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Carrie Prejean -- Another Nippy Day

1/15/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mother Nature exposed "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean's naughty parts again -- this time it wasn't the wind ... it was the deep, blue, perverted, ungodly Pacific Ocean.


The ocean managed to pull down Carrie's bikini top in front of her boyfriend, NFL quarterback Kyle Boller while on vacation in Hawaii this week.

At least she can't get fired from anything this time.

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Shad your an a s s. hope you produce some gay offspring so you can see for yourself that it a NATURAL PROCESS to be GAY.

1711 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I stand for calling out hypocrites and so called "Christians' who apparently feel it's ok to sin over and over again because of "forgiveness." I call out their prejudice and lies. They think they can live some parts of the Bible and not others. Her bikini would NOT be approved of by the Lord. Neither would her premarital sex.
So I get respect too.

1711 days ago

Super Dave    


1711 days ago


She's hot!!!! I just got a semi!!! In this case I don't care about her hypocritical actions

1711 days ago

Miss Bu    

Looks like she gave the implants back.

1711 days ago


I agree - her eyes look like the Exorcist - she is one fugly looking lady and I wouldn't trust her for a second.

1711 days ago



No one said you didn't get respect. I am sure there are reasons you get respect. Are you perfect, by no means. I am sure you have things in your past that's not perfect, doesn't mean you shouldn't get respect. Wheather I agree with you or not, I can respect you for standing up for what you believe and wouldn't disrespect you for doing so. She has a belief and stands up for it, just as I am sure you do. If you want to be respected for what you believe in, respect her for what she believes in. Don't judge, leave that for GOD.

1711 days ago


22. Well the Homos have a hard on for Carrie again. Its like your straight or something....

Posted at 10:51AM on Jan 15th 2010 by jason w

Jealous Jason that no woman would want you and no homo would want you..no one wants a fat azz loser.......jump in a lake along with this backsliding christian whore!

1711 days ago


Since Carrie spoke her mind and said that she, like a MAJORITY of Americans, is against gay marriage, she has been lambasted in the Main Stream Media, but especially on TMZ. Stop trying to push your left-wing whackjob agenda Harvey.

1711 days ago

Gavin McGavin    

Doesn't surprise me that Boller didn't see the nip slip. He barely sees the defender coming at him on a blitz.

1711 days ago


I just love how people come on here to rip TMZ and Obama a new one everytime TMZ runs a Story on this girl. If you feel that strongly about TMZ stop coming to the site its your option ya know. As for Carrie she is NO Celebrity she is a Political Figure (Wanna-Be). Her Book bombed and so has everything she has tried to do. Karma Maby? I'd like to hope so. For ones so wrapped up in what Obama thinks about Same Sex Marriage you need to be informed that currently in California the Supreme Court may soon have a ruling that could change Same Sex Marriage Nationwide making the BAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Just as the Brown VS Board of Education changed history. The decision could be historical. My Friends really isnt up to Obama so get over that. Even if justice isnt served in this upcoming ruling by the Supreme Court the Fight for Equality will continue and in 10 years or so Anti Same Sex Marriage Supporters will feel like Morons. Its easy if you dont believe in Same Sex Marriage by all means marry someone of the opposite Sex its really that simple.

1711 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

The BIBLE says...

"And I want a woman to be modest in her appearance. They should wear DECENT and APPROPRIATE clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothing." Timothy 2:9

She didn't seem very appropriately dressed to me.

So why can she preach to others about their "biblically incorrect" behavior and then not follow other
rules herself??

Quit being hypocrites - if you are going to throw around the bible and homosexuality, you had all better be ready to follow EVERY thing it says, not just what you like.


1711 days ago


What would JESUS say??????

1711 days ago


Briefing over the comments you can see two views. The guys think she's hot and the women (or gay men) think she's an ugly whore. That can mean only one thing, she's freakin HOT! I'd kiss a homo just to tap that azz.

1711 days ago


Go to hell, TMZ. Sick of your atheistic, insulting crap.

1711 days ago
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