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TMZ Live: Leno's In, Conan's Out

1/14/2010 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike took your questions on everything today -- including the new deal just inked giving "The Tonight Show" back to Jay Leno.

TMZ Live: Click to watch

Also: What the deal means for Conan, Gilbert Arenas charged with a felony, Octomom gets her gym membership back, "The Bachelor" scandal and Kelis' hot lawyer.

Plus -- Tiger Woods donates a cargo plane with mobile hospital to Haiti?!


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Mike ignore haters I like you.

Do you guys know if Gary Dourdan is married to Maria Del Alamo some spanish say they are some say they are not. How come you guys never do Gary anymore it was so much fun??

1708 days ago


Do you have moderators that vett the comments on the stories.
Have you seen the obscenities on the Michael Jackson Stories?
It becomes very obscene when disgusting comments of a sexual nature are posted re Michael Jacksons children.
How come TMZ leave these comments up, why are they not deleted?
In your comment policy comments will be deleted if they contain slanderous or sexual nature.
So why are the obscenities not deleted from the Michael Jackson stories? They are offensive?
Get your Moderators to do the job they are paid to do, as all I can see they are getting money for old rope!!!

1708 days ago


What's the brand of your new chairs?

1708 days ago


Can you tell us the maker of your new chairs? I need a new home office chair.

1708 days ago


Ok, so we have the exact same chairs in my office here at work, and they stink. They are supposed to be ergonomic... but that just means you pay a lot to have your back hurt. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that there are adjustments on the side knob that will lessor the tension on the side. Thus allowing you to lean back and look "less fat" :) Enjoy the live show and have fun!

1708 days ago


Y does Harvey always have Negative things to say about the Ksrdashians like her father is rolling in his grave when even if u dont like other races but Lamar seems like a nice guy and as a lawyer Harvey u know there r some positives to Lamar and Khloe house just being in Lamar's name only when Khloe has a trustfund,her own money that needs 2b protected from Lisa Morales Lamar's baby motther in some states the wife money can b touched if something happened 2Lamar's money.As a former rape victim PLEASE stop comparing Kobe (Accused of Rape) to Tiger who cheated which lots of women and men do which is wrong but is a Huge insult to women/men that have been raped sometimes u SUCK HARVEY and have a HEART of ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1708 days ago


Congrats Jay....missed seeing you on the Tonight Show! Stopped watching when you left.....Conan just wasn't appealing to me.

1708 days ago

Erika P.    

I'm wondering why the other player involved in the incident with Gilbert Arenas hasn't been charged? Does TMZ have any word on what the locker room surveillance footage showed?

1708 days ago


Could you please let whoever puts the TMZ live videos up on your site that it is now 2010
as the last two say 09 thanks Jaffaman.

1708 days ago

Clever One    

That guy with the long blonde hair pisses mE off!
We understand that evryone in LA smokes too much..but geez..i wanna get him an intervention!..BRAAA..DUDE..put the bong down before work DUDER!

1708 days ago


Can Zucker really keep Conan off the air for 3.5 years?

1708 days ago


Why is eveyone acting like Jay Leno is doing something wrong. Shows get canceled and moved all the time and noone is bashing the shows that take their place.

1708 days ago


Harvey and Mike , Just so you know, you are sitting on $2400 worth of sheer comfort in those new chairs!!! Cheers to whoever footed the bill on those.....

1708 days ago


I thought she was a "valley" girl with her speech

1708 days ago


Piers Morgan from America's got Talent would be a good replacement for Simon Cowell.

1708 days ago
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