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Leno vs. Conan vs. NBC

The War is On

1/18/2010 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien and NBC are at war ... each accusing the other of bad, bad behavior.

Leno vs. Conan vs. NBC -- The War is On
Sources connected to Conan O'Brien tell TMZ NBC honcho Jeff Zucker has been "nasty, arrogant and threatening" in negotiating Conan's out. The Conan people are outraged, saying the blame for the Jay Leno/'ConanO'Brien/"Tonight Show" debacle falls squarely at Zucker's doorstep.

Jay Leno: Click to watchAn NBC spokesperson tells TMZ, as for claims Zucker has been nasty, arrogant and threatening, "There is absolutely no truth to that. It is easy to make false statements under the cloak of anonymity."

We're told Conan is so pissed off at NBC, he told the network he was leaving even though he still doesn't have a place to go -- at least not yet. Sources say Fox still has not made an offer.

An NBC source connected to the negotiations tells TMZ Conan "has acted like a baby" since the network announced the changes. The source claims NBC made $25 mil in profits off "The Tonight Show" the last full calendar year Leno hosted. The source says the projected loss for 2010 had Conan stayed put was $3 - 5 million. So NBC says it's simple math.

We're told the NBC/Conan deal still isn't finalized.


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Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

"Just the facts"...sadly, none of Conan's drooling pack of sheep are interested in facts. They're the type of people who simply attach themselves to a cause when they have nothing better to do. If they liked Conan so much, they would have been watching him before now. But no, they only come forward when they can add their useless .02 cents to a done deal.

1718 days ago


who gives a rats ass..i sure do not..maybe the people in hatians that lost their tv set care but i dont care,,both conan and leno are about as funny as a crushed haitans under a rock heh heh

more tiger jokes
1.tiger is going to change his name to cheeta
2.when tiger goes to the dr now ,,everyone thinks he is getting a sonogram ha ha
3.tiger says golf who??

1718 days ago


when Jay took over for Johnny-he was a stand-up comic who occasionally hosted when Johnny was off-along with Joan Rivers and a few others-no real built in audience to speak of

Johnny retired when he decided it was time to do so

Jay was pushed out for Conan basically while he continually led Letterman in the ratings

he graciously announced he'd "retire" based on the NBC deal to keep Conan-thus anointing Conan for a smooth transition

Conan had a late-night show for 16 years
the length of time Jay did the Tonight show
built in audience-just different audience
very different from when Jay took over

Jay made sure there was no drama for Conan like he faced early on when NBC chose him over Letterman (who assumed he'd get the show and when he didn't he quit in a fit of ego-sound familiar?)

so Conan had every opportunity to get better ratings than he did

seeing his rating drop was a big supprise to everyone except the NBC execs who apparently told him that he needed to adjust his show from the old style format in order to keep the ratings

Conan's ego (sound familiar?) wouldn't let him-and thus-regular Tonight show fans tuned out or tuned to someone else for the kind of entertainment that they wanted at that hour

and Conan refuses to be bumped back only half an hour to see if that would help ratings (capture a bit more of his old audience and maybe keep some form the Leno half hour bump in to the show)
ego again??

so blame NBC-blame Conan if you want-don't hang this on Jay-

1718 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

I love the way Conan fans just keep regurgitating what they've read on gossip sites. They have NO inside information on ANYTHING yet they keep repeating the "poor Conan got stiffed" mantra ad nauseum.
Conan is NOT a class act as his open letter proves. He's a whiny annoying little sad sack that didn't get his way. Boo hoo. Jay showed WAY more class when handing his show over to Conan the Unfunny.

1718 days ago

Joey D    

That Jay is a sly one and so obviously your "source".

1718 days ago


conan sucks and only dimwits think he is funny..leno is a genious who leads the pack and is soo funny i pooped my pants
more tiger jokes
1.tiger new name is cheeta
2.tiger feel bad about hatains..he is going to send them a bunch of golf balls
3.tiger is in a hospitol now,,good sex gone bad is his new show..he plays house number 2

1718 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

To all Conan fans who swear they'll never watch NBC again: you sound
exactly like all the 13 year old girls who swore they'd never watch
American Idol again after Sanjaya got voted off. Or any other of
their teen faves.

It's always the same thing. "I won't watch again! You'll see! You'll
be sorry!" No, we won't. Buh bye and don't let the door hit you on
the way out.

1718 days ago


Why is everybody getting their panties in a knot?

Leno fans will watch Leno on the Tonight Show.

Conan fans will watch Conan on another network.

1718 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Oooh...Conan is so sly! He's got his peeps all over this board posting in lockstop.

1718 days ago


in reference to
66. They can't whine about Conan's ratings all they want but the truth is any show would have suffered in that time slot because of the loss of viewers Leno caused

it didn't matter who or what was the lead in for Carson
and over his lengthy reign on late night he had some pretty sad lead ins at times

but knowing his show would be consistently good-everyone tuned in

not so with Conan
everyone tuned in at the beginning but when they saw it was the same show he had at 12:35-not really The Tonight Show that they loved-they didn't stay

Jay kept the format similar to Carson-why change something that is successful and the viewers enjoy

sadly Conan thought he knew better

1718 days ago


It's all a big ruse to increase ratings overall.

1718 days ago


just digg up carson and tie him to the chair and play a tape of some of his better shows..all 3 of them and send conan and leno to the hatians..maybe they will eat them and save us all this trouble

1718 days ago


tiger jokes###############################
1.tiger is going to change his name to cheeta
2.tiger is moving to holiday inn,,so he can be closer to his girlfreinds
3.tiger is pregnant...with love for hookers
4.tiger and michael jackson are the same person,,both freaks
5.tiger is never playing golf again..he is too busy
6.tiger is moving the hatians help himself to all the girls and guys

1718 days ago

Leno is garbage    

This "comic" posting Tiger Woods jokes fakkin blows. Jay Leno should hire him.

1718 days ago

Leno is garbage    

Jeffy boy broke the network! Quick, find a scapegoat!

I hear Jimmy Fallon loooooves attention, you NBC folk need to find a way to drag him into this mess too.

1718 days ago
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