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A&E to Jackson Bros -- The Offer's on the Table

1/17/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, and Tito may be as tired of their A&E show as everybody else in America -- we're told the network has already offered them a second season ... but so far, the bros. haven't bitten.

Jackson Family

TMZ spoke with a rep for A&E, who confirmed the offer and told us the network would gladly have MJ's male siblings back for another round of "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" -- which airs its last episode this Sunday.

But there's one problem: we're told the brothers haven't responded to the offer yet.

It's unclear why the brothers wouldn't jump at the chance for a paycheck ... but then again, it's the Jacksons ... so nothing is ever as it seems.


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Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

THAT was a Jacksontologist.

Posted at 11:20PM on Jan 18th 2010 by ric

The leader....

1738 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

You giddy up along son! And doncha bother lookin' back!

Yippee kay yay!

1738 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

Why is it...the minute a nice, quiet discussion is going on SOMEONE finds a problem with it?? It don't even matter what the topic is...they find a problem with it! WHY???

1738 days ago

Random Angel    

THAT was a Jacksontologist.

Posted at 11:20PM on Jan 18th 2010 by ric

The leader....

Posted at 11:23PM on Jan 18th 2010 by pmiller

Read more:

THAT was just scary, that's what it was.

I'm sad now though, guess I'm not as hard-core of an MJ fan as I thought, I mean, after all, I can actually discuss and see other people's points of view even if they don't agree with my own. Michael must be so disappointed in me.

1738 days ago


I don't get it. If it's so sad to discuss someone you don't know, how sad is it to get so bent out of shape over that same person WHO YOU ALSO DON'T KNOW?

1738 days ago

Random Angel    


That would require rationale and logic, and well, we know that's not what we are dealing with here, lol

1738 days ago


Well, that killed the mood. Looks like a good time to sign off. Nite all!

1738 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

Well it has been nice chatting with some of you guys, too bad it couldn't have lasted!LOL I am with you Random Angel did not KNOW that I could be a fan and still have a civilized discussion! Goodnite all....

1738 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

only on TMZ:

"a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion"

1738 days ago


intellect [ˈɪntɪˌlɛkt]
1. (Psychology) the capacity for understanding, thinking, and reasoning, as distinct from feeling or wishing

Now I'm gone. Nite

1738 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Where's Michael?
Shortly after his acquittal, Michael Jackson left Neverland and headed to Bahrain. Devin Friedman went in search of the deposed King of Pop
By Devin Friedman Photographs by Chris Buck May 2006

The obsessed know that Michael Jackson has been living in the tiny nation of Bahrain for almost a year. Possibly as a cross-dresser, a drug addict, a Muslim, or at least a still weird human being. After his acquittal last June, he vacated Neverland, flew east, and disappeared into the desert, presumably to escape an entire nation that no longer loved him.

In the intervening year, those who had been searching for it will have found some coverage of Michael Jackson's life in the Middle East. Sunday Mirror, September 18, 2005: Seen cruising Bahrain in a red Ferrari he had shipped from America. New York Post, November 14, 2005: Went shopping for toys. Daily News, November 15, 2005: Spotted in the women's bathroom at a mall while visiting Dubai, wearing women's clothing and applying makeup. (After which Michael Jackson's spokeswoman in Washington, D.C., issued a statement in response, which was picked up by the Associated Press: It was all a mistake! Wrong door!) Some of the news coverage has been sensationalistic: One plotline has it that Michael Jackson is taking forty Xanaxes a day, delivered via secret flights from California. Which is somehow tied to some underpants that investigators had found at Neverland that tested positive for trace amounts of cocaine but were never introduced at the trial because, you know, anyone could have been handling those underpants (unclear how it all links up, but underpants and cocaine: a bad combination for Mr. Sleepover). And the Jackson family, having caught wind of this addiction, was supposedly set to stage an intervention in which they'd fly to Bahrain and get him the help he needs, thereby preserving the life to which he is now hanging on to by a thread.

