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MTV 'Teen Mom'

Allegedly Choked

by Her Mother

1/18/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV 'Teen Mom' Allegedly Choked by Her MotherOne of the young mothers from the MTV reality show "Teen Mom" was allegedly choked and then hit by her 54-year-old mom this weekend -- and mom is now facing domestic violence charges.

The Council Bluffs Police Department in Iowa tells TMZ Debra Danielson -- the mother of 18-year-old "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham -- was arrested at around 1 PM on Saturday for suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault.

According to cops, Farrah and Debra started arguing over childcare issues when Debra allegedly threw an MTV shirt at her daughter ... which landed "on or near" Farrah's baby, who started crying.

That's when Farrah claims she went off on her mother -- who then grabbed Farrah by the throat. Farrah told cops she pushed her mother's hand away from her throat, causing her mother to strike her on the right side of her head and mouth.

In the report, officers say they observed multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah's lips.

The story was first reported by the The Daily Nonpareil.

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Mom of five    

I don't think either one of these women should be raising this child. Debra continues to do an awful job raising her own child, Farrah is still a child. Now people think she should raise Sophia? The whole family dynamic is troubled and they all need counseling. They whine and complain when Farrah goes out but they babysit anyway. This show might be the best thing to happen to this family because they all need help. I can't get over all of the comments supporting choking a teen age child because the parent has lost control, it's disturbing.

1683 days ago


I'm surprised it took the mom that long to crack her one! she is a disrespectful, high maintenance BRAT! she should have put her baby up for adoption, she's so selfish!

1683 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

@- 146. Hey #130,
If you're watching this crap at 50, and siding with Farrah, you should seek help...
That being said, I'm 40 and wouldn't even think of speaking to my 74 year old Mom the way this brat Farrah does...Why?...Because I was RAISED RIGHT...
The best outcome for this little scenario would be for Social Services to remove Sophia from BOTH of them...Debra should not be forced to raise her grandchild while Farrah remains a slut...Debra should take a long, hard look at her own parenting style, as it clearly played into the irresponsibility that Farrah shows today...Farrah should be forced into some form of program geared to making her responsible for her own child...Make the little slut get a job, pay bills, feed & clothe HER own daughter, manage a home, and all of the good stuff that REAL parents deal with on a daily basis...
And MTV needs to stop glamorizing irresponsible behavior...We get enough of that crap from Professional Athletes, Celeb's, and Politicians...

Posted at 9:18PM on Jan 18th 2010 by Hussie

Read more:

Well Said! Point blank!!! I agree!!!!!! Yeepeee someone knows their sh**!

1683 days ago


Although I agree that this girl is somewhat spoiled, she deserves to have a social life as well. She doesn't always put her baby first, but in the most recent show, she was spending more time with her baby. I can't believe so many people are in support of her mother. If any of you have continuously watched the show you would see that her mother is completely insane and controlling. The best thing would be for Farrah to move out, that way her crazy, Jesus Freak of a mother doesn't have as much influence on her daughter, and she can see what it's like without any help from mommy and daddy. I feel bad for the whole situation, but her mom is a complete nut job.

1683 days ago


Does anybody else see the mom's resemblance to E.T.?

1683 days ago


I can not believe some of the comments here, it is disgusting. I have watched the show and watched the episode when it showed the girls pregnant and I admit Ferrah has not been the best mom and is a bit of a spoiled brat but she is going threw alot and trying to have a life outside of being a mom. I had a baby at 17 so I know exactly what she is going threw and her mom had no business laying her hands on her and especially trying to choke her and it is not the first time she has done this. When they had the episode where the girls were still pregnant her mom slapped her, I was shocked when I saw that.

I think perhaps Ferrah has not got it threw her head yet that she is even a mom. For the first year of my sons life I did not have anything to do with him really, I always dumped him on my mom and my doctor told me I was in denial that I had a baby and I was suffering from PPD. No sooner my son was born I was out hanging with friends and dating again. It took me a year and counseling to realize I was a mother and to get over my PPD and I finally starting pushing guys aside and putting my friends second, after that year I did not date anymore until my son was 4 years of age and when i did date again I always put my son first and always made sure the guy was child friendly and was willing to bring my son along anywhere we went and take him to the park,. chucky cheese, and so fourth.

1683 days ago


Omgosh that is awesome. I just couldn't put up with how her daughter verbally abused her all the time. She deserved it. Her mom was so damn patient and understand and she was just a horrible, bratty teenager who got knocked up. haahaha.Im surprised she didn't break down earlier.

1683 days ago


Farrah grow up. Amber, your boyfriend is a loser. Maci, you have grown up and are doing your best, love ya. Catelynn, love you too. Who argees with me?

1683 days ago


I thought Phil Spector was already in prison???

1683 days ago


That little bitch was getting exactly what she deserved! She is a spoiled teen ho who expects her parents to raise her child. I'd have done a hell of a lot more than smack her upside the head, she needs to have the ever living crap beaten out of her!

1683 days ago

Justin H    

sure farrah can be pretty disrespectful but thats no excuse for her mother who 54 mind you to hit her plus the fact that she threw a t shirt at her grandkid, her mom seemed like a crazy bitch and im glad she's gettin sent to jail, it's seems like there must be a history of violence with her mom too so i feel bad for farrah and hope she gets the hell outta that crazy house, you know most of the comments on here are prob from people who dont have kids and just watch whats presented on the show so who knows what goes on after the cameras stop rolling, she was trying to protect herself and her daugher from her crazy hose beast of a mom and wheres her weak ass dad in the picture? remember she's 18 not a teen anymore and her mom shouldve been the bigger person

1683 days ago


Wow, you guys must lead flawless lives to be so comfortable judging someone based on an edited television show. Wise up. Nobody deserves to be the victim of violence.

1683 days ago


my teitter account: valentinapavon

1683 days ago


Her mother has no right putting her hands on her! I don't care how mad you get at a person there is no reason to ever hit your own kid like this. Everybody is always talking trash about Farrah, but did anyone ever stop and take a very close look at her mother?
Her mother looks like she's drinking way to much or on something. I can't stand her mom she acts like she is blown out of her mind all the time that you see her on tv. I think it's only a matter of time until the truth comes out about her mother and what she is doing. Nobody can say that women isn't on something!

1683 days ago


If you have ever seen the show then you know that Farrah probably deserved it...she thinks she can hit the streets and leave her baby for her parents to keep because afterall 'she is a teen.'

Kick her out on her ass and see how well she fares all alone.

1683 days ago
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