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TMZ Poll Apparently Hacked - Conan the Bad Guy

1/18/2010 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, Jeff Zucker poll we put up -- Who's the Bad Guy? -- has been hacked ... according to some people who work over at NBC.

There has indeed been a seismic shift over the last few hours. Here are the facts:

AM ET today -- Only 5% of users voted for Conan. Zucker was in the lead. Jay was second.

7:20 PM ET. A huge turnaround. Conan is the bad guy, with 40%. And, the number of people who have voted exploded in the last two hours -- it went from just over 200,000 to 547,000.

A cynical NBC source scoffs at the tampering allegation, telling TMZ, "NBC couldn't get it together fast enough to know how to do that."

We're checking to see if the poll has been hacked.

UPDATE: 8:42 PM ET THE POLL IS GOING CRAZY!!! With nearly a million votes, Zucker now leads with 49%. Jay is second with 26%. Conan has 25%.

UPDATE 11:42 PM ET More than 2 million votes.


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this is extremely easy to defeat the only options TMZ will have to make it fair is through captcha (you have to type in a code to prove you are human) which will defeat any programs built to mass vote and the per ip system blocked from voting after one vote.both systems will work because the captcha will prevent programs and the per ip block would defeat MOST from voting numerous times seeing what a bitch it is to change a whole networks IP#`s (internet protocol #`s).for example i just voted 2 times to check the system and all i did was clean my cookies each time.i used to use a poll system on my site and it gave me that option to use the captcha and block ip`s from mass voting to prevent this from happening.

1735 days ago


I'm sick of my fellow American's worrying about the rest of the world when we have our own problems here. They raise millions to send overseas and ignore our own poverty stricken neighbors, abused children, natural disasters, fuel and economic problems.

Let the rest of the world deal with itself... ignore Haiti.

oh and I'M WITH COCO!

1735 days ago


O.K. TMZ now you're well past 3 million votes so I think it's time to scrap this whole poll thing.
Since there's only about 300 million of us in this country, that's more than 1 in 10 people in all of these United States that are coming to this site to weigh in on the Conan/Leno/Zucker debate, and frankly, I just don't see that as actually happening.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work on our html source code cracking though, it's much appreciated.

1735 days ago


Bobby, go look up Time's top 100 poll hack. If it's on the internet, it's not beyond the reach of a skilled hacker.

1735 days ago


What worries me the most, is that inbred americans, such as Kit post #122, do not realize that the internet is not exclusive to the united states only, but to the whole world which has a population of approximately 6.7 billion. What worries me even more, is that Kit does not realize that if the USA has a population of 300 million, 3 million would only be 1/100 of the population, not 1/10.

1735 days ago

Just sayin'    

I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW that stupid poll couldn't be real!

1735 days ago


Ron, that's something we do best. ;-)

1735 days ago


screw coco, hes getting forty million! for whining!

1735 days ago


Bobby D, you best be trollin'. Leno, Fallon, Kimmel, and Letterman all suck. Kimmel is boring, Fallon tries way to hard, Leno is stale and so is Letterman. Conan and Ferguson are the only ones on late night tv who are funny. Both of them have a somewhat more intelligent kind of comedy than any other late night host does.

1734 days ago


Sounds like a distributed computing attack ala 4Chan or another community, they would find it quite funny.

1736 days ago



1736 days ago


That's funny ""NBC couldn't get together fast enough to know how to do that."

NBC doesn't have enough sence to do that.

1736 days ago


Dax's wife Denise hacked the poll. I just asked her.

1736 days ago


The "I'm with Coco" page of fb is blowing up... you need to check it out

1736 days ago


The restraining order has never doubted Leno's villainy:

Check that out to see a veritable timeline of his lies!

1736 days ago
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