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Tiger Woods -- Haiti Hero?

1/14/2010 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods may have finally emerged from exile in the name of humanitarianism, this according to Russell Simmons.

Simmons claims he heard that Tiger was getting involved in the Haiti relief effort and wrote the following message on his Twitter page: "heard tiger woods donating to send a cargo plane with a mobile hospital out there. Keep ur prayers high!"

TMZ has attempted to confirm with Tiger's people -- so far, no one seems to know anything.


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Well, Connie, I admit that I erred in suggesting that you donate even $10. It was not for me to judge. I am sorry that you lost your job, and at least you wrote that in better times you would have donated, so I wish you and your family the best.

It sounded a little odd that you bothered to write back that you have trouble finding milk and breakfast for your kids. I wish you the absolute best, and hope you find work. Sounds like you raise your kids with good values. May your luck change, and may the Haitian's luck change...

Sorry about your troubles. Those who can will help. Good luck to you.

1744 days ago


To those who would decry TW actions re Haiti: STFU. Letterman engaged in the same behaviour ( having multiple affairs with women not his wife) yet despite not apologising, Letterman has continued with his life, without venomous remarks from the public. BTW Where is Letterman's contribution to Haiti's relief?

Woods has a long and storied history in giving back to minority communitiesin particular e,g, the Tiger Woods Learning Centers are models for after-school education. In that respect, his donation of support to Haiti falls in line with his previous charity contributions.

So please stop with assinine comments. It belitttles you and helps no one.

1744 days ago


Jeanie, its a fact that Hispanics in America are high rates of being uneducated, high rates of being welfare users, high crime rates, and they are the benefit of subsidization. Many of them are poor yet they have so many kids (often time teenage pregnancies)- that combined with the FACT that they have a low college attendance rate (and a lower HS grad rate) makes them use up a lot of welfare.

You going to college and not ever receiving welfare does not change the fact that Hispanics often time do not go to college and that they have a high rate of welfare use.

All of the STATISTICS support this. Are you too proud in your race that you will not even believe facts?

I cannot believe how most people are afraid of any FACTS that deal with their own race. I am Indian and I never ever shy away from the truth about Indians (like most indians being cheap, its true)

1744 days ago


No big deal ....The money is tax deductible and YES he is trying to repair that image that he had but it will never happen. Too far in the gutter and sewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away from golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1744 days ago



I am not only highly educated but so is the rest of my family. I have CPAs, bankers, psychologists, doctors, and pharmacists, in my family and my family is small. That fact of the matter is my family worked extremely hard when they got here to provide an education for all of its children. Education has been an extremely stressed issue in my family and so yes I take offense when you suggest we are all uneducated and on welfare.

First and foremost there are high number of "white" caucasian people being on welfare. Statistics also indicate that there are several dismembered families among white individual. I.E. multiple fathers or fathers tat do not support the children. However, who cares what these statistics state. Because not every "white" person is dead-beat dad or a "white-trash" trailer occupant. These words are hurtful and stereotypical. I cannot suggest that all of middle America are Nascar loving trailer living white hick anymore than you can make stereotypes on me. I state these stereotypes of "white" individuals because they are sometimes very exposed.

I for one do not define anyone. As we must all see good, bad, pretty, and ugly people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. To not see that is ignorant.

I am proud. I will never apologize that I have long brown hair and brown eyes, that I like food with a bit of flavor in it, that I know how to dance, that I speak two languages, that my body resembles a coke bottle more than a flat board, or that my family came to this country so that its children could have a better future.

I am proud not blind.

Are you?

1744 days ago


28. Wow..a new low...using a something awful like an earthquake to repair his image...Par for the course. Brutal.

Posted at 11:46AM on Jan 14th 2010 by Chris

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at least hes doing something you artard once you donate that much money then talk

1744 days ago


52. Jeanie, try to shut up for 20 mins and go cook me some arapanes, and some plantains, and then watch your soaps, your ignorance is starting to show.

Posted at 12:40PM on Jan 14th 2010 by buzz

your retardation is starting to show

1744 days ago


53. tiger is just trying to make himself feel less guilty for destroying his marriage and his childrens lives,,plus maybe he can find some more strange down there because noone knows him..heh heh
im sure wacko jacko caused the eqarthquake to get the heat

off of dr murry his buddy,,jackson will stop at nothing to help his drug buddy

Posted at 12:41PM on Jan 14th 2010 by the truth

wtf is the matter with you

1744 days ago


54. Tiger woods have donated over 30 million dollars in his career charities. We channel our energy on negativity like bashing a man that committed a moral sin against his family. Tiger Woods private life doesnt effect any of us yet our intrusive society have focus on it for the past weeks. We should all try rechanneling our energy to something more positive. TMZ can be a vital outlet to help out the people of Haiti like shining light on this devastating catastrophic.

Posted at 12:43PM on Jan 14th 2010 by rocco


tigers personal life doesnt effect us at all but 30 million dollars can change lives

1744 days ago


87. Haitians in south Fl are bringing aids to the US. They come over illegally and bring disease. I just avoid them if I see them or any black people for that matter.

Posted at 2:32PM on Jan 14th 2010 by gorilla

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dude.....: O.....

ok if you want to be so ignorant.

aids is a man made disease (its proven because aids did not evovle from anything and it was discoved in the late 1900s) i wonder who made it...

1744 days ago


Thanks God for people who cheat on their spouses with more than a dozen whores? Er, yeah, I'll GET RIGHT ON THAT...

Posted at 4:57PM on Jan 14th 2010 by stonecold

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and how has tiger woods affir affected your life smartass.

are you on the streets? are you in pain?

1744 days ago


I heard Tiger was in Hattiesburg, Mississippi inpatient at Pine Grove Rehab Center being treated for sex addiction.

1744 days ago


"Post#5-Buzz Well Said. My thoughts exactly. It seems the United States is always expected to step up to the plate FIRST."

The US is not "expected" to "step up to the plate first", you just imagine it is, just as you imagine the World revolves around the USA.

Moron...Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the World, it is the duty of all rich countries to halt their exploitation of the developing world for a day & offer a few crumbs off their groaning table for the very poorest people in the World.

Why is it that there are always cretinous Americans whinging when something bad befalls a country other than their own? You make me sick.

1743 days ago


Well,Tiger's money will be better spent helping with aid to Haiti, instead of paying off all of his mistresses. As far as he and Elin reconciling...I seriously doubt it. I don't think he is a sex addict. Sex addicts hop from one brief sexual encounter to another, with no emotional connections to the women. Tiger has been in long term relationships with many of these women, and has even proclaimed that, at least, one of them was his "soulmate." If he has indeed gone into rehab, I would guess that it is only to try to get Elin to take him back. But she is no dummy. Once a cheat, usually always a cheat. Tiger did not become a womanizer because of sexual addiction. He became a cheater because he COULD, and had a sophisticated network of peole who covered his tracks as well as made the arrangements for his many liasions. I have no doubt that he would reoffend at some point if Elin is foolish enough to take him back. If he wanted kids so badly he should have hired a surrogate, instead of humiliating his wife and disgracing himself.

1743 days ago


Tiger is in Hattiesburg, MS. I live here and its in our local paper that he has checked himself in to a sex rehab clinic. The police or very heavy there for his security. Its crazy!!!!

1743 days ago
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