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Bubba vs. Barack

Who'd You Rather?

1/17/2010 2:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former President Bill Clinton (left) and current President Barack Obama (right) were joined by former President George W. Bush (not pictured) at the White House on Saturday to announce a plan to raise money for Haiti.

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama
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Clinton looks old and tired. I'll bet he looks saggier in person. Obama - big ears - can't look at him. George W. Bush is a nice looking man. Harvey doesn't have enough class to put up a picture of him.

Posted at 4:35AM on Jan 17th 2010 by Lola

Yeah, right, Lola, like there was some big political or personal agenda for not throwing George Bush in the picture.

For you to even think that means that that's what you would do, that is, try to use a picture post as some kind of statement-making agenda where you try to bash one person by not showing them, and try to build up another person by showing them front and center. Not everyone in the world is petty like you and your friends. There are cool people in the world too.

Besides, as ridiculous as the Who'd You Rather posts are, they only feature two people, not three.

1710 days ago


Neither, thank you.

1710 days ago


President Obama, stop trying to be like Pres. Kennedy!

1710 days ago



1710 days ago

angela franklin    

It's not Bubba - its' President Clinton or just Clinton if you are going to refer to President Obama as Obama. Bubba is southern slang and a slur - disrespectful as is the usual tone on TMZ - clean it up and you will have broader appeal. I don't mean - be stiff and proper - just have basic manners.

1710 days ago


Where is my choice for neither. Who wants the people who helped destroy the country for anything.

1710 days ago


Obama is a great president!! It will take a while to undo ALL the mess the BUSH administration put us in!! Clinton was a great president!! Love them both!!

1710 days ago


What kind of a stupid post is this? The two of them pls Bush,Jr. are coming together for a serious and urgent cause that knows no political boundries. Regardless of my strong dislike for one of the three I chose not to play this game of eeny meeny mynee moe. Peace, hope, prosperity, health and love to Haiti (and the rest of the world as well)!

1710 days ago


More proof of how ignorant this country is. I would *love* to see one of you get us out of the mess that Bush got us into. I was sure it would be Armageddon, but we live to see another day. Why? Because Obama did what he had to do. You don't have a clue what's going on in this world, you are all so jingoistic, misanthropic, and pure Christian evil -- Obama the antichrist -- you don't even read the bible to know what it actually says about the antichrist. But, you read it on the internet somewhere, didn't ya? God, please help America. This country needs to stop inbreeding!

1710 days ago


who would you rather punch in the face?

1710 days ago


Harvey, please, enough with the homo "Who'd you rather ..."

1710 days ago

J C    

@ #37 Debbie.
Maybe the Democrats will make that their platform issue too so more even perverts will vote for them.
Inbreeding happens when there's a lack of morality.Definitely a left wing group.
Sorry Debster.You just got called out on that one!

1710 days ago


I'm finally voting for Clinton as Obama is destroying us. If you are not a union member, you are screwed. I was sick of the corruption in Congress before Obama took office & he made is so much worse. Change all right!!

1710 days ago


My vote is for President Obama!! Clinton has too much dirty laundry that we can't forget. Lying under oath and unexplained mysterious death of Vincent Foster.

1710 days ago


How fast can you say 'neither'!

1710 days ago
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