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A&E to Jackson Bros -- The Offer's on the Table

1/17/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, and Tito may be as tired of their A&E show as everybody else in America -- we're told the network has already offered them a second season ... but so far, the bros. haven't bitten.

Jackson Family

TMZ spoke with a rep for A&E, who confirmed the offer and told us the network would gladly have MJ's male siblings back for another round of "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" -- which airs its last episode this Sunday.

But there's one problem: we're told the brothers haven't responded to the offer yet.

It's unclear why the brothers wouldn't jump at the chance for a paycheck ... but then again, it's the Jacksons ... so nothing is ever as it seems.


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I only have heard that none of the parties could discuss the settlement....When Michael and Lisa Marie went on Diane Sawyer and just DENIED the allegations, Evan tried another civil lawsuit against them just for saying that on the interview. But I do think that Jordie had the right to testify if the DA was going to pursue criminal charges. I really don't know how that all works cause I don't make he laws, and I did not write the agreement. And I don't know why He didn't testify in the last trial cause his mom

did and she was under the same agreement. In my original post I guess I ment that Michael could have just wrote him the 20 million dollar check for the "screenplay" before it went public....

Posted at 11:05PM on Jan 18th 2010 by pmiller

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If I may put in my 2-cents worth here? I think because it would NOT have ended with a 20 million dollar check for his 'screenplay'. The leech would have done what leeches do-suck, suck, suck the blood out of something until the 'victim' is sucked dry or they explode. In this case, MJ's bank account. People like this are extortionists. They keep returning to the well until it runs dry. He wouldn't have been satisfied with a check for his screenplay. It would have been something else next. If they find out they can get money once then they'll try to do it again. Hence the second lawsuit for 'violating the terms of silence' r/e the settlement. When MJ ran off the Arvizos after he'd had enough of THEIR leeching, they got p!ssed off & concocted their 'molestation/kidnapping' story complete with a 'hot-air balloon escape plan'. If one way doesn't work for these parasites, then they will try something else. They are relentless.

1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

** THEORIES Abound. ** (where skeptics may fear to tread?)

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Michael Jackson is not Dead; so WHO died?

Contents copyright June 2009, WNB, at Illuminus Theo
Why and how Dimitrie Draghicescu died in Jackson's place.
[Note: Dimitrie was unrelated to the famous Romanian writer and
diplomat who died in 1945; both Dimitrie and Draghicescu are
relatively common names in Romania]

The Truth Behind Michael Jackson Death Hoax
The outpouring of grief over Michael Jackson's death, and the sheer
magnitude of the deception that Illuminus Theo (IT) has ......

Michael Jackson is alive, and given the information he forced out of
Illuminus Theo, and the tremendous resources at his disposal (in
spite of rumors of his supposed bankruptcy) he may well reach his
goal of living to 150, but I don't think he will enjoy those extra
100 years. But in the meantime, Michael Jackson is enjoying immensely
the spectacle of the entire world in tears. He has achieved the fame
and even a measure of love and respect, that eluded him in life. His
eccentricities are forgiven; those he alienated are reconciled. And
perhaps this is not a bad thing. What I fear, personally, is where
Michael Jackson is headed now. With the exception of his father, no
one could ever say "No" to Michael--and that was to the old Jackson.
How will the world handle the Michael Jackson that is to come? Of
course, no one will recognize the new Jackson for who he is.

He Did Take It With Him
Sometime within the next two years, the plastic-faced Michael Jackson
will emerge onto the world scene again with not only a new,
unrecognizable face but a new name. And who says "you can't take it
with you?" Michael has taken his, and will enjoy enormous wealth and
power, coupled with blissful anonymity, for decades--perhaps even
another century. But what on earth will Michael Jackson do the second
time around?

I must cut this short. I am posting this via proxies, in the hopes
that it will not be easily traced, and using an alias--the name of
the Italian Chinese priest who transformed our order after the
Vatican penetrated our veil of secrecy in the 1940s. If only Father
Fu were still here to help us--though after what I've learned about
Michael Jackson's "death," for all I know Father Lingyu Fu may still
be around. I will not pursue that line of thought further, lest sleep
elude me, as it did the King of Pop during his last decade.

I hopes this avoids deletion long enough for the world to know the
truth--that Michael Jackson is alive! Or, more accurately, he is not

Are you?

Father Lingyu Fu
Naples, Italy

1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

*** LOL...YW.....thanks janalal4...yours are never boring either!

1684 days ago





1684 days ago


*** LOL...YW.....thanks janalal4...yours are never boring either!

Posted at 2:33AM on Jan 19th 2010 by Tellitlikeitis

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Hehehe......Ah, but mine CAN be 'obnoxious & lengthy'! Can't help me-self. LOL! Always a good thing when we can 'laugh at ourselves' isn't it?? If we start taking ourselves too seriously then we're in trouble:)

1684 days ago


Posted at 2:26AM on Jan 19th 2010 by janalal4

Bravo janalal4!

1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

707. Hehehe......Ah, but mine CAN be 'obnoxious & lengthy'! Can't help me-self. LOL! Always a good thing when we can 'laugh at ourselves' isn't it?? If we start taking ourselves too seriously then we're in trouble:)

Posted at 2:50AM on Jan 19th 2010 by janalal4

janalal4..I promise to make this really unneeded reply short but what you said brought on an instantaneous smile....

