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Tiger Woods -- Haiti Hero?

1/14/2010 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods may have finally emerged from exile in the name of humanitarianism, this according to Russell Simmons.

Simmons claims he heard that Tiger was getting involved in the Haiti relief effort and wrote the following message on his Twitter page: "heard tiger woods donating to send a cargo plane with a mobile hospital out there. Keep ur prayers high!"

TMZ has attempted to confirm with Tiger's people -- so far, no one seems to know anything.


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70. Thank God for people like him! God Bless

Posted at 1:25PM on Jan 14th 2010 by mrs.coutures

Thank God for people who cheat on their spouses with more than a dozen whores? Er, yeah, I'll GET RIGHT ON THAT...

1712 days ago


Way to go Tiger. This world would be a better place if these self centered, selfish celebrities had compassion for the downtrodden, sick, hungry and destitute people.
Posted at 4:27PM on Jan 14th 2010 by Ali


There is truly a SUCKA born every minute...

1712 days ago


We have all had sex out of wedlock, in wedlock and what not that means nothing. Now is the time to forgive and forget. There is a major crisis right now and that's all that matters. If Tiger is willing to contribute I say "right on"! WE LOVE YOU TIGER.

Posted at 4:35PM on Jan 14th 2010 by MiMi


MiMi is another hoe trying to ease her conscience...

1712 days ago


Give it up, Tiger - money won't change your jacka$$ image

1712 days ago


A 2 faced cheater informing us of a another character supposed,. maybe.... he might of sent a plane etc..Wait He will be launching a New TIGER clothes line in a few months i bet too .WHY WHY does anyone listen to them . Their Word is gone ,words out of their mouths can never be trusted.

1712 days ago


STFU you stupid racist, redneck, republicants, uneducated bigots.
I'm tired of all your rants and raves against foreigners.
Unless, you are a Native American, you are the descendant of a foreigner too. You killed all the Natives, have no respect for the land or animals. Sick and tired of your s...
Get off your lazy backside and do something for the world. The people in Haiti needs help and that's what it's about. No wonder we can't move forward. You people of the darkness are working very hard to separate mankind and guess what? I'm the light and I am working 24/7 to make this world a better place to live in. It's people like you that killed Gandhi, Martin Luther King. Hope when you're ass is in trouble that people will come and help you and your family. What goes around comes around. It's time to unite and move forward into the light!

1712 days ago

Tracy Boone    

Good for Tiger. Get back out there and remind people you have a big heart. Get back on the horse. you have fallen. Poeple fall none of us are perfect. Yes you did some things that were wrong but pull up your bootstraps spend some time and money helping people in the trenches and people will move on and talk about what you are currently doing. SO Know better Do better. Make that your new motto. My cousin is a full partner at accenture. We all fall it is how you recover and how what you do sooner than later that will become your new legacy.

1712 days ago


Thanks Lili,
Wow your compassion really shines through! In response to your post below as judgmental as it was here are some facts!

1. I was not complaining or whining as you said about looking for work. It has become a full time job in today's economy. I hope you never have to do it! After searching all day to replace the 150K a year I made prior to downsizing is difficult to say the least. I do pop into some of these sites as a way to get away from it for a minute or so.

2. Yes most US kids are spoiled beyond belief, that is something I pried myself in NOT doing to my children even when I could. When my children really want something, the rule in our house it that we will meet them half way when they save half. My children don't wear Nike, they wear Payless! They don't have Coach bags, or any other extremely priced items.

3. To call me irresponsible is ridiculous! During the time I have been searching for a new position (BTW I held for 21 years prior) I have cleaned peoples houses, taken care of Alzheimer patients, fed the homeless at soup kitchens. As for my children, they sell their old items to help children with cancer, volunteer at the church for the seniors programs, and my 15 year old has a job!
I think you took the breakfast and milk thing to literally!

4. So you know, I did donate money as well as my children came down with their banks to do so also.

5. Please don't tell me where I have a right to be, whether it be here on this board or any where else!

6. You ask me to show some compassion, I believe I have been doing that all along with the actions I take everyday! People are suffering here as well and I think you missed the point!

