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Kara's 'Idol' Nemesis -- It Was All an Act

1/16/2010 2:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Fenlon: Click to listenAndrew Fenlon -- the "smartass" Kara DioGuardi ripped into and threatened to spank on "American Idol" -- now says his d-bag demeanor was just for kicks.

The bespectacled brat called into The Morning MIX with Scott McKenzie at MIX 105.1 in Orlando yesterday where he said he acted like an ass so he would stand out more ... and get some prime TV time.

Fenlon also claims he would have made it to Hollywood if he would have played it straight for the judges -- so check out his audition, which is replayed during the interview, and tell us ...


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anyone who thinks he's faking is an idiot and needs a crash course in spotting psychopaths, asap. I'm from newton, ma, i've run into this guy and he's like that 24/7, he's a genuine d-bag, hard and true. Of course he's saying it was just for show, now the whole country is making fun of him, instead of just everyone he's ever met.
but don't get me wrong, you should feel bad for him, seriously, the guy has genuine issues. he's so obnoxious and self-centered that no one can stand to be in the same room with him for a second. and his ego is so wacked out that he may never be able to even understand, nevermind address, how big and pathetic of an a-hole he really is. it's sad. and yes, i expect to see him to be on the news someday for killing someone, and i thought that long before this AI debut.
Again people, those of you who think he's faking his weirdness or exagerating really need to take a psych course, before you're a psycho's jackass victim.

1677 days ago


I cannont stand Kara. I almost vomited when she said 'you need a spanking" a very sexual ickey thing to say to a serial looking man. She is trying so hard to be controversial and honestly, I stopped watching that night. I miss Paula!!!!
Please reprimand Kara for those erie words! If Simon said that to a girl contestant it would be ALL OVER THE PRESS!

1677 days ago


I think this guy really is a douce-bag. listen to his interview one minute it was an act and then he says he was really annoyed. I think he is weird and looks like someone that is ready to boil over and go postal on a mutha. He is not a bad looking guy, but there is something lacking like the glass is only 3/4 full.

1677 days ago


andrew is hot! kara enjoyed giving him a hard time! remember, she wanted to spank him?! LOL i want to see more of andrew! hey kara~ let him go to hollywood!he was the most memorable audition in my opinion and don't the judges always say they want someone unforgettable??

1677 days ago


1677 days ago


thanks for posting that link! OMG, 2 minutes after she meets Andrew, Kara wants to spank him?! what the H? sounds like some serious lusting on Kara's part(which is understandable cuz he's very cute) and now she wants him all to herself so she won't let him go to Hollywood! dammit Kara!

1677 days ago


I thought right away this was a set-up because he has a nice body and looks like a male model with some glasses who wants to be an actor.

Actually if you look at the photo posted with this article, he looks a lot like Rob Lowe circa 1985 with those horn-rimmned glasses that were in style back then.

1677 days ago


I can't stand Kara, she has absolutely no personality or warmth.

I was pleasantly surprised by Victoria Beckham; yes she is reserved and doesn't smile big, but she is very poised and I thought she made a sincere effort to make a positive and sincere compliment to the contestants that had poor auditions who felt a little down. I think she made comments only when she really felt she had something constructive to say, unlike Kara with her big mouth who says things just to hear herself talk. Kara has no class; Victoria does.

1677 days ago


Where did this Kara DioGuardi come from? She's awful and acts like she's a big star.

1677 days ago


sugiebear~ omg thankyou! i was trying to figure out who andrew reminded me of!!!

1677 days ago


i think Simon should call Andrew and tell him he can go to hollywood! that's the least they can do after the mean way Kara talked to him!

1677 days ago


andrew~ is that u??! i think you're super cute and have a great voice! kara and victoria were awful to u. i wish u much success!!!

1677 days ago


All you people have stars in your eyes yet no talent. So if you act like an azz, it gets you more TV time? Whomever started this Reality mess needs to be thrown in a wood chipper. This kind of activity continues to make the culture not just douchebags but a busload of retards who shouldn't be allowed to procreate.

1677 days ago

Lightning Bolt    

Check out Andrew Felton's group Elizabeth Taylor & RIchard Burton - pics here:

I can see this guy becoming the next William Hung. Or at the very least, another Forbes Graham.

1676 days ago


Act or no act, I dig his voice.

1675 days ago
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