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Charlie Sheen

Gets Clipped

1/17/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen found time in between court dates in Aspen to take in a Los Angeles Clippers game last night.

Charlie Sheen

The Clips lost to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. And so much for trying to low-key it -- Charlie's face was plastered on the Jumbotron.

Lots of drama for Charlie. Last Friday, the set of "Two and a Half Men" was cleared after what sources say was a threat to Jon Cryer -- we're told something with his ex.

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Madam Obvious    

He is fast morphing into the crazy doctor on "Phineas and Ferb" - Dr Doofen-something (can't remember the full name). Seriously, they look like they were separated at birth. He's looking shocking at the moment, aging very badly indeed.

1741 days ago


Great 'actor', but he's always got that crazy look in his eyes.

1741 days ago


Even his ear is wrinkly. Gross.

1741 days ago


Damn, the years have not been kind. Maybe it was just a bad pic

1741 days ago

Really Doe    

The message I get from all of you "Oh come on give a Charlos a break" type comments is if you're white or are pretending to be white, most if not all of your illegal or immoral actions will be forgiven. Tiger Woods on the other hand gets the " he should be shot" treatment for transgressions far less in scope.

Charlie rented whore on a regular basis while married.

Conventional wisdom says that when you put a knife to the mother of your kids throat and threaten to kill her, you should pretty much lose your fans at least.

When Tiger cheats on his wife, he gets accused of not caring about his kids, he somehow deserves to lose all his money and his wife and kids should leave him no matter what.

I guess in your warped little minds boning hoes around the world is worse than threatening to kill your wife. LMAO!!!!!

Go Figure!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone even said give him a break because his family is nice. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1741 days ago

Really Doe    

He shouldnt be sent to jail. Real punishment for him would be having to hear people call him Carlos from now on.

"I hearby sentence your to being called your actual name"

"Judge will all due respect this is cruel and unusual punishment. My client has been pretending to be white for quite some time now. I dont think he can withstand such harsh punishment. Can he just go to jail for 10 years instead? "

1741 days ago


It's an awful angle of him and his smile is a smirk - so the poor guy looks like popeye!

1741 days ago


A well-trained monkey could play Sheen's role, the show has great writers. And Jon Cryer is the one with acting talent, not Sheen who is just plain deadpan.

1741 days ago


I booed as loud as I could when they put his mug on the jumbotron

1741 days ago


He looks like Popeye the Sailor Man to me...give the man a pipe, please. ...>"."

1740 days ago

what a loser    

What's up with trying to use this incident as a way to make Chris Brown out to be some kind of victim? This does NOT excuse Chris Brown's brutal beating of a woman -- he even BIT Rhianna and left her all bloody on the side of the road. I heard Sherry Shepherd bring this notion up on The View the other day and that we needed to give Chris Brown a break. What kind of drugs is she on? She's just inflicted with stupidity.

And, why doesn't Charlie use his real name, Carlos? What's wrong with the name Carlos, Charlie? I think he should use it. It just shows what a sketchy character he is that he doesn't use his real name. He is really trying to hide his true self from audiences. I agree that his hair dye job really does contrast his wrinkles and brings them out even more -- he looks like he's a 50 year old. I also agree that CBS should be held accountable for keeping him on the air after all he's done.

1740 days ago


Really Doe is right folks.

Clasiic double standard. BOTH of them are stupid men whom thought their power was some kind of sheild.

Charlie has had his head in the pits of Hell for a long time. Denise is loving EVERY second of all of this. Who could blame her?
She had to endure all the smack talk and.....in the end we all knew Charlie wouldn't disappoint....and he didn't. Big time now.

He is 44 years old only, and look at what he has made of his life.

If one measures sucsess by how much money one has, then Charlie you are a rich man...but since most of us know money isn't a ticket to happiness....we know Charlie is a poor man indeed.

Sorry Charlie, you should have pulled your head from your a$$ when you had the first child, when you were, well, a child yourself.

Nice Daddy for all your tribe of children. They are people dumba$$.

1740 days ago



uuuuummmm, are we all on the smae planet? The defenders are killin' me! Are you all kidding? SHOW us proof, some real deal proof of those statements.

You can't. His behavior is as bad as ever. He has been like this since the 80's! You youngsters were not even born yet!

We get smarter as age, most times, but some us will forever be stuck in drive going to some bad places.

Charlie is going to be one of those people. Oh, and then ya'll blame Brooke, classic, she was drunk tooooo you say, so what?

Birds of a feather remember? Is it surprising to see she has a checkered past too? Shocking! Its their children, all of them I feel sorry for.

What a fate, to have a moron as a Dad!

1740 days ago


Christina is sooo right, the life this guy leads is taking a toll on his appearance. Ugggg...

1740 days ago



1740 days ago
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