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TMZ Poll Apparently Hacked - Conan the Bad Guy

1/18/2010 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, Jeff Zucker poll we put up -- Who's the Bad Guy? -- has been hacked ... according to some people who work over at NBC.

There has indeed been a seismic shift over the last few hours. Here are the facts:

AM ET today -- Only 5% of users voted for Conan. Zucker was in the lead. Jay was second.

7:20 PM ET. A huge turnaround. Conan is the bad guy, with 40%. And, the number of people who have voted exploded in the last two hours -- it went from just over 200,000 to 547,000.

A cynical NBC source scoffs at the tampering allegation, telling TMZ, "NBC couldn't get it together fast enough to know how to do that."

We're checking to see if the poll has been hacked.

UPDATE: 8:42 PM ET THE POLL IS GOING CRAZY!!! With nearly a million votes, Zucker now leads with 49%. Jay is second with 26%. Conan has 25%.

UPDATE 11:42 PM ET More than 2 million votes.


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I would dance in the streets to hear that harvey's tiny wart ridden penis had to be amputated, that would be irony at it's best.

1703 days ago


#102 Lindsay---In covering the ongoing Jersey Store story, TMZ staff takes every chance to make stereotypical slur jokes about the cast. To me, this sort of subtle hate speech is no different than the gay bashing. But it's justified because the victims are them and not us.

1703 days ago



STFU and grow some balls! A real man does not hide behind his computer. Gawd, if only you had a single working brain cell in your AIRY head!

1703 days ago


Are you looking in the mirror Lindsay Lohan?
By the way,if I grew balls that would make me a hermaphrodite, lolol.
Carry on little NBC underling, get some anger management while you are at it.

1703 days ago


Zucker has a major reputation as being a hell raiser at NBC. He is one seriously tough guy to work for and overly dramatic.
You should see the stupid email he sent out some time back suggesting this whole fiasco saying that it would be a slam dunk and money in the bank.
He is one of THE most hated men in Hollywood.
Jay is a close second.

1703 days ago


Lindsey, stfu and go back to spreading your legs for playboy.

1703 days ago


Gee.....maybe the fact that you can literally vote as oft as you want is a prob????? Seriously....I just voted,read a few comments then voted again!Hellz I could just sit here for hrs jumping back & forth between pgs,if I had no life. ;-)

1703 days ago


"...NBC source scoffs at the tampering allegation, telling TMZ, "NBC couldn't get it together fast enough to know how to do that."

'Cause in about 3 hrs. Conan AT NBC was able to put LaBamba in a pope mobile complete with an all white suit to drive around in, then jog himself down the boulevard and lead everyone to the Universal Studio front gate, and then hold an impromptu meeting on the roof complete with Andy and Max broadcast with a megaphone.....oh and....provide coffee and donuts and pizza for everyone there to boot...

So what's that you say?
A major network in a building with thousands of computers and thousands of employees at their fingertips couldn't possibly manage to skew or hack an online poll over the course of a full day?

That "NBC Source" must think we're all Leno viewers. lol!

1703 days ago


Jay Leno rocks!!!

Please visit to show your continued support for Jay Leno.

Also, don't forget to sign the petition for the same cause. Although Jay Leno got his post back as the host of The Tonight Show, you can still sign the petition as a show of support.

1703 days ago


BringJayBack, your post assumes that we're all Jay Leno fans. We're not. Personally I think his monologues are unfunny and stale.

1703 days ago


anonymous has spoken. we never forgive. we never forget.

1703 days ago


Kit , I almost peed from laughing so hard while reading your post - classic!!!

1703 days ago


We love anonymous

1703 days ago


EVERYBODY hates Jay . Period.
Jay is the ultimate douchebag.
Forget massengill, it's jayengill

NBC is crapping all over themselves because jay will fail miserably if they do not get proactive , stat!
They are the ones screwing around with these polls , so many interoffice memos telling their employees to vote on these various blogs and anonymously blast the blogs with love for Jay. It's all hyperbole.

1703 days ago


Today I heard from a source at NBC. He said that Zucker is very controlling. Everyone there hates him because he yells over 9000 times a day. Gone are the days of smiles and laughter at the NBC offices. Almost all the staff are on the verge of leaving or so my source tells me in this note I read. Many are already lining up jobs at other networks. Exactly as I'm about to put down this note, I read that it says to read the first letter of each sentence in this note.

1703 days ago
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