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Security to Ed Lauter: 'You're Too Drunk to Drive'

1/18/2010 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Character actor Ed Lauter wanted to drive home from a Golden Globes party over the weekend -- but security thought the slurring star had one too many drinks to get behind the wheel and stopped him cold.

Ed Lauter: Click to watch
Lauter was getting into his car outside Chateau Marmont when security intervened and told the guy to take a cab instead ... a suggestion he was none too happy with.

Though Ed kept saying he was "fine" and even dropped coach Larry Brown's name in an attempt to win points with the guard, he eventually relented -- and got a taxi.

Attempts to reach Ed for comment were unsuccessful.


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kendra joy bethune    

january 18th 2010 , 7:18pmwho is ed lautner and why should i care i watch ed westwick and jonas i never heard of him i heard of gossip girl i been napping with my dog half all day today
i woke up at 1 am yestetrday my dog woke up at 2 am

1738 days ago

Grace from NYC    

These security guys did a GREAT job! It's pretty obvious
this driver would have crashed into something/someone - and these
guys most likely saved lives that night. Good for them and
god bless you guys if you are reading this.
Good job.

1738 days ago


A narcissistic drunk thespian Hollywood loser, who cares.

1739 days ago

TV Gord    

Good for the security guard. Sometimes "guarding" someone means guarding them from themselves. I hope everyone tips this guy very well, and I hope Lauter (now that he has sobered up) realizes what a favor this man has done for him. He may have saved Lauter's life (not to mention someone else's)!

BTW, please...nobody say "one more time" to KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN!

1739 days ago


These security guys probably saved his life, or saved him from getting a DUI ticket. He should be thanking them today.

1739 days ago


Wow, KKK has too much time on his hands LOL. And that woman has a hard on for harvey?! Wow again.

1739 days ago


I bet Ed is thanking this guy up and down today good for the security guy !! And TMZ Please take people like this stupid krazy clown off the site this is ridiculous dont come her for this come to be adults and talk about the issues this isnt a childs website if so im out of here getting really terrible on this site its for adults not children ???

1739 days ago

Haywood Jablome    

The guy looks like Crypt Keeper. Im sure the Grim Reeper will come for him in 2010! Old people are so silly!

1739 days ago


these people are rich and can afford a limo, a driver, a cab. why drink to the point you can't even form words anymore then try to get behind the wheel of a car? its not like they are living in NYC where you can just walk down the street to go home. For the love of all that is Holy, if you don't give a crap about yourself, think about the person who you are about to kill and their family! Do you really want that on your mind for the rest of your life? For the cost of a cab ride, I could have saved a life. Wake up, people! Think about someone other than yourself.

1739 days ago


# 8 what does age have to do with anything what are you 10 ???? go to the Disney site if you want young children wow sad this site is getting

1739 days ago


What the hell is wrong with these people. Would have love for this footage to come out if he had been allowed to drive and caused a collision.
The smart ass drunken actor would deserve to be sued.

1739 days ago


that dude is only 19 years older than me and he looks like he has 1 foot in the grave while im banging a 35 year old hottie..damn he is old looking..nothing more sad than a drunk has been crying

1739 days ago


I met Ed a few years ago with his wife while in Rome in front of the fountain de trevi. Both Ed and his wife were down to earth people. I didn’t get the least bit of Hollywood arrogance from him. I wouldn’t want to see any of us at our less then perfect moments with a camera shoved in our face. Everyone makes mistakes, everything worked out fine in the end.

1739 days ago


Well Mr man send me a picture of yourself in 19 yrs lets see what you look like ???

1739 days ago


Old Tiger must be with Ed.

1739 days ago
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