Last week I had an appt with my cardio doc. When leaving, a shock-white-haired man about 20 yrs older than me on one of those wheeledcart walker dillies was waiting under the portico for his ride which was pulling up when I pulled alongside alittle behind and beside him in my wheelchair. He glances over at me, points his cane at a sign to my right and says all sour sarcastic like..."Loading zone...that's what we are just something being loaded. I looked at the sign.....then at him and said..."Yeah..just like some f'ing old livestock aren't we?!" And he just broke out a big ole smile & started laughing...laughing the whole time his wife or daughter was "loading" him up (she was probably relieved to see him in a good humor for a change! lol)

"Laughter is the best medicine"....gets you through the best of times...gets you through the worst of times. Especially when it yourself that you need to laugh about.

1684 days ago


Laughter is the best medicine

"....gets you through the best of times...gets you through the worst of times. Especially when it yourself that you need to laugh about.

Posted at 3:23AM on Jan 19th 2010 by Tellitlikeitis

Read more:

And.....your story brought a big ol' smile to MY FACE as well as the one you brought to that old mans!!


Here's some more of my 'hot-air' r/e MJ & Ireland.(and how did I end up on this subject again??!)


Charming interview of MJ's stay at Ballinacurra House in Ireland. A normal man in search of a 'normal' life for himself & his children.

For those convinced that MJ was merely a 'freak' or 'weird' should only do a bit of research to find repeated accounts of just how 'normal' he truly was. It is so touching how he insisted upon & struggled to maintain a sense of stability for his family despite all the turbulence that surrounded him.

Pardon if this posts more than once(TMZ 'black hole' at work)

Posted at 3:32AM on Jan 19th 2010 by janalal4


Another look inside Ballinacurra House. I can imagine MJ was VERY happy here with his kids. I SURE WOULD BE!! This is an 'advertisement' for the property rental but gives a good look at the grounds & interior of the house. I have often wondered what his time was like in Ireland & can see why he loved it so much.

Posted at 3:36AM on Jan 19th 2010 by janalal4

Read more:

1684 days ago


Here's an excellent new interview with Geraldine Hughes. For those that don't know, she was the legal secretary for Jordan Chandler's lawyer. She saw what unfolded and had the guts to write a book about it. Here she tells why she doesn't believe the 'truth serum' story whatsoever and here she reiterates what the majority of us who have done our homework, already know, that it was MJ's insurance company that paid the Chandlers (against MJ's wishes) and the reason why. Worth reading to the very end.

1684 days ago


The Most List: 1/18/10

Dispels a myth the most: Bunny's youtube where MJ states how much he loves all of his family.

Most creepy: Ric you know I'm (not I am)
Follow the clues....blah, blah, blah
(OK, like the 20th fake PM clues, but whatever...)

Puts MJ on most pedestals: The description of MJ as "divinity in motion", by Up

New word for the day: Michaelesque by Cathy (never mind that pesky Terry Lewis piece of trivia)

Most transparent new nic: Anything with the words "grassy knoll" in them

Most predictable (and everyone knows its coming) Accuses all normal posters that are on boards solely to obsess and spending their entire lives on TMZ boards about cathy really (differentiated from the normal and very intelligent Cathy)

Most funny: omg i didnt mean for you to channel gomer pyle by nan

Thinking about turning this into a nightly review.

1684 days ago


But Jordan Chandler did admit PRIVATELY to his friends that he had lied and the highly esteemed Tom Mesereau (google his credentials to see the caliber of this wonderful person)had several witnesses ready to testify to this, had Jordan Chandler appeared at the Arviso trial. Despite Sneddon's attempts to get Jordan to appear, Chandler told him he'd sue if they tried to force him and added 'I've already done my bit'??? He then fled the country to avoid the trial.
I can't believe that anyone who views this testimony of Tom Mesereau's here and who makes even a minimal attempt at research, would still have doubts about the molestation claims. It was a straight out case of EXTORTION and all the evidence is readily available on the internet, so IMHO there is no excuse for people to be ill-informed. Watch Tom on this video, it's brilliant:

1684 days ago



Thanks Landkandiva...did you watch "The last Days of MJ" on 7 the other night? The best they could do was get Diane Dimond and Stacy Brown so that lost a lot of crediblity for starters. That was made in Ausgust!! And we're not getting the TII dvd until 3rd March!!! Unbelievable.

1684 days ago


Hi Bunny,

I was reading some material on the molestation charges for '93 and '05. In it, the author (an attorney/journalist nonrelated to the charges/trial) stated that although in '93 the suit ended with a settlement charges were never filed. Then in 2005 Sneddon implied that MJ was guilty in '93 in public venues. However, if Sneddon felt that MJ was guilty, WHY WERE CHARGES NEVER FILED?? I would think that the bloodthirsty Sneddon would have done ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING if he could have charged MJ with molestation, but DID NOT.

Does this not say something? For all those who say, oh well he must be guilty because MJ (his insurance company) paid? If the SBDA felt that they had enough, believe me, they would have charged MJ with lewd conduct and/or conspiracy like they did in '05. Clearly, the pieces of proof of molestation just DO NOT FIT HERE.

1684 days ago


Thanks Tellit & Janala for those links I`ve ask for them 2 month ago can`t find them.

hallo Moni danke für die Antwort!

Hello lankandiva nice to see you,hope i can see it in my country soon!
I`m with you.

You all do a great Job in researching for the truth in the molestion affair !

Sorry i can`t read it anymore! Michael is INNOCENT POINT.


1684 days ago


OK Bunny,

Just watched the Messereau clip. Wow! Messereau's words are fluid and smooth as silk! If I was into older white guys (dare I say) this guy would be on my POWERFUL AND HOT list! Sweet!

1684 days ago
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