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Golden Globes Fashion 2010 -- Umbrella-ella-ellas

1/18/2010 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Golden Globes are all about glitz, glamour, and ... staying dry!

Golden Globes Fashion 2010

It's raining in sunny California this afternoon so the number one red carpet accessory this year is a trusty umbrella.


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Why does Nick Cannon always look like some Chicken George slave when he's with Mariah? I'm all for chilvalry, but damn can't she do anything for herself!

1741 days ago


something fishy bout mariah and nick cannon together...judging mariah 's taste in men over her 20 year career,none of them looked remotely like nick or were as low key as he is....i think she is paying him,its a contract of some sort

it is almost as awkward as demi and ashton kutcher,notice how uncomfortable ashton stands in all his pictures like demi is his mom instead of lover,similar to nick and mariah.....but lets humor it and say yes,its all fixed,publicity stunts!!
...why the hell would they even do it though?do they really need that shock to the public to be interesting definitely is working a lil,we and the media sure cant stop talking about them and they were all about to fade too until the publicity stunts

i kno i rambling but it looks so awkward,are we as the public really that gullible or easy to be fooled like this,so blatantly,do we even care,i dont think we do,we love being lied to,its like wow,an sad

1741 days ago



1741 days ago


The Golden Globes, or any awards show,is all about the cleavage. Who would watch this self-indulgent crap otherwise?
"Where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?"

1741 days ago

Allred Tree    

These celebrities who are all so full of themselves get more disgusting with each event! I'm glad Meryl Streep won but please stop with all the begging for money everytime there is a disaster somewhere!!!

These HYPOCRITES act as if they are the only ones who have concern for the victims of whatever latest tragedy they are promoting and if this earthquake hadn't have happened, I wonder what other idiotic remarks they'd be making.

ALL of these Awards shows are ridiculous and there are waaaay too many of them.....laughinstock losers with way too much money backstabbing everyone except their narcissistic selves!

Mariah Carey should be shunned by every photographer out there and I'll bet you she'd show up naked just to get her ugly mug out there!

1741 days ago


any pics of sam worthington.. :-)

1741 days ago


Find out who made everyone's clothes (and photos with their umbrellas) at

1741 days ago


1. Whoever put Sophia Loren in the "bad" category needs to be shot.

2. I really wish, just (((ONCE))), that Mariah Carey would pick an
outfit that did not expose her chest. I am soooooo very
sick of the sight of her boobs!Still hoping......

1741 days ago


Well it's nice to see they let Leona Lewis out of her stable to attend the awards.

1741 days ago


what an awful couple, hes ugly as sin and she well shes ok

1741 days ago


RE - sick of them all @ 11:23pm, I agree with you about everyone asking for money. This may sound bad but we need to take care of OURSELVES before we send money to Haiti. Would they send us money if we needed aid, hell no. WE NEED THAT MONEY HERE IN THE USA! I'm so tired of helping other people. Obama pledged 100 million to Haiti. WTF! Aren't we in DEBT? When will we learn. We can't help other countries BEFORE we help ourselves.

1741 days ago


I can guarantee TMZ will be the only site on the entire web with Mariah's fat ass in the GOOD category. Have you lost your ever lovin' minds??? She looks like a stuffed sausage in a dress 3 sizes too small!

1741 days ago


This guys got to be tired & bored of Fat old Mariah by now, but you know he's just hang'n in there for the big payoff.....

1741 days ago

Little Page    

When will Mariah realize she not 20 anymore. Dress: not flattering, Breasts: look like pancakes.

1741 days ago


WOW, miria carry what a set of golden globes!

1741 days ago
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