So Lili, now that you know a little more about a person that you so harshly judged, I am guessing your going to jump in your big SUV, pop on your Prada sun glasses, chat on your cell phone while you drive your kids to soccer practice, and think everything is going to all right because you made a $100 donation.

That was a questionable commentary. Most of these Americans who complain about "looking for work" on the computer, are actually spending way too much of their time on TMZ, Dlisted, etc....Were you truly looking for a job with urgency, you wouldn't have wasted one second writing that cr*p.

Yet most US kids are spoiled beyond belief. If you don't know where your kids next meal is coming from, YOU are irresponsible, and shouldn't even be here AT ALL. There are job openings at supermarkets all over the place, so please stop whining. You can get your job at the supermarket, plus a discount for the milk that you need for your kids.

If you don't have $100 dollars to donate, you can donate $10. You have NO idea what it's like to be crushed by tons of cement, broken ribs, cracked skull, glass in eyes, do YOU?

People are suffering, all day, all night, no water, no food, NO HOMES.



Posted at 1:29PM on Jan 14th 2010 by lili

1712 days ago


according to the Sun from uk, Tigers private jet landed in Cape Town S. Africa for his rehab not in Haiti. he was reportedly tipped off by President Obama to fix his flaws. i guess Obama thinks Tiger is bad for our public policy, Tiger should stay off US soil untill Obama gives him the ok to come back, or donate his millions on behalf of our country....

1712 days ago


The ONLY reason Tiger would get involved with Hati is to claim he was there when the earthquake happened and has lost his life. This way, he could have his skin bleached, wear a weave, and start over.

1712 days ago


it is a nice gesture but it doesnt change a tigers stripes.

1712 days ago


Tiger Woods has never done anything for any black person before except his black friends who don't like black people (Charles Barkley, etc.) The general black populace is not impressed by Woods's fake, insincere assistance. Keep your money Woods and go immerse yourself in your white world.

1712 days ago


To post #5 and #9, I just know you are a pair of white racist people. First of all most immigrants who come to this country are not on welfare. They are working as servers, cleaning resataurants, baysitting your brats and working the fields. Jobs that people like you concider yourself too superior to do. On the other hand, the USA are not the only ones helping, the first to arrive in Haiti to help were the Chinese, Cuba already sent their doctors (in case you did not know they have the best in the world).
You are just the typical americans who thinks the world revolves around you and your country and the rest of us are just sitting wating for you to come to our aid, get over yourselves, this tragety is not about you.

1712 days ago


To mcdonou and tkl if you must know I simply have purchased a new Mac laptop and have not gotten familiar yet with the material on the keys as well as the protector I purchased for the keys (it bounces and has caused several typos---if that offend you then by all means excuse me. However, I didn't realize that I was required to punctuate with proper syntax and grammar on a TMZ blog website when clearly most of the individuals who have commented on this story specifically can't even articulate properly or are not aware of the world they are living in.

For the record yes I have graduated from two of the best schools in the NYC metropolitan area. I have enough confidence in myself linguistically that I need not defend myself in that area. But truly I see no apologies for the hurtful arrogant words disputed.

Buzz- I am living proudly in the US where I was born I am just as much American as you are. Perhaps I have not served; however, I do have family members who have. I support the troops and was shocked that someone claiming to be a soldier of the US would be such a bigot.

Castro is probably dead who knows in case you do not follow the news his brother is in charge. I don't care as to what help you say they have or have not given. I for one am not sensitive about all of the anti-Communist comments out there. I am not a Communist nor is any member of my family. My family fought against communism and came to this country (not on a boat). Many Cuban immigrants are middle to upper class who come here with degrees and end up scrubbing toilets to feed their families and make true their American dream of freedom. I doubt many Cubans living in the US are communist. Many are just as American as you and I because they have put their blood and sweat into this country.

I agree that the people from Haiti are hardworking and good people- Who cares who gives them help as long as they get it. We are all human beings.

FYI if you don't like hispanics or feel intimidated by them, perhaps Florida is not the state for you.

1712 days ago


Unfortunately, this Haiti incident is the "wag the dog" of 2010. It will serve to save a lot of so-called stars behinds and put them back in the good graces of the nations idiots who like living vicariously through them. Shame!

1712 days ago
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