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Gets a Leg Up

on the Competition

1/18/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just precious.

golden globes


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I Love you Mo but dang girl for real???????????????????

1706 days ago


Hey Lili... I can't even imagine what your sorry fat hairy ass looks like. Are you a lazy pig as well? Bleached Barbies???? What the f@ck are you talking about? Simply shaving your legs like a normal person is hardly the same as getting your face, lips, breasts done. It's simply a matter of being normal and shave you legs like a normal woman should. A little stubble is one thing but that is f@cking gross. On your first date with a man ( if in fact you're not a fat hairy lezbo) you try showing him those legs then watch him puke all over you.

1706 days ago


Ok, it's her right not to shave, but for the love of god, don't hike up your dress for all to see! Hate to see what her armpits look like! yikes!

1706 days ago


This is really gross. As far as I'm concerned, both women AND men should wax. EW.

1706 days ago


Okay you shallow, petty FREAKS. If a woman chooses not to shave that's HER business. I don't expect much better out of the TMZ/People magazine crowd though. There are MUCH more important things in the world than your stupid celebrities. Most of them are a waste of AIR and most of the movies and TV shows you fools like are GARBAGE. GROW UP!

1706 days ago


Nasty is an understatement. Wonder how many people are going to be sending her Skintimate and razors...

1706 days ago


That's gross, did she forget that she didnt shave her legs or is that she's accustomed that they are never shaven. ewww

1706 days ago


Oh my!

1706 days ago



1706 days ago


@ Lili:
"It is extremely unnatural not only to shave, pluck, and wax away all the hair on one's body..."

Are you serious? You're telling me you don't pluck your eyebrows or shave off the hair over your lips? Or better yet, do you wear make-up because THAT'S unnatural. And what about men? THEY shave. But by YOUR accounts it's unnatural for them to shave as well. Let's all look like animals, shall we?

The point is: Don't single out hairy legs (that looks like an animal's) and not all the other body hair. Besides, she has revealed she DOES shave her underarms, but she's just too LAZY to shave her legs. (Her words, btw)

1706 days ago


That is disgusting. This woman made it a blatant point to lift her dress and reveal her unshaven legs on the red carpet. She set herself up for the comments. It's one thing to not want to shave your legs, and leave it at that. It's another when you publicize the fact, on purpose, and on several occasions to make sure people know that you don't. ----------------To all of you that say it's natural, blah blah. How natural are the hair extensions on her head--that she normally wears? The nail polish on her toes and fingers? All of the make up on her face? Hypocritical. It's a cultural thing? Pointless. Also, is it a cultural or natural thing to put apostrophes in your name? Excuses, excuses.

1706 days ago


Who is making those dumb statements that it is a black thing? Are you kidding me??? Have you ever seen this nasty mess on Jada Pinkett Smith, Gabrielle Union, Diana Ross, Diane Carroll, Oprah Winfrey, Pam Grier and the list goes on? I have been a black woman all my life...grew up in a predominantly black area, has black family members and some of them female and I can remember only one person growing up that did not shave their legs...and I thought it was nasty then and I think it is nasty now.

Everything is not about race...give me a break.

1706 days ago




1706 days ago


Someone please get that woman some wax.

1706 days ago


20. Butiful!!!What the hell make you think that shaved woman is better?Please,be natural,the way God intended us to be.I get sick to see women with bold puss and bold body!If you think the hair is so disgusting why not shave the head bold too?

Posted at 1:58PM on Jan 18th 2010 by blas

i can tell by your post that your ugly as sin XD

1706 days ago
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