Even hearing about this now, the first response is: Wait, Michael Jackson is living where? That's weird! Michael Jackson—along with his three white-seeming children, his skeleton entourage, his collection of hairpieces and aviator sunglasses, and his countless valises of psychological baggage—in Bahrain? Could you even make that up?


11 A.M.

One thing the subject has been doing since his arrival: seeing movies. Just four days ago, December 30, he went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at Seef Mall. On Christmas Eve, he took a contingent of eighteen to see King Kong. The subject and his kids, plus a complement of hired muscle, a British family of unknown identity (man and woman plus children), and various other unidentifieds. He seems to prefer going to the movies when the mall and theater are pretty dead, in the middle of the afternoon on weekdays. The subject hasn't become a total shut-in—he seeks the outside world, such as it exists in this place. He just does it in a controlled way.

Before the movie excursions, everything is arranged, timed out like a bank heist or a presidential motorcade. A woman named Grace—described as the subject's nanny, or his assistant, or a de facto member of his nuclear family, or the Enforcer—scouts the theater, negotiates prices, maps out routes of entry and escape, gives the speech: You don't bum-rush Michael Jackson, you don't touch him, you give him wide berth (one meter is a good rule of thumb) and maybe a warm smile, and you never, ever take pictures, not even with a camera phone, because the bodyguards will not hesitate to grab your phone and smash it, but let's not even worry about that, because everyone just wants to have fun. Later, at the appointed hour, when the subject and his guests and staff arrive in a caravan of blacked-out sedans and SUVs, someone from the cinema is waiting for them. The group is ushered through the fire exit and upstairs into the theater, where a section has been cordoned off. Michael Jackson, Inc., pays the Seef Mall cinema $180 inclusive: tickets, special services, plus ample popcorn, Coke, and candy, which the subject devours hungrily. A bathroom upstairs is reserved for his personal use.

"Michael goes to the bathroom every thirty minutes," the manager of the cinema says. He leans back in a desk chair, door closed, blinds drawn, smoking a cigarette and fingering a plump mole on his cheek. "I say, how many time can one man go to the bathroom? Are you writing that down? Don't write that down."

The manager rifles through his desk and produces a scrap of paper with the names and telephone numbers of two of the subject's bodyguards. Then he finds a business card bearing the name Grace Rwaramba. Where the company logo should be are a pair of gold-embossed loafered feet, doing the patented toe-stand, with MICHAEL JACKSON written over them.

"Last time she brings pizza from outside," he says.

1738 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

*** Theories Theories and more Theories abound! roflmao

Michael Jackson is Not Dead-but Dimitrie Draghicescu IS. Why?
The body carted out of the Bel-Air mansion was not that of Jackson but of a 47-year-old terminally ill Romanian, Dimitrie Draghicescu, whose family was paid a bundle ...

Michael Jackson death hoax part deux....
Dimitrie Draghicescu--the Dead Jackson. After fully 3 years of plastic surgery and ... Dimitrie agreed to die in Michael's place only because he had a ... - 56k - Cached


Michael Jackson death hoax part deux....
Written by Administrator
Friday, 10 July 2009 11:06
I wrote earlier how there are a couple of sites who are saying Michael Jackson faked his death....

well someone spent time describing in detail the Michael Jackson faked his death:

this guy calls himself: Illuminus Theo (click on 'describing' to go directly to his page). He claims (and wrote a long story about it) and Jackson faked his death and here are a few things he had to say from his site:

Jackson's "Death"
The night before Jackson's "death," he danced his heart out, almost literally (which underscored the impossibility of surviving the grueling schedule he'd announced to his public). He returned to his rented home, and was spirited away to a waiting jet at Burbank airport, which transported him to a location in the Southeastern U.S. that I dare not divulge (yet). But I must explain that the man who died of an alleged heart attack under the very hands of his personal physician (get real!) was not Jackson but a 47-year-old Romanian named Dimitrie Draghicescu, whom Illuminus Theo disgracefully dragged into this morbid affair.

