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Tiger's #1 Gal -- Free of Charge

1/17/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' #1 mistress, Rachel Uchitel, never got paid a single penny ... at least not from the club throwing her birthday party later this month.

Rachel Uchitel
TMZ has learned Rachel will be celebrating her 35th at a club in Palm Beach, FL called 251 PB -- and though she's being billed on the flier as a "Celebrity Socialite," a la Paris Hilton, she's not charging them a cent to show.

We're told other celebrities are expected to attend ... though we're guessing Tiger won't be one of 'em.


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And screw you too Gloria Allred. . . . all washed up is what they should call

1710 days ago


She looks like she's sitting on a toilet in this picture.

1710 days ago


Tiger Woods does not deserve a good, decent wife like Elin Nordegren or his beautiful children. He is shameless and has no moral principles. He has deceived, betrayed and humiliated his family in front of the world. Elin should receive no less than half of Tiger’s fortune since he earned millions from sponsors and fans projecting a false image of integrity as a devoted husband and family man. Elin Nordegren is young and beautiful and someday she will find a good and decent man to love, honor and respect her and the children.

1710 days ago


Its sad when the website listed on the flier doesn't exist

1710 days ago


U Co Tell that Tiger has bad taste in women.

Good on the Green.
D*ckless on the Scene.

1710 days ago


The world of Rachel and Tiger is completely dangerous, sociopathic, self-destructive and abusive of all others. She and Tiger might be a good match for each other (for an hour); love the life of a) extremely short attention span, and NEVER be caught taking anything seriously by having values or ethics. NEVER have values or ethics, because you are an idiot and out to destroy yourself and everything around you, b) life is nothing but one sporadic sexual impulse after another, to be satisfied with someone different each time, which certainly includes before, during and after getting married and having kids you abandon, in an unbroken sequence, c) complete denial that anyone else on Earth that you married or have business agreements with exists, is worthy of respect or can compare to the joy of whoring, drugs, drinking and partying with new strangers in new places constantly, d) children are nothings and drinking, drugs and whoring around is what matters. e) playing the STD-ME game of trying to get the next STD as fast as possible with each new gang of low-life people you meet in bars. f) try to attract uneducated very young bar staff and try to beat the clock to get them into sex by promising that they are #1 and SO SPECIAL.

Tiger and Rachel can meet with the Grim Reaper as far as I'm concerned.

1710 days ago


So, it's a fake invitation? Well,what did you expect of tmz?

1710 days ago


Only in America can you spread your legs for a rich married man and they throw you a party.

1710 days ago


It's interesting they brought out a picture of her taken several years ago. Now she'll be like ANY of the Kardashian girls! Only getting money when they do or have done anything related to sex. Old Rachel needs Grandma Kris to 'book her'. Maybe Grandma Kris could have Rachel do a porn tape with Grandma's youngest son, Rob. That would make old grandma some money. Who cares if it humiliates or damages her son in any way, as long as there's money, and lots of it. Tiger, in a jealous rage of Rob with Rachel, may even want her back again. Who knows?

1710 days ago


i'd do her...

compared to the fat, crazy bitches i've had, she looks damm good and maybe even a good time. plus she really knows how to stomp along in the high heels.

1710 days ago


Stop giving this fame wh0re/hooker more attention. Forget about her!

1710 days ago


Why would anyone want to be associated with this skank? Is she hosting all of her clients who pay her by the hour?
The poster pic, looks like she's getting ready to spread her legs again. Rachel "Itch_and_smell", celebrity socialite wannabe who is really white trash.

1710 days ago


dang, woman close yur legs..

1710 days ago


One can only hope that Tiger Woods is in therapy and never has anything to do with the skank extortionist, et al., again. "Waking-up is hard to do" but sometimes God works in mysterious ways. As odd as it sounds, thank you, National Enquirer, for potentially helping save the soul of TW.

1710 days ago


SO tired of this Narcissistic, husband stealer tramp!

1710 days ago
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