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TMZ Poll Apparently Hacked - Conan the Bad Guy

1/18/2010 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, Jeff Zucker poll we put up -- Who's the Bad Guy? -- has been hacked ... according to some people who work over at NBC.

There has indeed been a seismic shift over the last few hours. Here are the facts:

AM ET today -- Only 5% of users voted for Conan. Zucker was in the lead. Jay was second.

7:20 PM ET. A huge turnaround. Conan is the bad guy, with 40%. And, the number of people who have voted exploded in the last two hours -- it went from just over 200,000 to 547,000.

A cynical NBC source scoffs at the tampering allegation, telling TMZ, "NBC couldn't get it together fast enough to know how to do that."

We're checking to see if the poll has been hacked.

UPDATE: 8:42 PM ET THE POLL IS GOING CRAZY!!! With nearly a million votes, Zucker now leads with 49%. Jay is second with 26%. Conan has 25%.

UPDATE 11:42 PM ET More than 2 million votes.


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Penis Hilton    

Polls are for fanboys. And placing blame won't heal bruised egos. But don't worry. Coco won't starve with his millionare farewell package. OBrien was never an elite teer talk show host to begin with. You just don't go from late night cult status with a dweeb persona that appeals to geeks to national prime time prominence.

The only reason Conan was given The Tonight in the first place was
because of AGEISM. And a lot of his support backlash is rooted in AGEISM. In fact, even TMZ hires nothing but young kids when it's 40 somethings who are a demographic majority in this country. Who is there to interview all the legendary oldtimers? GenXer poseurs?

Can you imagine NBC back in the good old days of civilized sane media telling Johnny Carson that they planned to put him out to pasture and replace him with Billy Crystal? It would have never happened. Why? Because back in the good old days, showbiz media was way more inclusive and diverse with regard to age or respect.

1735 days ago

dirty diana    

$ociologist........lmfao!!!! best i've heard in awhile.

1735 days ago


Only reason Letterman was doing better was because A. he had the whole sex scandal and people tuned in out of curiosity and B. he is already established while Conan is trying to establish himself at a new time slot. Jay wasnt winning after 7 months of being on air, but NBC gave him time.

1735 days ago



1735 days ago


It's not a hack. They have temps refreshing the page and spamming the vote at the NBC Universal office. I can't believe an idiot NBC person actually admitted to being so incompetent that they couldn't pull this off. Lamxor.

1735 days ago


Conan is the too tall Jonesian reincarnation of Howdy Doody just not meant to be the king of late night. Now with all this free time on his hands, he can go hang out with Spermin' Pee Wee Herman in the hasbeen jerkoff theater. He can invite Andy Richter too as well as The Masturbating Bear to be the look out for ushers and vice cops.

1735 days ago


Conan has been an egotistical ass in this situation and doesn't have the ratings to back it up, the poll is 100% correct and I don't know why anyone would be surprised.

1735 days ago
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