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Warrant Executed in Gilbert Arenas Gun Case

1/14/2010 1:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Crittenton's lawyer says no evidence was found or seized by police during the search.

TMZ has learned the D.C. police -- with the help of cops in Arlington County, Virginia -- have executed a search warrant this morning at the home of Javaris Crittenton -- looking for the gun that may have been secretly wheeled out of the Washington Wizards locker room in a laundry basket.

Law enforcement tells us after Javaris and Gilbert Arenas drew guns on each other during a Christmas Eve standoff, witnesses believe they saw Javaris throw his gun into a laundry basket and someone from the organization wheeled it out.

We know there was surveillance video of people coming out of the locker room and cops are looking to see if they can spot the person who was pushing the cart.

Nevertheless, cops convinced a judge they had probable cause to search Crittenton's home -- we don't know if they found the gun.

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No Avatar


that gun is gone gone gone..like all of wacko jackos money..gone gone gone

1745 days ago

Mae Tran    

Why use such an angry picture of Gil? He is not at all like that.

1745 days ago


Another ungrateful rich boy

1745 days ago

Have no shame    


Slez...f u cracka azz craka douchebag

1745 days ago


WITH ALL DUE RESPECT TO BASKETBALL LOVERS......These two tricks must be banned from the game of professional sports indefinately....and the entire Team should be sanctioned....because somebody else knew that the dummy kept a loaded gun in the locker room......My point is pointless but with the Salary and Security of these basketball players their is no need whatsoever for some freak show trick to have a loaded gun in a locker room......BUSSSSSST THEY AAAAAAAAAAAAS. They could have made a mistake and shot me after I snuck in the locker room to see their weeeenies.

1745 days ago


search warrant? now? c'mon, nobody is THAT stupid!

1745 days ago


Are these coppers really that lame to think the gun will just be laying around his house, when he knows it is RED HOT, even after almost a month??? Geeeeez. We all know the fix is in on the Bro's and they will suffer a light slap on the hand, at most. Pathetic, really. $$$$$$ means probation folks.

1745 days ago


I bet he threw the gun off the KEY BRIDGE!!!LOL

What a$$holes!!!!

1745 days ago


If they put a guy in jail for shooting himself,Arenas has'nt a snowballs chance in hell.

1745 days ago

Reggie in Atlanta    

Imagine if Gilbert and Javaris had done this in your office; where you work. They would have been arrested, in jail that day, and never work for that company again. The NBA is a high paying company but a still a company. The same rules should apply.

Stupidity and arrogance at its highest level.

1745 days ago


They already showed how dumb they are by having the gun in the lockeroom so what makes you think the gun wont still be in the home? I bet they find the gun and a few more things that should'nt be there.

1745 days ago


Stern its your chance to clean up that Thug league that got created on your watch...as Seligs Legacy will be Steroids, yours will be Thugs, Big Black Scary Men with Guns and fists who want to hurt each other and fans and innocent people...thats what you will get hung with, unless you expel these two forever from the NBA.

Your sport is a joke now...nothing but a bunch of high priced modern day Step N Fetch Its entertaining White crowds...No respectability, full of rapists, alleged rapists, CADS, Liars, HO Chasers, and Thugs and Thug wanna be's...

Guarantee the rest of the NBA will fall in line faster than Michael Vick claimed he loves dogs now, if you ban them forever.

Slap the wrist, expect more of the same...and those two will get the Plaxico treatment from judicial system in D.C...but you need to do a permanent ban...

Most of America has had it with this nonsense in case you havent gotten the memo yet.

1745 days ago

Reggie in Atlanta    

#14, wow.

I agree that those who break the rules/laws should be dealt with very severely . See my earlier post, #12. I completely disagree with your blanket statements.

Linking “big black” with “scary men with guns” is perpetuating a stereotype that serves no one . I am black, athletic, 6’2”, 230 pounds. Does this scare you? Guess what? I’m also a Christian, a volunteer tutor, a loving husband, a college graduate, a manager of 9 sales professionals, owner of an Audi A8, and live in an affluent area of Atlanta. Is this scary to you? I think people like you are more scared by the mold-breakers than those you can put into convenient buckets like “big black scary men with guns”. Consider this. Sometimes people act the way you treat them or the way you expect them to act.

Don’t force fit your ignorance-based fears into this issue. This is not a “black” issue. It is what happens when spoiled rich people think they are above the law (like CNBC’s “American Greed). Arenas is an idiot who deserves to be permanently kicked out of the league. That’s it.

1745 days ago



1745 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I dont understand the point of their search warrant. So what if they found a gun in his house. How could and would this prove it was the one alledgely used in the locker room? What they may have done in that locker room that night was dumb and childish, and I could understand them possibly losing their jobs and being branded less than desirable players. But does this really merit criminal charges against either one of them? We're talking Washington D.C. here. Seems like the D.C. police would have plenty of bigger fish to fry in that crime ridden area.

1745 days ago
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