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Conan O'Brien Will Triumph Over NBC

1/18/2010 3:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienOne of the sticking points in the negotiations between Conan O'Brien and NBC is a custody battle -- who gets Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and other characters Conan has created over the years ... sources tell TMZ. But we're told Conan will bag the dog, with strings attached.

Sources say Conan and NBC are "close" on his "Tonight Show" exit agreement -- but one of the remaining sticking points is intellectual property. Conan's characters -- like Triumph, the Pimpbot 5000 and the Masturbating Bear -- are all legally the property of NBC (Triumph's rights are a little tricky and may be the property of Conan's longtime friend Robert Smigel).

Conan wants to take them with him wherever he lands -- and we're told NBC will ultimately give Conan the right to his characters, in return for conceding other points in the exit deal.

As for what Conan may have to concede ... we're told the non-disparagement clause is still an issue. Specifically, how long will Conan be prohibited from trashing NBC? Conan may have to fold on this point in order to walk the dog.

Bottom line -- looks like the Masturbating Bear will live to self-gratify another day.


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f*** Leno

1707 days ago


To the people calling Conan juvenile and moronic, I ask of you... What Ivy League school did YOU graduate

Columbia Law School. But that's besides the point. You don't have to be smart in order to be funny.

1707 days ago


Breaking News: Jimmy Kimmel signed by NBC to take over Tonight Show!!!

1707 days ago


Look I know its still a lot of money. So nobody feels that bad for Conan... but this must SO SUCK for him. Id say that its just entertainment and TV are cutthroat, but its really everywhere. It's really hard to find loyalty. I mean, NBC could have invested more time it would have paid off. Conan seems to have a lot of long term friendships/relationships. He probably would have worked twice as hard if he felt supported by NBC. Seems like that kind of guy. I feel bad for him.

1707 days ago


Eff Connan, you signed a sh- contract now live with it. How immature is it to try to get out of bit by b-ing and moaning in the public. Jay's lawyers has enough sense to do what every first year law students is taught, include the who what when why and how in his contract. His contact said 10pm for a reason. You got a big shot agent and lawyer who effed up and now you are salty because they are moving back the when. Fact is they still offered you the tonight show, its just at 12:05 now. That's just a good business decision. Connan is the biggest d- I have ever seen. If NBC gives him a nickel for breaking the contract he signed more than the cost of litigation, I will loose respect for them.

1707 days ago


Dear NBC,
Please accept this as my formal resignation as loyal late night fan #8. If you choose to not air The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien...then I choose DAVID LETTERMAN!

1707 days ago


OMFG!!!! I hate JAY LENO he's like those fat kids that want everyting the kool kid has just because! I LOVE CONAN he's soooooooooooooooo funny and original so I hope he gets what he wants! YAY COCO!!! lol Also I love Masturbating Bear and TRIUMPH!!!!

1707 days ago

Jack Westen    

Coco needs a new look on those couches....

1707 days ago

kjih-tv media    

*Triumph voice*: "I will POOP in Leno's coffee every single night if I remain at NBC. This I promise you, my amigos! Triumph will NOT be treated like a dog.

1707 days ago

Roger C    

Triumph was Conan's best skit. Unfortunately, with the 11:35 slot, the character really couldn't come on as much. In fact, I never saw Triumph on the new show.

Conan should have realized this just wasn't going to work. He got delusional and envisioned himself as the Tonight Show king, but he's really only a niche comedian that appeals to a select crowd.

He should wake up.

1707 days ago

Better Than You    

Triumph made several appearances on Conan's Tonight Show. I guess you just weren't watching those days.

1707 days ago


better than you, aka the gay troll;

Geo. W. Bush graduated from an Ivy League school too...another loser.
NOW WIPE THE LUBE OFF YOUR LIPS, Conan won't let you do it.

1707 days ago


The masturbating bear is probably based on an orgy party costume jerkoff character from an old 70s blue movie. So Conan must be a porn fan...

1707 days ago


I wish I could get 40mil for being such a cry baby and getting fired were do I get that deal? Conan should go to Fox or comedy central, they are perfect for his toilet humor just go were I don't have to watch him.

1707 days ago


Supposedly, Conan has one more week and NBC owes him $80,000,000!!!! If he supposedly alreadly got $40 mil., he could get some more $$$ and creative/work rights. If they try 2 @#$% him, he's smart enough 2 sue the stupid light company(NBC/GE) and that nimrod from Andover(Leno) for all of it!!!!!!!

1707 days ago
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