a ghetto for much longer...she can now buy and sell your sorry arse!

1722 days ago


God forbid anybody who looks like a real person and has talent. They don't get lauded for their abilities, but get ridiculed for their looks. Get bent, TMZ.

1722 days ago


YOU. SHOULD. BE. Fired......TODAY!

1722 days ago


Hey, Harvey Levin, let us see what your mother looks like!!

1722 days ago

Flat Busted In Kalifornia    

Y'all think TMZ us SusaFans are bed-bound geriatrics who live only to watch the next Lawrence Welk rerun on PBS Saturday night when it comes to defending Susan against worthless commentary about her looks y'all foisted on us here? We've got "attitude" Grateful DeadHeaders only could have dreamt about during that bans prime eons ago cause y'all gotta bet a good number of them fossils dig on Susan today and yes there ARE a number of us next-to-gravers who can out rad dance kiddies 1/4 their age if necessary WITHOUT nitro mix, heart & othewise. "You'll See" just remember that the next time y'all attack Susan!

1722 days ago


The whole focus on Susan's looks is a bunch of BS!!! I love Susan just as she is...and I prefer her sweet naturally frizzy curls! Why does she has to change to make people like her! That's garbage!!! She is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul!!

1722 days ago


An apology is in order. Pathetic article to say the least.

1722 days ago


Frankly, TMZ, Susan is beautiful and your remarks are not. The only "meow's" I like, come from Pebbles. You must be hard up for comments....

1722 days ago

Crispy Can Dance    

Susan is ugly and looks old and fat.

It is true, Susan looks 30 years older than Madonna.

It doesn't take millions of dollars or a successful career to exercise and eat healthy. Madonna has done this everyday even though she didn't need to.

It is fair to compare the looks of Susan to Madonna, after all thay are of simular age.

1721 days ago

Linda Davis    

Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice that propelled her to the heights in the music industry breaking sales records all over the world. She is just an ordinary person (like most of us) which is part of her appeal. She is also a beautiful PERSON revealed in her many interveiws. Your take on life (and Susan Boyle) is shallow and without merit.

1721 days ago

birthe Birkekaer    

susan looks much younger than madonner , susan are just a different person
birthe birkekaer

1719 days ago
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