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MTV 'Teen Mom'

Allegedly Choked

by Her Mother

1/18/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV 'Teen Mom' Allegedly Choked by Her MotherOne of the young mothers from the MTV reality show "Teen Mom" was allegedly choked and then hit by her 54-year-old mom this weekend -- and mom is now facing domestic violence charges.

The Council Bluffs Police Department in Iowa tells TMZ Debra Danielson -- the mother of 18-year-old "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham -- was arrested at around 1 PM on Saturday for suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault.

According to cops, Farrah and Debra started arguing over childcare issues when Debra allegedly threw an MTV shirt at her daughter ... which landed "on or near" Farrah's baby, who started crying.

That's when Farrah claims she went off on her mother -- who then grabbed Farrah by the throat. Farrah told cops she pushed her mother's hand away from her throat, causing her mother to strike her on the right side of her head and mouth.

In the report, officers say they observed multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah's lips.

The story was first reported by the The Daily Nonpareil.

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No Avatar


In regards to comment #226...

I highly doubt Farrah gives a damn if Sophia's father is dead. She and her mom chose not to let the guy in the picture because he was supposedly an abusive d**k. It's not like Farrah was trying to get money from the guy or use him as a babysitter.

Farrah is so worried about dating guys and how they don't want anything to do with a girl who has a baby, yet she herself doesn't take responsibility for the fact that she needs to be a mother and guys look at a woman with a baby as either totally irresponsible (if she's out partying constantly instead of watching her own baby) or a tramp that's looking for a meal ticket. "My baby is important to me and if GUY#492 can't deal with it, he can't be with me.". it's excuses all the time? Yep.

You have a BABY. Your mother is not a babysitter. Grow up and be respectful instead of throwing toddler tantrums anytime someone calls you on your behavior. Quit worrying about dating guys and worry about whether or not your baby is falling down the stairs because you're too worried about maintaining your Facebook account.

1741 days ago

F*CK Mayweather!!    

226. Maybe Farrah is just having a hard time in life,


Posted at 12:04AM on Jan 19th 2010 by meh

Read more:

umm he just died recently.. she started to act a fool waaaay before that...

1741 days ago


Violence doesn't solve anything... No one deserves to be hit. not even a teen mother... Geez, you people are gross.... Hateful and mean. She is a 54 YEAR OLD WOMAN!!! A GRANDMOTHER!! Why the hell is she choking anyone. so wrong.

1741 days ago


I love that you're all advocating domestic abuse. Perhaps Farrah is out of hand, but there's no excuse to EVER choke another person. I hated Farrah's mother in the 16 and Pregnant episode featuring Farrah. Her mother slapped her while they were driving in the car. WTF?!? She hit a pregnant woman. There's no excuse for the way Farrah's mother has acted at any point in the shows.

1741 days ago


Good for mom, I would have kicked her ass along time ago.Mom needs to kick her to the curb and get custody of her grandchild.

1741 days ago


I think she has been abused a lot longer than since she's become a mom. Her mom is also a control freak, think back to right after she had Sophia when she was wanting to buy a car and her mom wanted her to get a specific make and Farrah said she wanted some other kind and her mom freaked out and words were exchanged and her mom smacked her then, just because she didn't want the kind of car her mom wanted her to get. I'm sure there's history in that house of abuse since she was a little girl. Yes, Farrah isn't the best she could be but most teenage mothers don't take the responsiblity and shove their babies onto their parents(I know first hand, my mom was 18 when she had me and I was raised by my grandparents). Who knows what has gone on behind closed doors for years and we only see a portion of what is actually going on and editors and producers always edit to where one looks worse than the other.

1741 days ago


Where is the baby daddy?????????Let him have a turn taking care of the baby!!!!!!

1741 days ago


Team Debra! I can't stand that smart mouthed, bratty, selfish kid of hers. Her parents should have kicked her out and kept her daughter. They're the one raising her anyway.

1741 days ago


It's about Freaking time!!!!! THat little spoiled Bitch needed to get knocked around, she is the most selfish person I have ever seen! I feel sorry for her kid. Her parents need to kick her ass out and let her fend for herself...I'm sure she will just sell her baby for $ to go out partying. F&$cking Bitch!!!!!

1741 days ago


Wow ---people are sure quick to judge Farrah and her actions. Anyone stop and think that maybe the mother is at fault here? If you watch the show you'd know she is very controlling, always negative and nasty to her own daughter. She's trying to control everything in this girl's life and it backfired on her. Violence is not the answer. If you will all remember - she hit her daughter in the first series...think before attacking Farrah. The mother has anger issues.

1741 days ago


Please, I've seen this show - that girl needed a big slap and maybe if mom stopped helping. I'm not saying throw the daughter out- although she thinks it would be so easy - but don't be so available so the daughter has to stay home and actually take care of her own kid, instead of thinking her life is the same and it's one big party.

1741 days ago


this is a sad situation. i've watched the show and have sickened by the lack of respect this "child" has for her family. grandparents should be very careful not to enable, it is never good. young girls should think twice before having sex, chances are you''' be faced with having a baby on your own or considering abortion, which will haunt you forever. sad

1741 days ago

Candy Cane    

I do agree that Farrah is a smart mouthed child but, her mother is Crazy! She's a NUT job.

1741 days ago


All I can say it's about time...the first time I saw her call her mother a "Bitch" She would be walking around with no teeth. What's wrong with the girls now a days their mother's are having to take care of their children because they are out still looking for another daddy..Grow Up!! Good 4-u mom should of hit her a little harder.

1741 days ago


So Yeah farrahs spoiled and isnt around her baby much but MTV might just show it that way after all they don't show every day. And noone deserves to be abused if she was abused once she probably has been several times in the past. If you notice on the show she has more of a relationship with her father then her mother and her mother does seem a little off herself. I would be more worried that the mother might be hitting the baby to or will in the future. Its so sad that everyone thinks farrah deserved it because of the way she acts. Like I said noone deserves to be abused.

1741 days ago
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