Dimitrie Draghicescu--the Dead Jackson
After fully 3 years of plastic surgery and training, Dimitrie could easily pass for a live Jackson, not to mention a dead one. But unlike the mighty Michael, Dimitrie did die. Dimitrie, not Jackson, was the one whisked to the hospital. Did you not wonder why the man who phoned 911 did not say "Michael Jackson" was the victim? It was not to avoid publicity but to insure that, should the 911 calls be analyzed by voice experts and electronic analyzers, no one could detect the stress from the caller's blatant falsehood.

Dimitrie agreed to die in Michael's place only because he had a terminal illness, and because Jackson had promised a generous reward to his family. And had Dimitrie refused, our Order would have revealed the Draghicescu family secret that had brought them to the attention of Illuminus Theo in the late 1700s (we too are familiar with the gold carrot-iron stick argument).

click 'read more' to read the full article

where is michael jackson .wmv


LOL....but regardless....


But is it possible that someone else died in MJs place?

There are some Mid-East shiekhs/princes who actually pay for a mans life. The man travels and lives everywhere that the shiekh goes. He is treated like royalty. The shiekhs also have an in-house doc/surgeon. The man is treated like royalty. HOWEVER...should the shiekhs heart, or lungs, or liver, or whatever vital organ fails...the "bought" walking & breathing organ donor....dies..ON THE SPOT. The doc is part/& parcel of the sheikhs entourage. It's a fact. Google it....research it if you don't believe.

Did the band-aides on Michael Jacksons fingertips have anything to do with fingerprint reassignment surgeries?

LOL....who knows....
theories abound.

1738 days ago


If whoever was sitting behind the subject during Harry Potter was paying attention—the Saudis over here catching a movie before they go back home to the Kingdom of Denial (not a single public movie theater in Saudi Arabia showed Harry Potter, just for cultural reference)—they would have seen a woman in a black cloak eating popcorn and pizza with her knees up on the seat in front of her like a teenager while men in suits with guns stood nearby. Which is not such an unusual thing to see in Bahrain.

Read more:

I have often wondered what he was doing over there in the faraway land of Bahrain:) I always figured he was getting in touch with his spirituality in some way. Thanks 'Tellit' for posting this. Interesting reading.

Yes, I can imagine this. Long legs scrunched up & propped on the back of the seat in front of him with those long, slender fingers digging greedily into the bag of popcorn & munching away. It sounds like perhaps he 'escaped' into these movies. I have repeatedly read that he enjoyed watching movies very much. That is what 'I' do when the world becomes too much & I need to numb my mind & retreat from the real world for awhile. I spend a day in front of the tv in my pajamas with a big pillow & blanket over me, shades drawn & pop in dvd after dvd. I do this periodically & believe it truly does me a 'world of good'. Just not to have to think or 'ponder over & worry' about my problems at any given time. We all need days like this I think; or at least, some similar means of escapism. I bet MJ needed MUCH of this sort of time after that BS trial! I think the Middle East would be an excellent place to 'escape' to following that trial particularly for the most 'recognizeable face' on the planet. I think he needed to be left alone for awhile so he could psychologically 'regroup'. I don't blame him for do whatever he could to maintain some degree of anonymity. If it meant a man doning what is considered to be 'womens clothing' then so be it! LOL!

I believe it was then onto Ireland after the Middle East? I saw a video of the Irish country estate & the man who rented it to MJ & his family & he had nothing but great things to say about MJ. I particularly enjoyed the part where this man speaks of MJ asking him to leave the exterior lights on at night on the property. The landlord wondered why & one night 'spied' on MJ thru the bushes(I believe his own home was adjacent to MJ's rented home) late at night & caught the 'King of Pop' practicing his dance steps. He spoke of how 'surreal' it was to see him literally 'moonwalking in the moonlight'. Um-Um!! What I wouldn't give to have seen him do this! What an 'experience' & a wonderful memory that inn-keeper has r/e MJ!


1738 days ago


699. *** Theories Theories and more Theories abound! roflmao

Read more:

Again!! Props for your interesting reading material here! 'Tellit', your posts are NEVER 'boring' that is for sure. LOL! Thanks again.

1738 days ago


ILYM :`(

1738 days ago
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