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'West Wing' Star Votes No on Prison Plan

1/18/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joshua MalinaJoshua Malina from "The West Wing" has no problem with a firehouse in his neighborhood -- but he's a little nervous about plans to turn it into a makeshift prison. Can ya blame him?

Malibu is considering a plan to have Fire Camp 8 house 80-100 inmates in the near future. Malina tells TMZ he found out about the plan on Saturday after he found a flier taped to his mailbox. We're guessing it goes something like this: "Dear resident, Have you have ever wanted to live near a bunch of convicted felons? Well now's your chance!"

But seriously ... Malina tells TMZ, "The fire camp is a quarter of a mile from my home. My kids and their friends bike, skateboard, run, and play here. That will all change if a jail opens in our midst. It is deeply disturbing to think that such an extreme decision would be made without any interaction with the residents here."

The fire camp tells us 24 fire camps in Los Angeles County currently house inmates and they are still "looking into what camp to house the inmates."


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Camp 8 I think is on the corner of Piuma and Rambla Pacifica. Awsome car and motorcycle roads. Atleast they were. Because You can bet that there will be a a lot more sherrif patrolling those roads now. Also, Camp 8 is up on the mountain and has probably one of the best views of the beach from PV to Pr Dume. Its pretty amazing. Also, there are many many camps that house prisoners in and around the Mtns in that area. It's a not a big deal. I bet when the next fires roll thru or the mud slides threaten to take out his house and he sees 50 convicts bagging sand bags or putting out fires around his house. His views will change....quickly.

1701 days ago


I am so sick of the residents of Malibu. They think they are SOOO EFFING special! Who does this A-hole think help save the homes during the last Malibu fire. INMATE crews. what a retard!!!!! They have been working their for years.

1701 days ago


West Wing. Does anyone watch this garbage anymore?

1701 days ago


Joshua could be the protective and concerned dad all he wants, but this is a great chance for him to give his kids an example of the path they should try to avoid. If anyone knew or not, there is already a women's camp up in malibu, and when there is a fire, they are usually one of the first responses. Inmates that are in these camps give back to the comunity wheter you believe it or not. I mean seriously joshua, would you rather have these (nonviolent) inmates just sitting around with the general prisoners, or doing something good and usefull, and possibly even life-saving?

There has always credit been going towards the firefighters, but they wouldnt beable to do much without the help of these inmates. You've also got to take into account that these women are busting their butts for a dollar a day when they go to fires. AND to put the cherry on top, a percentage of that money that they earn goes to restitution by court order. So not only are they putting out fires, but they'rs paying off their debts, and if there is a fire within your area joshua (God forbid), you can count on inmates to help put out that fire.

1701 days ago


Becky, you are misguided. No one with half a brain wants inmates of any kind near their kids. If they are being held against their will, they don't belong in a residential neighborhood, whether it's in Malibu or Compton. You should think twice before you start sermonizing, for you are dumb.

1701 days ago


First, this move was carried out in complete secrecy - not only was no one told, firemen at the camp were told not to say anything. If this is such a benign thing, why hide it?
Second, there is no other camp in California so near a residential development. Is LA County ready for the lawsuits if one of these people walks off and does something to a resident? I'm not condemning all inmates but they have already, as a felon, demonstrated bad choices and there is no population entirely of angels that I have seen.
Third, this neighborhood has been here for decades without a prison camp - it is not something they wanted to be near or they would have paid 80% less to live near one.
Fourth, this is a mountainous area with 1 shaky road to PCH. No impact report, feasibility or research has gone into this. Also, this area is prone to slides. In fact, the camp sits on Rambla Pacifico which is no longer usable because the road fell. Now the population of the camp is to be increased 900%, on an antiquated septic system whose leech field flows to the slide planes that have caused these roads to collapse.
Fifth, not everyone in Malibu is a rich media star. These are regular people who moved here for a variety of reasons, mostly for safety, quiet and a great place to live. Not to endure the noise, traffic, exposure etc. this secret, unexamined plan proposes.

1701 days ago


F him! Let HIM put out the fires next time!

1701 days ago


To all of you criticizing Malina's words...The prison is looking for space, what about your back yard? Contact the Chief to make arrangements.

1701 days ago


Maybe you should look at the BIG picture. When your million dollar neighborhood is burning to the ground someone will be there to put out the fire. Seriously folks these are low risk offenders under the strickest supervision.

1701 days ago


Libor, for one you are misguided and ignorant. Your brains are probably the size of a pea, but I don't hold it against you. Your parents must have been cousins for you would know not to answer something like that to something that was well educatedly answered. Again, I won't hold it against you! Every time you pick up a penny you did'nt earn, a paperclip you didn't buy, walked out of a store of any kind and was acceidentaly not charged for something and did not go back in and pay for it, you are a criminal! So back off, f off and the next time you want to call my daughter who is way smarter and much more inteligent than you are, dumb, just remember you are a criminal, no matter how big or small the crime was. She wasnt trying to preach, but trying to see the other side of the equation. Maybe you should not be so judgemental and take a look at the benefits of the situation. There are so many camps in California and they do so much good, sure they are in these camps for wrongdoing, but at least they are working on giving back for what they took. Have you ever given back for what you were given or taken?

1701 days ago
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